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Message from the Captain
  Captain Phil Villis

More Members required
for pre-season activities

Right members let us make a determined effort to get the club and grounds
spic and span for the 2018 season. Spare what ever time you can give.
As Mr Tesco says: Every Little Helps"

The list of work required to be completed is below on this
web page and pinned up on the notice board in the clubhouse
More effort is required, so see you down at the club

Ask not what your club can do for you,
 what you can do for your club
With apologies to JFK


Pre-Season Maintenence

Right People, Listen up

A reminder from Paul Aldus on what needs to be completed before the season starts.

Agreed, last week was just a trifle snowy to achieve a lot, but now the
sub tropical weather has reached Banwell, we can crack on with all these essential jobs

Paul, and Graham Millard have produced
a list of the maintenance etc. that is required
to get the club ready pre-season.

In order that people know what needs doing,
below is schedule of jobs that need to be accomplished
before the start of the 2018 season

And don't forget, if you cannot get down to the club on a weekend
you can go down at  any time
so cast your eyes over the schedule below

And get to it people, every little helps






Pre Season

Club House

Dust, wash/clean, tidy and vacuum the clubhouse (Including windows)    
Clear/Tidy all notice boards    
Wash down/clean, tidy, mop floor of bar area and shelves    
Repair hole in Bar Floor ( Urgent) John Rickerty  
Polish Bell    
Clean, Tidy Wash down kitchen area    
Wash Clean crockery and cutlery as required    
Clean/Tidy toilets, bleach the loos and urinals    
Clear and clean exterior gutters    

Changing Rooms

Clear home changing room; remove stored winter gear    
Put out tables, chairs and benches    
Dust, clean, tidy and vacuum home changing room (Including windows)    
Dust, clean, tidy and vacuum away changing room (Including windows)    
Dust, clean, tidy and vacuum ladies changing room (Including windows)    
Clear exterior gutters    

Green Surrounds and Grounds

Weed,tidy,clear litter and debris. Car Park    
Weed,clear litter and debris. and tidy grouds and green surrounds    
Trim/prune hedges and shrubs as necessary    
Move Ditch pebbles from green ends to car park    
Clean and return ditch pebbles (side ditches only)    
Order, then cut and fit 'Astro-Turf ' into end ditches    
Pressure wash flagstones arround clubhouse and home changing room    
Put out posts and chains    

Paint or Stain

Home changing room    
Away changing room    
Ladies changing room    
Wall around Bristol Water building facing the green    


Cut back Tree and foliage at rear of Bristol Water Building    
Pile up  rubbish around tree and arrange to be collected by Keatsie    
Fit 5' High x 6' Wide Fence panel adjacent to water tanks    
Replace leaking water tank    
Repair hole in the side of shed    
Investigate how to repair sprinkler shed roof    
Replace guttering and downpipe on home changing room    
Repair both window sills of home changing room    
Repair/splice bar door as necessary, and paint    
Repair and paint toilet windows    
Paint changing room facing side of clubhouse    
Trim bottom and varnish club house door facing the road    
Level slabs in front of cottage (Trip hazard if playing across)    
Replace 4 metres of rotten green edging behind Bristol Water Building    
Investigate alternatives for rink markers/numbering system    
Repair/replace rotten rink marker battens    
Repaint rink markings and settings    
Repair/Replace hand wash heater in kitchen (water control U/S)    
Replace clubhouse seats as required    
Attend to ceiling above notice boards adjacent to toilets    
Repair wall lining various places inside clubhouse    
Replace Fluorescent light unit in kitchen    
Repair/ Replace rotten/broken boards as required    
The Latest indoor Bowls Goings On
  Phil Villis

Banwell Players through to Finals

Congratulations to Phil Villis and Darrell Johnston
on reaching the final matches in their respective
indoor Bowls Competitions

Phil Villis has reached the St Andrews
Men's Club Singles final.

At the semi final stage he successful overcame
Brian Reeves to the tune of 21 shots to 11,
having won his previous games 21-2 and 21- 3
He will meet Barry Forse in the final

I do not know the date of the final but as soon
Phil lets me know I will stick it on this page.

