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Forthcoming attractions for your diary

Coming Attractions

Below is a list of forthcoming attractions
So put them in your diary and support the club



Dinner and Presentation Evening

Alan Cockayne

Word is trickling through to me that the
Dinner and Presentation Evening
Will take place on Saturday 21st October 7pm for 7.30pm

The venue will be, as last year - The Worlebury Golf Club.
Tickets, I believe, will be around £20 per head

Secretary Chris will be pinning a confirmation notice on the club
notice board , for you to append your names


Ladies v Men Match

Friday 25th August
Commencing at 6.15pm

Note: We would like to get this match started
promply at 6.15pm, so make sure
you get to the green in plenty of time.

We will try to complete 12 ends depending on the light
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Carol Broomhall
Cath Heal
Jill Bishop
Gordon Hollier
Mike House
John Amos
Martina Garfield
Jane Owen
Karen Smith
Maurice Finch
Graham Spittles
Paul WIlfan
Sue Taylor
Pauline Mabbutt
Jan Davies
Mo MIllard
Richard Taylor
Dave Mabbutt
Alan Cockayne
Chick Coffin
Reserve: Richard Villis

Umbrella, Last Evening - Fancy Dress and Food

The Last Umbrella Night
Monday 21st August

The last Umbrella evening is by tradition a fancy dress evening,
with everyone supplying an "American Supper" ie you all bring along
one plate of grub. So make a note in your diary

You do not have to be playing in the Umbrella to come and join in
All we ask is that you bring a plate of food - see you on the evening


Bingo Evening - Friday 1st September


We will be holding a bingo night on Friday 1st September, commencing at 7.30pm

I Need to know the numbers of people attending,
following the poor response to the quiz night which had to be cancelled.

There will be a notice in the cubhouse so please add your name to the list if you wish to attend ASAP
This will be the last social event of the the year so please make and effort to attend

Trevor Garfield

Disaster at Victoria
  Blank card at Victoria

The mysterious case
of the blank scorecard

Well not the best of nights for certain people.
Venue: Victoria
Weather: Fine
Game result: Best not talk about this one

The Captain dished out the cards to the four skips
and informed them of the order of play
Two's would do the scoring

Now as it happened we had two new members John Wright and Mac Kirby
who were playing their first game and were both playing at No 2.

Anyway to cut a long story short
Skip Barry Taylor gave the card to Mac in his usual fashion
"Eh Oooop son this is yours" and then pushed off to the other end of the green,
completely forgetting to tell Mac what he had to do with this card.
Meanwhile on the adjacent rink a disaster was unfolding
which made the sinking of the Titanic look like a sideshow.
(Click on 'Friendly matches' to see see just how big a disaster it was)
So the filling out of the card was overlooked

The Captain (Who was part of the unfolding disaster) and somewhat grumpy
promply fined skip Barry Taylor £1 in the 'Victoria Pig'
for bad communication skills, lack of a training programme and
a total lack of leadership qualities.
Which of course did not change the result, but made the
grumpy Captain feel a lot better !!


Darrell and the Hat

The scene is the mixed friendly at Winscombe on Sunday
The talking point is "Darrell's Hat"
It appears that Darrell had forgotten his hat and the sun was burning his head
JD offered to lend him one (Lord knows where JD got hold of such a specimen of headgear)
So there you have it - the story of Darrell and the hat

  Darrell and his hat

Where did you get that hat?
Where did you get that tile?
Isn't it a nobby one,
and just the proper style?
I should like to have one
Just the same as that!"
Where'er I go, they shout
"Hello! Where did you get that hat?”
Darrell and the hat  
A Successful Fundraising Day


A Successful
Fund Raising Day

For a potted report
plus a few photos

Click on "Charity Day" above

Stop Press

The Friends of Weston Hospital have written to the club to adivse us that they raised £132 on Sunday. They have expressed thier thanks to Banwell Bowling Club for inviting them to our fund raising day. This sum of money will go towards the new scanner appeal



Banwell hit the Headlines in the Weston Mercury

Banwell Hit
the Headlines

A nice write up in the Thursday July 27th
edition of the Weston Mercury.

