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End of 2017 Season - Green Renovation

End of season green renovation work is now being carried out on the green
Below is a report and some photos from Paul Aldus


"This week the green has undergone quite an amount of work in order to
renovate and continue to improve it. Autumn is the only time that bowling
green's can be renovated and repaired  in any meaningful way.
So this is the time of year for any major work to be undertaken .

Feedback from the membership was that the main issue this year had been the
speed of the green. It was too slow and heavy during the wet periods, so
this year's autumn renovation work has prioritised this issue. This has
meant focusing on the removal of thatch, the layer of dead and decaying
organic matter on the surface of the green. 

included in this year's
renovation work is:
Weedkiller (herbicide) a fungicide and moss killer was sprayed on to
the green last week.
A deep scarification in 2 directions was undertaken  to remove

The green was then reseeded.
A top dressing of three tons was then spread over the green. 
The top dressing was used to level out some of the worst uneven edges. 
This was then brushed in to  the green, which amongst other things ,
assists the likely hood of the seed germinating.

Later in November we will undertake deep solid tining using a
tractor (usually referred to as verti-draining). 
Additionally, from the first week in October a greens working party will be
renewing and raising the edging boards along the whole length of the far end
of the green. Subsequently the turf at that end will be cut, rolled back and
packed in order to bring it level again
and prevent the bowls from running off as they do now.

Furthermore a group of volunteers will be undertaking the removal of both
the wormcasts and brushing the dew off the green on a daily basis throughout
the close season. This is essential to promote a healthy green. Anyone who
feels they may be able to assist with this please let me (Paul Aldus) or
another member of the committee know."

And finally right: President Barry Supervising the whole project
in typical President Barry style

Charlie Williams 100 years celebration

Charlie Williams
100th Birthday
Celebrations at
Banwell Bowls

What an absolutely splendid afternoon we had to celebrate Charlie Williams's forthcoming century.
Charlies family and friends, were all there, the County sent a rink to take part in the bowls match
as did Clarence, Victoria and Ashcombe, and there was a good turnout from the Banwell members

This, along with a buffet fit for a king, and a warm sunny afternoon made the perfect afternoon.

The Team from Ashcombe The team from Victoria The team from Clarence The County team

The Achcombe Rink

The Victoria Rink

The Clarence Rink

The County Rink
  Charlie directs Charlie Bowls
Even approaching
the grand old
age of 100,
Charlie can still
deliver a bowl
  Charlie and his family   The Presentation  


Thanks to everyone who turned up to make
the day a success. Also a big thank you to
all those people who worked in the background
with the food preparation and running the bar etc.,

Charlie it was both a privilege and a pleasure
to present you with your blue glass decanter
not only for the celebration of your birthday,
but in recognition for everything
you have done for the club
over many years

Congratulations Charlie

JOhn AMos Presents Charlie with his decanter
Winscombe Floodlit Competition - Winning Skip Darrell Johnston
Darrell Johnston - Skip

Darrell Johnston Skips
Winscombe Floodlit
Competition Winning Team

Congratulations to Darrell Johnston who skipped
the winning team in the Winscombe Floodlit Competition

Playing under the colours of St Andrews
Darrell and his team went on to take the Shield.
They put up a tremendous fight in the Semi Finals
to come back from being 17-4 down after 13 ends
to win the game 20-18

They won the Finals 25-14

Congrats Darrell to you and your team

Captain's Day - 2017

Captain's Day - 2017

  Barry Taylor

As the club was rudderless and drifting around without a Captain, President Barry Taylor took control of the day removing his President's hat and putting on a Captain's hat. Smart move as the day went off very successfully.

The weather was kind to us and only started to rain when we were inside the clubhouse enjoying a splendid 3 course meal prepared by master caterer John Davies and his team

Barry, of course, got into the swing of things by kissing as many tea ladies in the shortest length of time.

