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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Pre- Christmas Drink at the Coach House inn
  The Coach House Locking  

It was decided that we should have a pre-Christmas drink
at the Coach House Inn, Locking,
and a good proportion of the Banwell B.C. turned up.
I took my small pocket sized camera with me to get a few low light snaps of people enjoying themselves, so here we go

Chick pictured oozing charm with the ladies, while Paul Wilfan is completely mesmerised by Chick's words of wisdom.
Yes OK a bit Over the Top, and yes, I will agree that Paul is frequently on another planet !!

  Yawn !!!   Yawn !!  

Is it the beer that is sending everyone to sleep, or is it just the conversation?


Well everyone had a good time, so much so, that Trevor has been asked to organise a pub night
before that next season starts. He is looking at some time in February and is thinking of including
games of darts and skittles and perhaps some scampi or chicken thrown in for good measure.
So keep watching this space. But in the meantime:

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Provisional Dates 2018

Below are a few dates for your diary

  Saturday 14th April Presidents Day  
  Sunday 13th May Open Day  
  Monday 14th May Umbrella Starts  
  Saturday 2nd June Triples 1st & 2nd rounds plus food  
  Saturday 16th June Triples semi final & final  
  Sunday 15th July Rinks Day  
  Sunday 29th July Fund Raising Day  
  Saturday 8th September Finals Day  
  Saturday 15th September Captains Day  
  Friday 16th November AGM  

Derek Walker admitted to hospital
  Derek Walker

Derek Walker admitted
to hospital

I have just been given the news that club member
Derek Walker has been admitted to hospital
in Weston-s-Mare.

He has contacted a 'Gout' like affliction which has
affected around 90% of the joints in his body
So he is in considerable pain.

We don't know long he will have to remain in hospital
but we wish him a speedy recovery

He is in the Hutton Ward if you fancy a visit

Some cosmetic changes to the periphery of the bowls green

Tree is removed from the periphery of the bowls club


My roving Banwell reporter, Pete Shipton sent me a couple of photos of the cutting down of the
fir tree which was situated right on the edge of the bowls club
Above how it looked before

And so the Lumber Jacks went to work
Below shows the process of taking down the tree


And below the treeless view of the bowls club


I suppose you could say that the workers involved put in a 'Tree-mendous' amount of effort with this project !!

Jimmy Laurent admitted to hospital
Jimmy Laurent

Jimmy Laurent admitted
to hospital
Latest Update

I have just been updated on the condition of Jimmy Laurent.
Mal Laycock popped into Kewstoke Ward to see how he was getting on
and this is his report:

"Looks a lot better than he did last week.
At the moment he is sitting up in a chair, but still breathless.
Not sure how long he will be in for, could be some time".



Indoor Match - North Petherton - 28th October
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Mo MIllard
M. Davies
Won 22 shots to 12
Lost 10 shots to 42
Won 25 shots to 12

Result: Banwell 57 shots - North Petherton 66 shots

An interesting game to say the least - while the outside rinks
progressed smoothly to satisfying victories,
Rink 2 in the middle floundered along going nowhere

It was noticed that Paul Wilfan was prodding the electronic
score board controls muttering

"This thing is not working
it is not putting scores on our side"

He was gently led away and it was quietly explained to him
that to get a score on our side of the board they had to get
the Banwell wood's closer to the little white bowl than
North Pethertons wood's, only then would a score appear on our
side of the board.

"Right got it" said Paul

and promptly put his wood in the ditch !!


Latest Goings On
Mo and Graham MIllard

Mo and Graham Millard
feature in the
Weston Mercury

Mo and Graham MIllard along with two
other St.Andrews players popped down
to the TLH complex in Torquay
and took part in the
TLH Leisure resort Autumn Bowls Festival

And what do you know? They won it
Well done you two

2017 Dinner and Presentation Evening - Worlebury Golf Club
The Top Table

Dinner and Presentation
Evening - 2017
With Guests
of Honour
Ken and Hilary Leamon

The Banwell Bowls Club Dinner and Presentation
evening was once again a rip roaring success.
The Two Presidents both produced sparkling speeches
As did the gentleman in the white coat and bow tie
(No he was not selling ice creams) our Master of Ceremonies
Alan Cockayne, who also had the listenening ensemble
in fits of laughter
The Somerset President gives his speech
Barry Taylor President Banwell BC Ken Leamon President SCBA The two Presidents Alan Cockayne - Master of Ceremonies