Also congrats to Darrell Johnston, who along with
Ken Uglow and Barry Forse have reached the area finals
of the national over 50's Triples Championship

They will play this final at the Cotswold B.C. Green
and if successful move into the National finals

Well done to you all and all the best in your forthcoming games

  Darrell Johnston  
Mid Winter Social at the Coach House Inn, Locking
  Winner Chris Wilson

Good Turnout for Mid-Winter
Social Evening at the
Coach House Inn Locking

Winner Vic McArdle  

Once again another successful evening of fun and games,
orchestrated by the man with all the organisational skills - Trevor Garfield.
With a couple of games of 'Killer' and a half time meal,
an enjoyable noisy and boisterous time was had by all.

  Pauline Mabbutt Bowls Karen Smith Bowls Phil Villis sticks up  

Pauline Mabbutt and Karen Smith in action, while right, Phil Villis decides he would be more successful at 'Sticking Up'

  Terry and Jenny Brice Harry Woodards and John Rickerty  

Right Now people, just listen up....
A messgae from Trevor Garfield...

Most 'in season' social events are already planned,
but if you have any suggestions for 'out of season'
social events, then please let me know

And finally
the grimsworthy photo of the week !!

  Tony Hyde asleep?

Answers on a postcode please....

a) Is Graham's conversation with Tony so boring that he is sending him to sleep?
b) Has Tony gone to sleep standing up and Graham is attempting to wake him up?
c) Is Tony praying that his performance on the skittle alley will improve considerably?

Indoor Match Report v North Petherton
  Paul Wilfan Bowls   Pauline Mabbutt  

"I Blame the Earthquake"
Declares Skip Chick Coffin

"Yes indeed I blame that earthquake*, after all my rink were like finely tuned instruments
accurate to the 'n'th degree. Who would have expected an earthquake to strike the
barren wastlelands of North Petherton and throw us into confusion"

So what do you derive from these statements?
Yes you are absolutely right, Chick and his finely tuned instruments
went down rather heavily on the day.
Never mind people, get yourselves recalibrated for the next game
and hope that another seismic manifestation does not occur.

*A minor earthquake hit Wales and the West Country around 1430 hrs
but with all the crashing, banging and wrong bias shots
nobody noticed it, with the exception of Chick and his lot

And the game? Alan Vickery and his rink won by one shot, Mal Laycock
and his rink went down by two shots and Chick Coffin and his rink
lost by 20 shots on the middle rink - now known as Earthquake Alley

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Alan Cockayne
Dave Mabbutt
Tony Hyde
Gerry Bean
Pauline Mabbutt
John Amos
Mo Millard
MIke Amos
Paul Wilfan
Alan Vickery
Chick Coffin
Mal Laycock
Won by 20 shots to 19
Lost by 9 shots to 29
Lost by 22 shots to 24

Result: North Petherton 72 shots - Banwell 51 shots

Info for the start of the 2018 season
  Chris Wilson

Start of the Season Letter
sent out by Club Secretary
Chris Wilson



You should have now recieved your start of the season letter from Hon Sec Chris Wilson
Below are just a few reminder dates for you diary

Forms must be returned to John Davies by Monday 12th March 2018
complete with correct remittance

Get our club ready for the season

Help is required from anyone available to carry out tasks in order to get the club ready for the new season
. Please bring own tools if possible (Paint brushes etc).
Anyone can go down to the club before the season starts and do some
jobs whenever they are free, however the working party weekends will be from 10am on:

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th March
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th March
Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th March
Final Tidy Up – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April

Key dates for the diary (2018 fixture book will be available on Presidents day)

• Saturday 14th April Presidents Day
• Saturday 2nd June Triples 1st & 2nd Rounds & BBQ
• Saturday 16th June Triples Semi Final & Final
• Sunday 15th July Rinks Day
• Sunday 29th July Fund Raising Day
• Saturday 8th September Finals Day
• Sunday 9th September Finals Day (Spare Day)
• Saturday 15th September Captains Day
• Saturday 27th October Dinner and Presentation Evening
• Friday 16th November AGM

The open day when you can invite family, friends or anyone you think that might like to try the game
is scheduled for Sunday 13th May 11am-4pm

Right got that people?
Then go to it !!

Banwell's Mike Davies umpires in the World Indoor Championship at Potters

Mike Davies once
again features in
the World Indoor

Have you been watching the World Indoor Bowls Championships on TV this week?
Then you will have recognised a
familiar face floating around
on the blue carpet.
Yes it is Banwell's MIke Davies
Once again Mike's talents have been recognised as he maintains
his position as one of the top international umpires in the country