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Change of Date for the "Etiquette Evening

Change of Date
for the Etiquette Evening

PLease note the Etiquette Evening
to be given by Mike Davies
Will now take place on
Tuesday 1st August commencing at 6.00pm

Banwell retain the Parrott Shield

Banwell Retain the Parrott Shield

Banwell retain the Parrott Shield once again having also won it the previous two years.
It was a damp old evening with bursts of heavy rain which had the players scampering for the clubhouse.
After our stunning win at Winscombe, the fortunes were reversed with Winscombe
winning the game by 106 shots to Banwell's 88 shots, but the 48 shot lead
built up on the first game was to come in very handy.
And the net result? Banwell take the shield by 30 shots over the two games

  Barry Taylor with the Shield


Banwell President
Barry Taylor
full flow after being
presented with
the Shield


Winscombe President
Lesley Fredersdorff
Presents the shield to
Barry Taylor

The Shield Presentation  
Barry Taylor speech The Clubhouse Lesley Fredersdorff Winscombe President

After the match I had a quick chat with Winscombe President Lesley Fredersdorff
and, amongst other things,she told me that she had been playing bowls for
approx 10 years and had previously been Vice Captain and Captain of the ladies side
before being appointed as President of Winscombe Bowling Club.
It was good to see you at Banwell, Lesley

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Lost 11 shots to 22
Lost by 12 shots to 25
Lost by 14 shots to 24
Won by 29 shots to 18
Won by 22 shots to 17

Result: Banwell 88 shots - Winscombe 106 shots (An overall win for Banwell by 30 shots)

An enthralling tale of the President, the Cabbage and the bottle of Bushmills Malt Whisky

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I will begin

Picture the scene - the Rinks Competition has long since finished
and I find myself once again in the clubhouse with President Barry.
enjoying a few late night drinks
Alongside me is my long suffering chauffeur for the night Mike Amos
who is totally cheesed off drinking Coke all night, and a bar person
who's name escapes me, wishing we would all push off so he can lock up

Finally we make a move, and Barry is offered a lift home, which is accepted.
We draw up outside the Presidents house and he turns to me and says:

"Would you like to come in and see my cabbage?
"Sorry Barry but did you say, come and look at my cabbage?" I reply tentatively
"Ehh right, cabbage,all mine, pretty big"

Barry and the cabbage

So we all troop into Barry's house, past a bewildered Carole
who is preparing dinner and out into the greenhouse.
And yes there was a cabbage growing there. Now I am not
an expert on cabbages but it did indeed look large.

"Good Eh?" said Barry
And then came those imortal words

"We must have a drink"

Barry departs and returns with a bottle of 10 year old
Bushmills Malt. I am suitabley impressed.

"Eeeh by gum I have had this bottle in my cupboard for 19 years"
"Good grief Barry, you have had a 10 year old malt in a cupboard for 19 years"
I shake my head in disbelief.

Part two : The disaster of a 10 year old malt kept in a cupboard for 19 years

The shot cork

If this situation had been experienced by William Shakespeare
he would have based his"Comedy of Errors" on just the simple
task of opening a bottle of Bushmills 10 year old Malt

All you connoiseurs of Bushmills Malt will know the bottle
comes with a cork and a round headed top to extract that cork.

Yes you have guessed correctly. Because in his wisdom
the President had kept this bottle for 19 years, the head became detached
from the cork and the crumbling cork
was left stuck in the bottle

Fast forward 15 minutes - the remains of the cork
had been savagely attacked leaving pieces of cork all over the table
and floating in the whisky. But we had drilled down far enough
to reach the golden "uisce beatha"

To cut a long story short
Barry was dispatched to obtain a tea strainer
The whiskey was poured and we enjoyed the
fruits of our exertions

Who says we don't live in exciting times

Pouring through a tea stainer

Open Day - Sunday 23rd July 1100am to 4pm

Don't forget: Sunday 23rd July 1100am to 4pm
we are holding an open day
to attract more members to join the club.