The evening went on in fine style, and as I said the speeches were first class,
the presentation of trophies went off faultlessly
And the raffle broke all records for speed
(Instructions from the President "Eh oop son don't hang around with the raffle")

Below are a a sprinkling of photos of the evening
If you are not featured - sorry - better luck next time

The Winscombe Men
A warm welcome to our friends
from WInscombe - always nice
to see you, and, it also gives
Barry Taylor an opportunity to mention the Parrott Shield Competition
In his speech
The winscombe Ladies

Below are just a few of the Presentation Photos - not all I am afraid as the 'Law of Dimishing returns' sets in during the evening
Law of diminishing returns? Well as the intake of malt whisky increases so the incidence of sensible camera focusing diminishes.
If you are not featured it is because you have been reduced to a blurry mess - sorry


Just a few photos of people enjoying the evening


And finally - Tongue in cheek.......

Ken Leamon

Thanks very much for being our guest of
honour Ken - But wait a minute... that's not
a paparazzi photo of Ken having 40 winks
during President Barry Taylor's speech.

Surely not - Perish the thought - unthinkable -
implausable - beyond belief

What's that Ken - My chances of being
picked for the Middleton Cup Squad
have now gone right out of the window


Thanks from everyone
at Banwell for a really good evening

End of 2017 Season - Green Renovation

End of season green renovation work is now being carried out on the green
Below is a report and some photos from Paul Aldus


"This week the green has undergone quite an amount of work in order to
renovate and continue to improve it. Autumn is the only time that bowling
green's can be renovated and repaired  in any meaningful way.
So this is the time of year for any major work to be undertaken .

Feedback from the membership was that the main issue this year had been the
speed of the green. It was too slow and heavy during the wet periods, so
this year's autumn renovation work has prioritised this issue. This has
meant focusing on the removal of thatch, the layer of dead and decaying
organic matter on the surface of the green. 

included in this year's
renovation work is:
Weedkiller (herbicide) a fungicide and moss killer was sprayed on to
the green last week.
A deep scarification in 2 directions was undertaken  to remove

The green was then reseeded.
A top dressing of three tons was then spread over the green. 
The top dressing was used to level out some of the worst uneven edges. 
This was then brushed in to  the green, which amongst other things ,
assists the likely hood of the seed germinating.

Later in November we will undertake deep solid tining using a
tractor (usually referred to as verti-draining). 
Additionally, from the first week in October a greens working party will be
renewing and raising the edging boards along the whole length of the far end
of the green. Subsequently the turf at that end will be cut, rolled back and
packed in order to bring it level again
and prevent the bowls from running off as they do now.

Furthermore a group of volunteers will be undertaking the removal of both
the wormcasts and brushing the dew off the green on a daily basis throughout
the close season. This is essential to promote a healthy green. Anyone who
feels they may be able to assist with this please let me (Paul Aldus) or
another member of the committee know."

And finally right: President Barry Supervising the whole project
in typical President Barry style

Charlie Williams 100 years celebration

Charlie Williams
100th Birthday
Celebrations at
Banwell Bowls

What an absolutely splendid afternoon we had to celebrate Charlie Williams's forthcoming century.
Charlies family and friends, were all there, the County sent a rink to take part in the bowls match
as did Clarence, Victoria and Ashcombe, and there was a good turnout from the Banwell members

This, along with a buffet fit for a king, and a warm sunny afternoon made the perfect afternoon.

The Team from Ashcombe The team from Victoria The team from Clarence The County team

The Achcombe Rink

The Victoria Rink

The Clarence Rink

The County Rink
  Charlie directs Charlie Bowls
Even approaching
the grand old
age of 100,
Charlie can still
deliver a bowl
  Charlie and his family   The Presentation  


Thanks to everyone who turned up to make
the day a success. Also a big thank you to
all those people who worked in the background
with the food preparation and running the bar etc.,

Charlie it was both a privilege and a pleasure
to present you with your blue glass decanter
not only for the celebration of your birthday,
but in recognition for everything
you have done for the club
over many years

Congratulations Charlie

JOhn AMos Presents Charlie with his decanter