A good day all round



Barry gets his fair share of kisses - Steady on MO old girl,you will have his head off

  Cath Heal  

A big thank you to everyone who had a hand in the preparation and organisation of Captain's Day - it was a great day

Gordon Hollier's 60th wedding anniversary
  Gordon Hollier Wedding anniversary

Gordon Hollier
60th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations to Gordon Hollier
and his wife Marion on their
60th Wedding Anniversary
14th September

I understand that they have
received a congratulations telegram
from the queen.

Well done you two
enjoy your day


Below is a photo of the congratulatory card from Her Majesty the Queen


A successful Finals Day

Thanks Hilary

We could not let the Finals Day pass
without giving Hilary Guckian a big big
thankyou for organising this years internal competitions

It is not an easy job and not one for the faint hearted
So once again "Many Thanks Hilary"


Organiser Hilary Guckian

Also a couple of interesting photos taken on "Finals Day"

  JD in his greys A Cover Up   John Amos drinks coke

JD got his knickers in a twist (or should I say Trousers in a twist)
over the dress code for finals day. Either Jan had not been using Super White Daz washing powder or he had put the wrong trousers on for the wrong occasion.
"Well nobody told me" he protested weakly. I reckon as he has been a member for 45 years and most likely attended 45 Final's Days
that that definitely has to be a pound in the pig


Is this photo correct? - is it a fake?
surley this cannot be right, John Amos
drinking a can of coke.
Is it a mental aberration? An abnormality?
or a temporary disorder?
Well you will be pleased to know that this
irregularity did not last long and he was soon back on "The Water of Life"

Club Finals Weekend
  Finals Day Spectators

Finals Weekend
Runners Up

The Umbrella Brigade  

This year the Finals Day was expanded and took place over three days for various reasons.
Some games were close others not quite so close,
some games were played in brilliant sunshine and others took place in torrential rain.
Below is a very brief report on who became Champions and who became Runners Up


Men's Championship (A.E. Lock Cup)

  Men's Champion with the President Graham MIllard, men's champion Winner and Runner Up  

A very close game with only two shots between both players at the end of the game.
Graham MIllard is the Men's club Champion for this year and John Davies the Runner Up


Ladies Championship (Barbara Paige Plate)

  Cath Heal, Ladies Club Champion Cath Jill and Hillary Club Champion Cath and Runner up Jill  

Cath Heal was in sparkling form to take the Ladies Champion title for 2017.
Well done to both Cath and Jill on a hard fought match. Cath Heal Champion, Jill Bishop Runner Up


Men's Handicap (The T. Amos Cup)

  Barry presents the handicap trophy to Graham Graham MIllard, Handicap Champion Handicap Winner and Runner Up  

Not content with becoming club Champion, Graham MIllard went on to pick up the Handicap Trophy
Commiserations to Darrell Johnston who met Graham on one of his unbeatable days. Handicap Champion Graham MIllard
Runner Up, Darrell Johnston


Men's Veterans Competition (Percy Wallace Bowl)

  Veterans Comp Presentation Veterans Champion MIke Davies Veterans Runner Up Barry Taylor  

The President v the International Umpire, all the hallmarks of a good game, and so it was.
But at the end of the game it was MIke Davies who emerged on top.
Veterans Champion Mike Davies, Runner up Barry Taylor


The Two Wood Singles Competition (Dr W.A. Taylor Cup)

  Two wood singles presentation John Davies two wood singles competition Runner Up MIke Amos  

Another very tight game which was nip and tuck all the way through. At 19 shots each, John Davies pounced on a couple of wayward woods from Mike Amos and secured the two shots to win the competition.
Two wood singles Champion John Davies, Runner up MIke Amos


The Novices Competition (H. Pollard Cup)

  Novices Presentation  

This game was played in atrocious weather, heavy rain and howling winds. Poor wet Jan Davies was nearly blown away.
But the bulkier Paul Wilfan was able to keep his feet and went on to win the game.
Novices Champion, Paul Wilfan, Runner Up Jan Davies


The Beginners Competition (R.Allam Shield)