So if you can spare some time to give a hand please do
Your attendance will be very much appreciated

Fun and Games Night - Results

I have just heard from our social Secretary Tervor Garfield
that we made £170 on the night for club funds.
So thanks to everone who turned up to make the night a success


Included in that sum was a donation from John and Maggie Evans
who have not been able to attend many social evenings but wanted
to do something for the club. So well done you two
a very nice gesture indeed and thanks from everyone at the club

Rinks Day - July - 2017

Rinks Day July 2017

  Alan Cockayne Bowls   Harry Woodards bowls  

The Day started off a little wet, with the green al little heavy
But as the day progressed, it got warmer, the sun came out
and it became really hot. Net result, the green speeded up
which introduced a variable into the bowls.

The day started with 6 teams, with play continued all morning
and the first part of the afternoon.
But by 3pm we had out finalists.

MIke Amos and his rink versus Alan Vickery and his rink

The Old boys drinking club

The final could not have been closer, just one single shot seperating the two teams.
But at the end of the day it was Alan Vickery and his rink who emerged on top.
So Congrats to the winners, and Commiserations to the runners.
A good day all round with many thanks to Hilary Guckian
for his impeccable organising skills that made the day go so smoothly

  The runners up Barry Presents the trophy The winners  

The Runners Up from left to right
Mike Amos,Chick Coffin,
Carol Broomhall and John Evans

President Barry Taylor presents the trophy to the winning team.
From left to right: Alan Cockayne, Alan Vickery
Pauline Mabbutt and Harry Woodards
Fun and Games Night down at the Pond

Successful Fun and Games Night at the Pond

Baggo, Target Bowls, Hooplah, Target Golf, build and fly your own plane and lots more.
And so the evening progressed, with demented teams rushing all over the place trying to score points.
But of course, in the midst of this feverish activity strode the orgainiser of the evening Trevor Garfield

  Trevor Garfield Trevor Garfield Instructs Trevor Garfield  

Now 'Listen Up People', this is the way you do it. No it is not hard, No you do not have to think a lot
Now off you go and see how it goes

  Ann Amos plays a shot Annie Amos misses a shot Bill Watts Chick Coffin  
Good Grief Annie Amos, how can you miss
a whole contraption that large from that distance?
Bill Watts tees off, and
yes Chick it is called a golf ball

And then there was target bowls

  Martina gives advice Terry price admires  

No don't listen to your Grandfather
This is the way to do it
Maurice Finch picks
up a few tips
Terry Brice looks on incredulously as
wife Jenny piles on the points
  Shaun White at Baggo John Rickerty in full flight Terry Brice  
No wrong bias
with this game
Two wannabee pilots launch their planes - not with much success I might add!!

But at the end of the evening there was a winning team.

  The Chuckle Brothers  

A bunch of misfits calling themselves "The Chuckle Brothers" Well done you lot
Also a big thank you to Trevor Garfield for organising the evening
and to Hilary Guckian for running the bar

Banwell Team take 3rd place in the Winscombe Triples Competition

Congratulations to Graham, Liam and Ryan
Third place in the Winscombe Triples Competition

  Graham Millard, Liam Smith and Ryan Smith

Well done to the Banwell Trio, Graham MIllard, Liam Smith and Ryan Smith who took third place in the Winscombe Triples Competition.

They won all of their five games,
but did not have a good enough shot difference
to make the 1st - 2nd play off match.
But they did win the 3rd - 4th play off match

Well done Lads

Forthcoming Date for your diary - Etiquette Evening

Etiquette Evening
Wednesday 2nd August at 600pm.

Mike Davies has kindly agreed to hold a technical night covering the basics of the rules and etiquette of the game of bowls.
He will also answer any questions you may have 

There is further info on the notice board so please add your name to the list if interested. This is a session not to be missed for new members AND it is also open to other members who would find this useful.

In addition a further list is on the notice board for names of those interested in receiving coaching.
When we know the numbers dates will be arranged.