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Banwell's latest resident

Is 'George' guarding the Green?

A new resident has moved into Banwell in the shape of 'George'
a stunning graffiti artwork depicting a crouching soldier
in full kit holding a rifle.
The painting has been spray mounted onto a house in West Street
only yards from the village war memorial and overlooking our green
I understand permission was granted to the artist by the owners
of the house and the artwork was created
as a mark of respect to the armed forces.

It all happens in Banwell

Banwell players feature in St.Andrews semi final success
Darrell Johnston

Banwell Players
Feature in
the Semi Finals
of the Indoor
Double Rink Final


Phil villis

St.Andrews were successful in reaching the final of the Indoor Double Rinks Competition (One rink home and one rink away)
When they beat Ilminster on both rinks to the tune of 20 shots to 12 and 19 shots to 15.
In the St.Andrews team were Banwell Players Darrell Johnston and Phil Villis.

They now meet Victoria Street in the final which is to be played
at Taunton Deane on Saturday 1st April
(Sorry I do not have the starting time.)

Well done you two and all the best in the final
(That is if you are picked of course)

Indoor Bowls - The deciding match v St.Andrews

Banwell 1 - St.Andrews 1

It is all square on the indoor matches between Banwell and St.Andrews
So the fixture Secretaries have decided to plan one more deciding game
before the outdoor season starts

This will take place on:

Sunday 2nd April - 3 rink mixed friendly - start 2.00pm - Dress Greys

Do you want to play? Then contact fixture Sec Dean Robinson

Banwell pull off a fine win at St Andrews

The return indoor match against St.Andrews saw a reversal of fortunes
with Banwell winning the match this time around.
A fine performance from Graham Millard and his rink, who after being 9-2 down
after 6 ends, stormed to a 27-11 victory.
Phil Villis and his rink held on to win by one shot and Darrell Johnston
and his rink pulled back from 14-2 down at 12 ends to be pipped at the
post by one shot.

  The Indoor Green at St Andrews   Paul Wilfan bowls  

As reserve I was dragged into the team along with the other reserve Dean Robinson,
as a couple of our lads were unable to play - some people say this was a smart move,
but my lips are sealed. Anyway as a result I was unable to take my usual high definition
first class action photos, but I did have a small camera in my pocket to capture
Chick Coffin giving it his all while measuring a shot

  Chick Measures   Still Measuring   Still measuring  
It was a good afternoon, but there was one small incident that Captain Mal Laycock
insisted was reported on the website. Well you know what Mal is like when he is
in charge, the power goes straight to his head.
So OK I will report this very, out of ordinary, uncommon and infrequent happening.
It was, after all, an unusual and rare phenomenon.
An event so offbeat and unexpected,and so very suprising in it's nature
that it is hard to believe.
But as the Captain insisted here it is:

"John Amos bowled a wrong bias"

There you are folks, make the most of it
My money is in the St.Andrews Charity Jar
A few whiskies later and I had forgotten all about it

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Tony Hyde
Jill Bishop
Mo Millard
Paul WIlfan
John Amos
Dean Robertson
Chick Coffin
Mal Laycock
Jimmy Laurent
Darrell Johnston
Phil Villis
Graham Millard
Lost by 14 shots to 15
Won by 16 shots to 15
Won by 27 shots to 11
Result: Banwell 57 shots - St. Andrews 41 shots
Indoor Match v North Petherton - Saturday 18th Feb 2017
  North Petherton Indoor Bowling Club Karen Smith bowls Jill Bishop bowling  

Fixture Secretary Dean Robinson arranged another indoor mixed match,
and this time it was at North Petherton.
It was a close match but Banwell drew away in the latter part of the match
Winning on 2 of the 3 rinks

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Tony Hyde
Mo Millard
Graham Millard
Jill Bishop
Paul Wilfan
Karen Smith
Hilary Guckian
Mal Laycock
Chick Coffin
Darrell Johnston
Alan Vickery
Phil Villis
Won by 26 shots to 14
Won by 23 shots to 20
Lost 18 shots to 20
Result: Banwell 67 shots - North Petherton 54 shots
  Chick Coffin Bowling Alan Vickery  
Spectators Spectators Deep in thought Discussions

Dean Robinson in spectator mode

Deep in discussion
Darrell indicates a very short wood Phil Villis thinks about it Come this way Lets all lean
The Brummy way of
indicating a short wood
Now let's see, what shall we do?
I know, come this way

Lets all lean forward and backwards to help
make this decision

Start of the 2017 season schedule

Start of 2017 Season

A list of all the maintenece and pre-season work
has now be drawn up and is listed below.
There will be formal maintenece days allocated
before the season starts but if you have a spare
5 minutes then feel free to pop down to the club
and crack on the with the various jobs

Re-new/Repair green edging

Bottom right corner
Bottom left corner
Middle left hand side
(NOTE: order 18 x brackets and 8 x 2.4m decking boards)


Rub down, (renew putty and repair where required), undercoat and top coat all windows, and doors.
Repair/Re-new really rotten boards as required.