  Gerry Bean wins the Beginners shield Gerry Bean Winner of the Beginners Shield Runner up Paul Wilfan  

New Boy Gerry Bean picked up the Beginners shield with a solid performance against Paul WIlfan.
Beginners Champion, Gerry Bean, Runner up Paul Wilfan


The Two Wood Pairs Competition(Stan Berry Cup)

  Two Wood trophy Presentation The two wood pairs winners Two wood pairs runners up  

This was exhibition stuff from Lead Tony Hyde with skip Darrell Johnston backing him up. They were worthy winners of this competition. Two Wood Pairs Winners, Tony Hyde and Darrell Johnston, Runners Up John and Mike Amos


The Ladies Pairs Competition (Paddy Cunningham Memorial Cup)

  Ladies Pairs Presentation  

A Business like performance from Karen Smith and Cath Heal powered them to a well deserved win.
Ladies Pairs Champions Karen Smith/Cath Heal. Runners Up Mo MIllard/Carol Broomhall


The Men's Pairs Competition (H.G. Pedrick Cup)

  Men's Pairs Winners Pairs Runners Up  

Another competitive game to watch.
Kim and Vic slowly started to pull away and finally won the game by 6 shots
Men's Pairs Champions Kim Burgess/Vic McArdell. Runners Up Harry Woodards/John Rickerty


Open Pairs Competition (Banwell Trophy)

  OPen Pairs Presentation Open Paies Winners Open Pairs Runners Up  

Tony Hyde and John Davies could do no wrong in this game and ran out convincing winners
Open Pairs Champions, Tony Hyde and John Davies. Runners Up Trevor and Martina Garfield


In addition the following competitions were played throughout the season

The Rinks Competition (A.N.Rowland Cup) Winners: Alan Cockayne, Pauline Mabbutt,Harry Woodards and Alan Vickery
Runners Up: John Evan,Carol Broomhall,Chick Coffin and MIke Amos
Triples (T.Usher Cup) Winners: Dave Mabbutt, Trevor Garfield, and Hilary Guckian
Runners Up: Gerry Bean, Trevor Burnett and Harry Woodards
Umbrella Competition
(Charles Eyre Memorial Cup)
Joint Winners: Jan Davies and Martina Garfield
Most Improved Player (Sam Brammar Trophy) To be announced at the Club Dinner
Clubman of the year (C and E Williams Trophy) To be announced at the Club Dinner
Goings on during the week

Banwell Players at the Winscombe Floodlit Competition

  Barry Taylor at the Winscombe floodlit Competition   MIke Amos at the Winscombe flood lit Competition  

I popped into the Wiscombe Floodlit Competition
to watch a couple of the Banwell teams playing.
Unfortunately all but one of the Banwell teams have now been
eliminated from this competition, however Alan Vickery's team
managed to scrape into the finals on the countback system.
Well done to you all on some slendid performances

Jolly Good Fellow of the Week

  Dave Mabbutt on the green

Little did Dave Mabbutt know that when he strolled down
to the club to watch the friendly against Victoria
that he would be thrown right into the thick of the action.

"Ah glad you are here" boomed the Captain
"We are one short, here are a couple of woods,
you will be playing with Barry Taylor
and his white woods on rink 5"

"But But" protested Dave, but to no avail.
"Duty Calls" muttered the Captain
as he sauntered off to his own rink.

Well done Dave, a better class of club member

Nice shorts though Dave !!

Re-Arranged Bingo Night

Re-Arranged Social Evening


Bingo Night Re-Arranged
Friday 29th September 7.30pm

We shall be holding a bingo night as above

My apologies for changing the date
But the first date clashed with the Winscombe
Triples Competition.

