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The Umbrella Competition - an exciting finish

A nail-biting end
to the Umbrella Competition

During the season we have had a really good turnout on a Monday
for the Umbrella Competition with 3/4 rinks being used each week.

With only one week to go, statisically, up to 10 players have a
chance of winning the trophy. Down to the wire indeed?

Don't forget the last Monday ( 20th Aug) is fancy dress evening
if you wish to do so. Also bring a plate of food for the party afterwards.

See you all on the evening

Bingo Down at the Pond

Once again the bingo faithful gathered in the clubhouse for their twice a year fix.

Trevor Garfield was in full swing
"A duck with a crutch....Two fat ladies, wobble wobble.....5&9 the Brighton line,
and other bingo linguistic phrases, which along with some truly awful bottom of the barrel jokes kept everyone happy.

Below are just a few snaps of people
taken during the evening. I did get a really grotesque picture of Alan Cockayne
devouring a ham roll, but decided not to
publish as the poor man is under a lot of
pressure these days
  The Bar Staff  

And then there were the winners

I don't know about you, but is it the same old faces that win the fat prizes?

Some people get desperate when they cannot even win one line.
One person, who shall be nameless... well alright, it was Martina Garfield, and she was
so anguished to win a cheap Morrison's bottle of wine,that even though the
line had been won and the 'full house' was in progress, she shouted 'Line' in the
hope that nobody would notice, and a bottle of wine would come her way.

"Fat Chance' Martina, your husband Trevor is too shrewd to let you get away with that.
Martina was duly reprimanded, shown the yellow card and told to get on with it.
Better luck next time Martina

Martina Garfield  
  Winner Margaret Cunningham Tony HYde  

All that remains for me to do is thank everyone who worked hard to make the evening a success
To all the people who turned up for a most enjoyable evening and last but not least to
Trevor Garfield for his bingo calling, organisation and his rotten jokes !!

Annual Presentation and Dinner 2018
Alan Cockayne

Banwell Bowls Club
Annual Dinner and
Presentation Evening

Worlebury Golf Club
Saturday 27th October 2018
7.00pm for 7.30pm

The 2018 Dinner and Presentation Evening will take place
at the Worelbury Golf club on Saturday 27th October 2018
Please arrive around 7.00pm for seating at 7.30pm

A copy of the menu is shown below and there is also a copy on the
notice board in the clubhouse

The price is £20 per person,the same as last year

If you will be attending, please put your names on the list
complete with your choice of starter, main course and dessert.

Please pay the treasurer John Davies ASAP
but no later than the 13th October

First Course

Tomato and Roasted Pepper Soup
Prawn Cocktail
Melon and Parma Ham, passion fruit coulis

Main Course

Lamb Shank, minted jus
Chicken in Garlic, tarragon & White Wine Sauce
Fresh Fillet of Hake, capers and shallot butter sauce
Vegetable nut roast

All served with Seasonal Vegetables & Roasted New Potatoes


Chocolate and Baileys Cheesecake
Apple and berry Crumble
Fruit salad brandy snap basket with gin sorbet
Cheese & Biscuits

Etiquette Evening, Presented by Mike Davies

Mike Davies and
his Etiquette Evening

  MIke Davies in the clubhouse  

A good turnout of new and not so new members gathered at the bowls club
to hear Mike Davies impart his knowledge on a whole range of subjects
which are covered by that word "Etiquette"
Mike, spent a good hour and a half explaining to club members the way things
should be done and the best and correct way to do it.

There were many questions asked... What if....How do you....If this happens.....?

To which MIke gave the answers in his quiet authoriative manner.

A really useful evening, so thanks very much MIke

  Gerry Bean Bowls MIke shows to correct way to measure  
MIsc Observations

Internal Competitions

Getting towards the end. Some members have already claimed a place in the finals
To see who is doing what, click on "Internal Comp" above

League news

Are the 'A' team safe and will they continue in Premier 2 next year?
What about the 'B' team, how are they doing?
for latest results and league tables, click on "League News" above

Overheard in the clubhouse

The scene: The 'A' team have just won on all three rinks and amassed 12 points.
The Hon Sec Chris Wilson electonically sends the results and blue card off to county

Great win, I think I will text John Amos and see how the 'B' team got on.
Another Club member leans over and says "The 'B' team do not have a match this week
and John Amos is sitting over there, he has been watching the "A' team match.

"What, over there, Oh yes, see your point, you are right. Won't bother then, no point",
and put his mobile away. Wonderful what a good 'A' team win can do to a club secretary !!

Fund Raising and Charity Day - A Great success

Fund Raising and Charity Day
A Good Day had by all

Well I thought it went off rather well.
The early wind and rain abated and we had a dry day
for all the goings on.

For a more detailed report on the day with all
it's ups and downs and educated nonsense
click on:

"Charity Day" above

Mal Laycock retires from the NHS at Weston Hospital
  Mal Laycock

Mal Laycock Retires (Again)

Congratulations to Mal Laycock who has recently retired.(Again)

In an interview with me Mal told me that,

"Yes my job was frighfully important
to the hospital but I thought that this was the right time to go "

"I shall be able spend more time at my allotment and at the bowls club"

And his wife Chris?

She informed me, while raising her eyes to heaven that:
"When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income."

