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Christmas greetings to all our readers


A Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year
to you All

Forthcoming events for your diary
  Trevor Garfield

Forthcoming Social Events
for you Diary

Don't Forget
The next forthcoming
event in January 2019


Skittles Evening - Coach House Locking,
with food - Friday 25th January 2019
commencing at 7.00pm


Not to be missed, work off the excess Christmas food and drink
at an energetic skittles evening in January.
Date, time and venue as above.

Food will be included and there will be prizes to be won.
And the cost? A measly £8 per person.

So this fun evening is a must for skittlers and non skittles players alike.

"Please let me have cheques payable to me by the 10th January at the latest.
They can be handed to me at the drinks afternoon on 8th december,
left in the clubhouse, posted to me or pushed through my door"

Thanks Trevor

So get your cheques off to Trevor and
commence skittles training right away.

Good turnout for pre Christmas drinks

There was a very good turnout of club members for our pre Christmas drinks bash
Once again the cream of Banwell Bowling Club decended on the 'Coach House Inn' at Locking
to meet up once again and get into the Christmas spirit

Below are just a few photos to give you a flavour of the afternoon

  Chick and Karen Graham and Carole Phil and Ann  
  Paul Wilfan Sarah and Daughter John Wright  
Interesting viewing figures

Statistics and more Statistics

As there is not a lot of bowls news to report during the winter months,
I am scratching around for news items, so I thought I would share this little gem of information with you.

Included in our website package, there is a host of information
on how our website is used, including, where and when visitors log in.

For instance I get information on the browser and search engines people use,
how many people visit the site and what time they use it, which
pages are the most popular and the days and time spent on the website.

But the statistic I find most interesting is the location of visitors
logging onto our website. So cast your eyes on the pie chart below
which is for November 27th.

Yes you are absolutely right, we have a following from someone in
the Guangdong province of China.

Now as you know:

Guangdong (formerly Canton),is a coastal province of southeast China,
which borders Hong Kong and Macau.
Its capital, Guangzhou, sits within its industrial Pearl River Delta region
. This sprawling port is home to the octagonal Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,
commemorating the founder of modern China.
The city’s colonial history is evident in its garden-lined boulevards
and the 19th-century European architecture of Shamian Island.

So to all our readers from China....

Zhù dàjia hao, huanyíng lái dào Banwell Bowls Club wangzhàn

(Ok Purists I know the Chinese Pinyin Accent is
missing from some of the 'a' letters, but my computer
will not convert them )

Is this height of fashion?

Banwell President at the height of Fashion with his Carpet Bag

Have just received a photo, from Chris Wilson
of President Barry getting
ready to travel to the RAFA Concert Band
gig at the Birmingham International Tattoo.

In amongst the Leather/ Polycarbonate/ Acrylonitrile
Butadiene Styrene cases of the band is the
'Mary Poppins" bag belonging to Barry
and very nice it looks too !!

So if you want to discover the feminine side
of President Barry just mention 'Marry Poppins'
and watch his eyes go glazed.

Oh, and Barry, we will leave the story of the
red and white polka dot boxer shorts for
another time

Barry Taylor  
The boys in blue...A Mercedes......Now let me think... Aah yes Memory

The faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information
ORIGIN: Middle English: from Old French memorie, from Latin memoria, from memor ‘mindful, remembering’.

The day starts thus:

“Hi Willmott, Chick here.”
“Hi Chick this is an unexpected pleasure, what can I do for you?”
“Look old son my Mercedes is booked in for service today, do you think you could follow me in your car, to the garage and bring me home? In return I will buy you lunch and we could have a lazy day wallowing in nostalgia about our life in the blue uniform before you run me back to the garage”

Well it all sounded perfect, Willmott followed Chick into the garage and after Chick had booked his car in and finalised details he jumped into Willmott’s car and was driven home.

A lazy day ensued, a fine lunch consumed and much wallowing in nostalgia took place.

Late afternoon the telephone rang…
“The garage here Mr Coffin, your Mercedes is ready for collection”

Leaping into WIlmott’s car Chick exclaimed “Right lets go and get my car.”

At the garage Chick was informed of the work that had taken place and duly paid the bill.
and then full of energy leaped into Willmott’s car, shouting “Home Willmott and don’t spare the horses."

Willmott turned to Chick and said “Chick old man have you forgotten something.?”

“And what would that be" said Chick with a quizzical look on his face.

“Your car, you know, the one you have just had serviced. Don’t you want to drive it home?”

With a loud clang the penny dropped.
“Ah yes… well now… let me see …. car… home…. drive… hum yes indeed."

He was last seen prowling around the garage forecourt searching for his car and muttering;
“As I get older three things happen…. The first is my memory goes and I’m blowed if I can remember the other two”

Updates on the latest events
Mal Laycock Fixture Sec

2019 Fixture List now on the website

I have just received the fixture list for the 2019 season from Mal Laycock, our Fixture Sec.,
So if you want to know what is going on, and when, then click on 'Fixtures' above

There is a full list of games to played, something for everyone.
The men have now entered the Over 60's league and along with
Friendly games and League Games there is a full list of games throughout the season

Well Done Mal, a good effort

Mal Laycock
Fixture Secretary
Phil Villis

The Indoor Scene

I have just heard from our Captain, Phil Villis, who plays indoors for St.Andrews that
they are doing well In a National Competition involving 2 woods,Pairs, Triples and Fours.

Phil informs me that they had a fine win against Dorchester, and now meet
Taunton Deane in the next round. If they beat Taunton then they are through
to the last 16 teams in the country. Fame is on the horizon Phil, so all the best.