Clear out chemicals
Clear table top and plasterboard
Make/find home for pushers


Dig out stones in front of clubhouse and R. hand corner. Clean stones and ditch and jet wash backboard.
Weed and collect litter and leaves from remaining ditches.

Changing rooms, shed and pump shed

Re-paint all.
(red cedar and dark oak paint in shed,
enough to get started.
May have to buy a little more paint
if required and some brushes)

Men's home changing room

R. hand wall - board out with 2-ply or hardboard
between bench and clothing hooks.
P.V.A and paint remaining walls.
(NOTE Need to purchase and get delivered sufficient boarding.
[JR to estimate quantity] Purchase PVA and paint.
renew threshold
repair/re-new guttering

Pump shed roof

Fit new felt

Bristol Water pump house - wall facing the green.

Clean or paint as required


Re-paint as required

Other jobs for new season

Grounds and car park - Weed, clear litter, make tidy and presentable.
Weed and collect litter and leaves from remaining ditches.
Clean and tidy clubhouse (including windows), clear notice boards
Clean and wash down bar area and shelves including washing all glasses.
Clean and tidy all changing rooms (including windows)
Clean and refill cigarette buckets
Post and chains in order and placed out.
Put out benches and tables

Start of 2017 season - forms
Hon Sec Chris Wilson

Hon Sec Chris Wilson has sent out
'Start of the season forms'

You should now have received the various start of season
forms from the Hon Sec Chris Wilson.

These consist of:

FORM A - (Membership, Competitions, 50/50 Entry and Presidents Day Availability)
FORM B – (Availability to help with club maintenance, Over 60’s commitment, Bar Duty)


Form B – on this form please indicate if you are willing and able to help with jobs
in and around the clubhouse. & changing rooms.
Also please put down if you would commit to playing in the men’s over 60’s triples league.

Finally on this form if you were on the bar duty list last year tick
if you are happy to carry out this duty again on the same day, or put down an alternative day.
If you haven’t done a bar duty and are able to,
please put down your preferred choice and an alternative day.

Please return all completed forms
with the correct remittance to:

The Hon Treasurer John Davies
by Monday 13th March 2017

If you have any problems contact Chris

The Latest News

Banwell .B.C. Tour to Barnstable
Friday 28th April – Monday 1st May 2017

Graham Millard our Tour Organiser has now sent details of the Tour to all players taking part.
I will not repeat verbatim every thing that Graham has written but have highlighted certain parts of his letter

Please could you forward the balance of £180.00 per person to Mr John Davies by Friday 31st March 2017.

If anybody wants to travel with certain people please let Graham
know, obviously the least number of cars we take the better.

I have not included maps but if anybody should need them please let me know.

Tour venue address information

Park Hotel

Taw Vale
EX32 9AE

Tel No. 01271 372166


- Barnstaple

The Water Gate
7, The Strand
EX31 1EU

Rock Park BC

Rock Park
EX32 9AH

Tel No. 01271 377372
Bideford BC

Chingswell Street
EX39 2NG

Tel No. 01237 477177
*Tiverton Borough BC

11, The Avenue
EX16 4HR

Tel No. 07884 171818

* When you drive into Tiverton follow the brown and white signs for
‘The Grand Western Canal’ with a picture of a canal barge.
These will take you into the Canal Car Park,
as you drive along the car park look for a gate
in the wall on the left which is the entrance to the club.
To avoid the car parking charges drop off the passengers and bags,
exit the car park turning right and then take the first right into
‘The Avenue’ where you can park FOC,
The club is now on your right and you can walk up a narrow lane to the club.

I will be in touch later - Thanks Graham Millard

Trevor Garfield Celebrates his 70th birthday

Trevor Garfield celebrates 70 years on this planet.

Along with family and friends, Trevor celebrated his 70th birthday
with a cracking evening at the Woodborough Inn, Winscombe.

A good time was had by all, and below are just a few photos taken at the bash.

  The Garfields  
Of course you cannot have a birthday party without a cake.
below are a few pictures of trevor playing with his cake

  Trevor and Martina with the cake All wind and puff   Martina cuts the cake  

It was not all eating and drinking
There was a serious game of skittles in progress

  Barry skittles   Chris skittles  

And the Winners?

  John Davies skittles winner   Jean was second 3rd Roger from the Vic  

In first place, as ever,
was John Davies
In 2nd place
was Jean
And in 3rd place making a guest
appearance from the Vic was Roger

Below a few more photos taken on the evening

  Chris and Barry   Gill and Darrell Trevor  
  Mr and Mrs Wilson  
Trevoe Garfield

My Favourite Photo
of the Evening

This photo is a great
example of the man
who not only has his
cake but is about
to eat it.

A great statesman pose
Trevor, which, of course
can only be achieved by
a man of advancing years

Thanks for a great evening


Happy Birthday
old timer!!