Please add your name to the list on the clubhouse notice board ASAP
I would ask all members to try and make it, Family and Friends most welcome
All profits will go to club funds

Many Thanks
Trevor Garfield

Girls v Boys
  In the clubhouse

Boys v Girls
or, to give it
a posh name:
Ladies v Gentlemen

IN the clubhouse  

And so it came to pass that the ladies of the club were anxious to prove their prowess
when it came to playing bowls, and, under the leadership of that old protagonist Jill (wicked) Bishop
they threw down the gauntlet and challenged the men to a game over 15 ends

And what a successful evening it turned out to be.
A good turnout of spectators, raucous cheering, whooping and shrieking
as the ladies took the men apart and chalked up a fine win

It is now on the cards that this is to become an annual event
The 2018 Fixture Secretary has been told, in no uncertain terms
that this game is a must, and is to be included in the fixtures for every year from now on.

  Highest winning rink Trophy Presentation Jill Bishop and the jack  
The highest winning
rink of the evening
President Barry presents the trophy
to JIll (Wicked) Bishop,
the ladies Captain
So that's where we get our Jacks from. Remind me to take an extra cloth out on the green when I next play

Well done to everyone who had a hand in organising this event - See you all next year for the next match

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Sue Taylor
Rob Tayor
Martina Garfield
Maurice Finch
Carol Broomhall
Gordon Hollier
Pauline Mabbutt
Dave Mabbutt
Cath Heal
Richard Villis
Jan Davies
Alan Cockayne
Jane Owen
Graham Spittles
Debbie Baker
Mike House
Mo MIllard
Chick Coffin
Karen Smith
Paul Wilfan
Jill Bishop
John Amos

Ladies 16 shots - Men 11 shots

Ladies 23 shots - Men 8 shots
Ladies 11 shots - Men 17 shots

Result: Ladies 50 shots - Men 36 shots

Once again another scorecard cockup
  Torn Score Cards  

What is it with this club and score cards

It was the day we played Lionmeade, a touring side from Essex.
The day went well, acting Captain Hilary Guckian was word perfect
and a good time was had by all.

Until that is John Amos asked a very simple question

"Have you got the cards Hilary"?
"Sorry Hilary that sounded like a no to me but let me have the cards"
"I don't have them"
"Well why not?"

"I've chucked them away"
"Well how am I going to update the website
and send off my report to the mercury?"

"Alright alright I'll get them" he intoned
and off he flounced

He thrust these 10 pieces of card at me.
He had murdered the score cards, yes well and truly mutilated them.

But it was just a case of matching the right top parts with the right bottom parts

But those of you who are good at maths will have noticed
that it was a 6 rink match but I had only 5 mangled cards

The call came at 8pm in the evening
"Do you want my card"?

It was JD

"Yes please JD that would be nice"

"OH OK then I will let you have it tomorrow - bye"

Now where is my darkened room and bottle of malt - sigh !!


Fun and Frolics at the Umbrella last evening of the 2017 season
  Fancy DRess  

What a splendid evening. As is the custom the last Umbrella match is played in fancy dress
Every one entered into the spirit. We had dodgy clergy, dodgy females, in fact the whole group was decidedly dodgy

All the games had a twist in their tales and the result was unforseen.
Net result: Jan Davies and Martina Garfield came from behind to become joint winners
with Jane Owen taking 3rd place - a clean sweep for the ladies - well done

Afterwards we sat down to a splendid buffet with a few drinks to go with it
A perfect end to yet another successful Umbrella Season.
(Click on 'Umbrella Comp' above for the final table)

Thanks must go to Trevor Garfield who organised everything throughout the season

  The Umbrella Winners  

President Barry Taylor presents
the trophy to the joint winners
Martina Garfield and Jan Davies

Finally a few photos of those dodgy characters

Bill Watts   The Clergy   Trevor Garfield John Amos

Dinner and Presentation Evening

Alan Cockayne

Word is trickling through to me that the
Dinner and Presentation Evening
Will take place on Saturday 21st October 7pm for 7.30pm

The venue will be, as last year - The Worlebury Golf Club.
Tickets, I believe, will be around £20 per head

Secretary Chris will be pinning a confirmation notice on the club
notice board , for you to append your names