After our Defeat/Victory in the
2nd leg of the Parrott Shield
a report, plus photo was sent to the
sports desk of the Weston Mercury

And what do know?
Headlines and a picture of
president Barry Taylor
with the shield.

Good publicity for the club

Banwell retain the Parrott Shield

Banwell Retain the Parrott Shield

Banwell retain the Parrott Shield once again having also won it the previous two years.
It was a damp old evening with bursts of heavy rain which had the players scampering for the clubhouse.
After our stunning win at Winscombe, the fortunes were reversed with Winscombe
winning the game by 106 shots to Banwell's 88 shots, but the 48 shot lead
built up on the first game was to come in very handy.
And the net result? Banwell take the shield by 30 shots over the two games

  Barry Taylor with the Shield


Banwell President
Barry Taylor
full flow after being
presented with
the Shield


Winscombe President
Lesley Fredersdorff
Presents the shield to
Barry Taylor

The Shield Presentation  
Barry Taylor speech The Clubhouse Lesley Fredersdorff Winscombe President

After the match I had a quick chat with Winscombe President Lesley Fredersdorff
and, amongst other things,she told me that she had been playing bowls for
approx 10 years and had previously been Vice Captain and Captain of the ladies side
before being appointed as President of Winscombe Bowling Club.
It was good to see you at Banwell, Lesley

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Lost 11 shots to 22
Lost by 12 shots to 25
Lost by 14 shots to 24
Won by 29 shots to 18
Won by 22 shots to 17

Result: Banwell 88 shots - Winscombe 106 shots (An overall win for Banwell by 30 shots)

An enthralling tale of the President, the Cabbage and the bottle of Bushmills Malt Whisky

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I will begin

Picture the scene - the Rinks Competition has long since finished
and I find myself once again in the clubhouse with President Barry.
enjoying a few late night drinks
Alongside me is my long suffering chauffeur for the night Mike Amos
who is totally cheesed off drinking Coke all night, and a bar person
who's name escapes me, wishing we would all push off so he can lock up

Finally we make a move, and Barry is offered a lift home, which is accepted.
We draw up outside the Presidents house and he turns to me and says:

"Would you like to come in and see my cabbage?
"Sorry Barry but did you say, come and look at my cabbage?" I reply tentatively
"Ehh right, cabbage,all mine, pretty big"

Barry and the cabbage

So we all troop into Barry's house, past a bewildered Carole
who is preparing dinner and out into the greenhouse.
And yes there was a cabbage growing there. Now I am not
an expert on cabbages but it did indeed look large.

"Good Eh?" said Barry
And then came those imortal words

"We must have a drink"

Barry departs and returns with a bottle of 10 year old
Bushmills Malt. I am suitabley impressed.

"Eeeh by gum I have had this bottle in my cupboard for 19 years"
"Good grief Barry, you have had a 10 year old malt in a cupboard for 19 years"
I shake my head in disbelief.

Part two : The disaster of a 10 year old malt kept in a cupboard for 19 years

The shot cork

If this situation had been experienced by William Shakespeare
he would have based his"Comedy of Errors" on just the simple
task of opening a bottle of Bushmills 10 year old Malt

All you connoiseurs of Bushmills Malt will know the bottle
comes with a cork and a round headed top to extract that cork.

Yes you have guessed correctly. Because in his wisdom
the President had kept this bottle for 19 years, the head became detached
from the cork and the crumbling cork
was left stuck in the bottle

Fast forward 15 minutes - the remains of the cork
had been savagely attacked leaving pieces of cork all over the table
and floating in the whisky. But we had drilled down far enough
to reach the golden "uisce beatha"

To cut a long story short
Barry was dispatched to obtain a tea strainer
The whiskey was poured and we enjoyed the
fruits of our exertions

Who says we don't live in exciting times

Pouring through a tea stainer