Phil Villis
Banwell accepted into the Weston and District League

Banwell Accepted into the
Weston and District Men's
over 60's league

I have just heard from our fixture Sec, Mal Laycock
that at long last Banwell have been accepted into
the Weston and District Over 60's league for 2019

I don't know much about the league
but I understand that it's 6 rinks of triples,
usually an afternoon game starting at 2.30pm.
There are 9 teams per league, and we start in league 2.

Games are played on a home & away
basis therefore 16 games in all

There are no fixed schedules
games are organised between fixture secs.

There is also a Knockout Cup, and we have been drawn home
to one of the Ashcombe teams (to be played by end of June).

That's all the news I have for you at the moment
but watch this space for more exiting news
as it happens




OOOPS - Erratum in the Dinner and Presentation report - Next season's Captain not at all happy !!
  Rinks Winners

Correction to the
Dinner and
Rinks Competition
Photos now

Runners up Rinks Competition  

I received the tersley worded email from next years Captain in which he thanked me for the report
but said "It a shame that the photo taken of the Rinks winners was not published"

So I checked.... and do you know what.... he was right....
no sign of the winners photo or the runners up photo.

A calamity of the highest magnitude...what a way to treat next years Captain.
You may be asking "Why are there only 3 people on parade in each team"
After all it was the Rinks Competition

Tony Hyde was part of the runners up team,
and Lee Pheasant was in the gents toilet
and had more important things to
occupy his mind.

So there you are Hilary all corrected.

Dinner and Presentation evening. Saturday 27th October 2018. Worlebury Golf Club
  Dinner and Presentation Evening 2018  

The Dinner and Presentation Evening was once again held at the Worlebury Golf Club
There was a very good turnout, the meal was excellent and everyone had a good time.
So below are just a few photos taking at random to give the flavour of the the evening.
Some you may like but others you may not. !!

  John and Kim Wright Vic and Mandy Chris and his mum Ann and Sarah  
  Dave and Trevor Trevor and Martina Mike and Hazel Phil and Jane  
  Shawn and Lou Pete Botting and his good lady John and Jan  
  Margaret and Sue Mac and Pam Kim and Maggie  

After a splendid meal we had Barry and his speech

  Barry and his speech  

He started off with enthusiasm,
zeal and passion

But alas if we study the middle and right photos do we not
find that both Lionel Slatter and Carole Taylor have nodded
off? Can this be possible during a speech with such vigour
and energy. "Eeeh Ooops" its a funny old world !!

And then we come to the presentations - the two club champions first
and then the others in no particular order
If I have missed you out, then my apologies

  Cath Heal Ladies Champion   John Davies Men's Champion  

Ladies Champion, Cath Heal

Men's Champion, John Davies
2 wood pairs winners 2 wood pairs runners up 2 wood champion 2 wood runner up veterans winner
Beginners winner Beginners runner up Clubman of the year Ladies Champion runner up Ladies Pairs Winners
Ladies PairsRunners Up MensHandicap Winner Mens Handicap Runner Up Most improved Player Novice Winner
Novice runner up Umbrella Winner Open Pairs Runner up  

And so endeth a perfect evening. A big thankyou to all those club members who
had a hand in organising and administering the evening. A job well done.

Finally four more portraits to finish with

Harry Woodards Kim and Maggie Mandy Gerry Bean
Captain's Day September 2018

Your Captain for 2018 was Phil Villis

  Phil VIllis Bowls  

Delightfully smooth, elegant and graceful when in action

  Phil Villis Phil Villis Phil VIllis PHil Hoovers  

A man of few words, but delivered in a strong,vigorous and forceful manner

But only if the room is spotlessly clean
Everyone was in a happy and cheerful mood

  Chick Coffin Paul Wilfan President Barry Taylor  
The Boys in blue were "over the moon"
It was a joint team effort,involving much planning.
And surprise surprise they delivered themselves,
to the right place at the right time

And the President? Well he was in a wild frenzied and happy mood thanks to the price of the beer

  Mike Amos at the bar

A fine and upstanding
team of barman were on hand
tp serve the thirsty customers

And Talking of the beer prices
The Bar was a busy place where the weak, if they were not careful
were trampled under foot

  Chris Wilson and the malt whisky JD enjoying a pint Kevin Gibbons buys beer in bulk  

Barman Chris attends to the needs of John Amos who insists that the last drop of the rapidly diminishing malt whisky gets into his glass
The treasurer JD enjoys
a well earned pint
after a busy season
Kevin Gibbons gives advice
on how to 'bulk buy' your drinks
  Margaret Cunningham

It was good to see some
of Banwell's older members
at Captain's Day,

Margaret Cunningham who turned 85 a couple of weeks ago

Charlie Williams who will be 101 next month


Charlie Williams  

But star of the show has to be the Vice Captain and his speech.
Fresh from his crash course at RADA he arose and delivered his speech
Such passion, such fervour.
Feelings and emotions flowing effortlessly
in a polished performance

A touch of Laurence Olivier I think........Or was it Frankie Howard?..........Hmm hard to tell !!

  Hilary and his speech Hilary and his speech Hilary and his speech Hilary and his speech  

And finally a few photos to finish up with

  Mike House Spider winner Terry Brice Phil Phillis Cath Heal  
Mike House
and his crisps
Spider Winner
Terry Brice
A litle OTT
I think Captain

The sultry
Cath Heal
adding a little glamour into the proceedings


Well that's another season of bowls over....An enjoyable and reasonably successful season I think
Thanks for a great Captain's day Phil and to all those people who helped out.

See you all at the Dinner and Presentation Evening ( Don't forget to bring a raffle prize)