A hospital spokesman said that they were looking forward to
considerably reducing the income spent on staff cups of tea,
and that the wheel chair they had permantly on standby can
now be returned to operational duties !!

Happy Retirement Mal (Again)

The Hot Shot Boys
  Hot Shot

The Hot Shot Boys

Congratulations to John Davies, Barry Taylor
Trevor Garfield and Trevor Burnett on
achieving a HOT SHOT in the
'A' team league victory at Williton

"Way to go lads"

North Somerset Knockout Cup - so near and yet so far

Banwell out of the North Somerset Knockout Cup
One shot makes all the difference

Yes people - one shot - which of course means we do not go through to the final.
There were cries of anguish and the 'If only' phrase was widely used.
'If only their skip had not wicked in to take shot at the nth end'
'If only we had scored one more shot in the game'
If only.....If only.....
But it was not to be, but well played anyway lads

At the start of the game Phil Villis and his rink were 14 - 0 down after 6 ends
and it was not looking good, but give them their dues, with motivational war cries
from Phil Villis, such as

" Yor TOO igh"and "
"No No yoo got to bee up"
"No No too much weight"

they fought back to win on their rink

John Davies and his rink took the extra end, and I got the impression
that rinks still playing were unaware of how close the game was.
So that could be something to look at for the future.

  Chris Wilson Bowls Vic McArdell bowls  
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Won 22 shots to 16
Lost 17 shots to 33
Won 22 shots to 14
Lost 17 shots to 21
Won 24 shots to 19

Result: Banwell 102 shots - Clevedon Prom 103 shots

Banwell retain the Parrott Shield
  Mike Amos bowls

Banwell Retain
Parrott Shield

Trevor Burbett bowls  

Banwell finished the 1st leg of the Parrott Shield with an advantage of 14 shots
But experienced players knew that this was a very precarious lead in this competition,
and so it turned out to be.

From the start it was nip and tuck throughout the game, with each side gaining
the upper hand, but after a long and hard fought match, Banwell emerged the winners
with a 7 shot lead over the two matches.
Commiserations to WInscombe, who won the game on the night, so near and yet so far.
And well done to the Banwell team on returning the shield to its rightful spot over our bar.

During the game I wandered around the peripherally of the green, taking a few pictures
So below are just a few of them !!

  Chris Wilson Phil Villis Lee Pheasant  

It would appear that there was a lot of shouting and arm waving !!

  Graham Neville Mike Davies and Lee Pheasant John Wright  

There were long sessions of extreme concentration and deliberation

  The Banwell Groupies The Winscombe Groupies
And then of course
there were the
Banwell and Winscombe
  Paul Fredersdorff gives a speech

And so to the speeches.

Captain Paul in full flow
(notice the effect it has on
the two Banwell Players on
the right of the photo)

Phil Villis also in full flow
Click on the photo to get
a better look at his smug
facial expression

Phil Villis  

And finally to the presentation of the trophy

  Winscombe President presents the trophy Barry Taylor Barry Taylor  

WInscombe President Lesley Fredersdorff presents
the trophy to Banwell President Barry Taylor

" Eh ooops lads and eee by gum, this is right grand int'it"
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Lost 20 shots to 22
Lost 17 shots to 29
Won by 21 shots to 17
Lost by 14 shots to 17
Won by 24 shots to 18

Match Result: Winscombe 103 shots - Banwell 96 shots
Banwell had a first leg advantage of 14 shots.
And so win the competition by 7 shots

Rinks Day 2018
  Harry Woodards bowls

Rinks Day

Alan Cockayne bowls  

It was a glorious day, with hot sunshine throughout the competition. OK so we did gather just a little bit on the early side
just in case the England Football Team were successful in making it into the final. But everyone was happy with the early start,
except, of course a certain Chick Coffin who was not used to rising at such an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning. But we talked to him slowley and pointed him in the right direction when he bowled and he was fine.


The preliminary rounds took place in the Morning and the first part of the afternoon
and eventually we came down to just two teams who would fight it out in the final

In the meantime Alan Vickery had gone out and purchased himself some new shoes
Sue his wife refused to allow him on the green in his old battered shoes
dispite his pleads "That they were comfortable"
And she told him in no uncertain terms that he was not going to look like
an ageing hippy by playing in his sandals

So as you can see in the photos he may look a bit battered but his shoes are gleaming white

  Alan's new shoes

Alan Vickery and
his new shoes

Very Smart !!

Alan and his new shoes  

But at the end of the day there has to be one winning team and one team as runner up.
So congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the runners up.
It was a splendid day so thanks must go to MIke Davies and Hilary Guckian
who took care of the administration and organisation of the day.
So well done everyone

  Rinks Winners

Terry Brice. Lee Pheasant
Hilary Guckian and Dave Mabbutt

Runners Up
Harry Woodards, Leigh Bean
Kim Burgess and Tony Hyde

Rinks Runners Up  
News updates - Odds and Sods

Is this a rare photo?

Could this hastily snapped photo become
a collectors item, will it be worth thousands
of pounds when we are gone?

Who knows, but I was so taken aback
when I saw Barry on the wrong side of the
bar, and, washing glasses that I had to record
this event for posterity.

But do not worry, kindly folk led him
gently back to the correct side of the bar
and after a medicinal pint of Ansells
he was back to his old self.

Should we keep this photo?

The jury is out !!


Barry Taylor behind the bar