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Schedule of events in Banwell remembering the end of the First World War

Events Planned in Banwell to remember
the end of the first world war

Saturday 10th November

A remembrance meal will be held at the Village Hall
Including guest speakers and music from that time

There will be only 100 tickets available for this event

For more details


Kath Edwards 01934 822919

Sunday 11th November

Events will include:
Village Parade and Church Service of remembrance
Laying of wreaths at the memorial
The carrying of 18 placards remembering those from the village who perished
We would like the children of the village to carry these placards
Arrival from 1815hrs and lighting of the beacon at 1900hrs

There will be a ringing of church bells and a lighting of 1000 beacons across the land

Captain's Day September 2018

Your Captain for 2018 was Phil Villis

  Phil VIllis Bowls  

Delightfully smooth, elegant and graceful when in action

  Phil Villis Phil Villis Phil VIllis PHil Hoovers  

A man of few words, but delivered in a strong,vigorous and forceful manner

But only if the room is spotlessly clean
Everyone was in a happy and cheerful mood

  Chick Coffin Paul Wilfan President Barry Taylor  
The Boys in blue were "over the moon"
It was a joint team effort,involving much planning.
And surprise surprise they delivered themselves,
to the right place at the right time

And the President? Well he was in a wild frenzied and happy mood thanks to the price of the beer

  Mike Amos at the bar

A fine and upstanding
team of barman were on hand
tp serve the thirsty customers

And Talking of the beer prices
The Bar was a busy place where the weak, if they were not careful
were trampled under foot

  Chris Wilson and the malt whisky JD enjoying a pint Kevin Gibbons buys beer in bulk  

Barman Chris attends to the needs of John Amos who insists that the last drop of the rapidly diminishing malt whisky gets into his glass
The treasurer JD enjoys
a well earned pint
after a busy season
Kevin Gibbons gives advice
on how to 'bulk buy' your drinks
  Margaret Cunningham

It was good to see some
of Banwell's older members
at Captain's Day,

Margaret Cunningham who turned 85 a couple of weeks ago

Charlie Williams who will be 101 next month


Charlie Williams  

But star of the show has to be the Vice Captain and his speech.
Fresh from his crash course at RADA he arose and delivered his speech
Such passion, such fervour.
Feelings and emotions flowing effortlessly
in a polished performance

A touch of Laurence Olivier I think........Or was it Frankie Howard?..........Hmm hard to tell !!

  Hilary and his speech Hilary and his speech Hilary and his speech Hilary and his speech  

And finally a few photos to finish up with

  Mike House Spider winner Terry Brice Phil Phillis Cath Heal  
Mike House
and his crisps
Spider Winner
Terry Brice
A litle OTT
I think Captain

The sultry
Cath Heal
adding a little glamour into the proceedings


Well that's another season of bowls over....An enjoyable and reasonably successful season I think
Thanks for a great Captain's day Phil and to all those people who helped out.

See you all at the Dinner and Presentation Evening ( Don't forget to bring a raffle prize)

Phil VIllis makes it four wins out of five in the 2018 internal competitions
  2 wood singles champion Phil Villis

Phil Villis wins 4 out of 5
in the 2018 Internal Competitions

Congratulations to Captain Phil Villis
on ending the 2018 season with
4 championship wins to his name.
It was touch and go with the 2 wood singles.
He awoke on the day of the match with
swollen ankles and as a result
was to concede the match. But after
discussions it was agreed to play
it on the Sunday after Captains Day.
A Late photo of the Open Pairs Winners

Open Pairs Champions  
Banwell team in top 4 of the Winscombe Floodlit Competition


Banwell Team Come 4th in
Winscombe Floodlit Competition

Congratulations to Vic McArdell/Mike House,
Harry Woodards, Alan Vickery and
Chris Wilson, on coming in at 4th Position
in the recent Winscombe Floodlit Competition.

I understand they picked up the
the sum of £75 for the efforts


Above: Alan Vickery with the Winscombe President
plus the the Sponsors Orriss and Low
Photo: Ken Whatling Winscombe B.C.

President Barry and his cabbage hit the headlines in the Weston Mercury
Weston Mercury September 13th 2018
Barry and his cabbage

Barry Taylor and his cabbage

Banwell President Barry Taylor carried on with his infatuation,
and love affair with large vegetables.

Once again he exhibited his monster size cabbage
in the Banwell Gardening Club's Horticultural Show
And once again he is featured in the Weston Mercury.

As the Banwell Gardening Chairman Tom Couch commented

"Barry Taylor had a large cabbage you could not get two arms around"

So congrats on your success Barry and keep up the good work

A photo of Barry and his cabbage
(For those unsure, Barry is the one on the left)

Internal Competition Results - 2018

Internal Competition Results - 2018

  Is the jack up?

The weather was kind to us for the three days
allocated for the 2018 Internal championship matches

The Rinks, Triples and Umbrella competitiions had already been played
but are listed along with all the rest of the results below.

Just a couple of blips.....No photo of the Open Pairs winners as the new 2018 men's singles champion forgot to bring the trophy in on the day
Poor old Phil Villis woke up on Sunday morning to find that his ankels
had swollen up and he had no choice but to concede the
men's two wood final to opponent John Davies
(No photo of the winner with the trophy)




Runners Up

Men's Singles
Men'sChampion John Davies
John Davies
Mens Championship Runner up Mike Davies
Mike Davies
Ladies Singles
Cath Heal Ladies Club Champion
Cath Heal
Ladies Championship - Runner Up Martina Garfield
Martina Garfield
Two Wood
Phil Villis
John Davies

Runner up two wood singles
Graham MIllard
Phil Villis
Phil Villis Handicap Winner
Phill Villis
Leigh Bean runner up Handicap
Leigh Bean
Two Wood
Men's 2 wood pairs winners
Alan Vickery
Vic McArdell
2 Wood Pairs Runners Up Chris Wilson and Gerry Bean

Gerry Bean
Chris Wilson
Ladies Pairs Winners, Joy Lane and Martina Garfield

Joy Lane
Martina Garfield
Sue Taylor and Pam Kirby Ladies Pairs Runners Up
Sue Taylor
Pam Kirby
Leigh Bean and Phill Villis Men's Pairs Winners
Leigh Bean
Phil Villis
Men;s Pairs Runners Up Paul WIlfan and Chris Wilson
Paul WIlfan
Chris Wilson
Phill Villis
Mike Davies
Open Pairs Runners Up, Kim Burgess and Trevor Burnett
Kim Burgess
Trevor Burnett
Novices winner - John Amos
John Amos
Novices Runner Up - Pauline Mabbutt
Pauline Mabbutt
Dave Mabbutt - Beginners Competition
Dave Mabbutt
Beginners Runner Up - John Wright
John Wright

Rinks and Triples competitions played Earlier in the year, plus the Umbrella Competition

Triples Winners
John Davies
Mac Kirby
Alan Cockayne
Triples Runners Up John Amos, Pauline Mabbutt and Barry Taylor
John Amos
Pauline Mabbutt
Barry Taylor
Rinks winners
Terry Brice
Lee Pheasant
Hilary Guckian
Dave Mabbutt

Runners Up Rinks Day
Harry Woodards
Leigh Bean
Kim Burgess
Tony Hyde
Umbrella Winner Graham Spittles
Graham Spittles

And so endeth another successful season of internal Competitions
A big thank you to Mike Davies and his team for all his hard work
in organising the project from start to finish.

And to finish up, a few pics taken on the day
Not all by me I hasten to add....

Eh Ooop ! Its hard work this
presenting trophies lark,
40 winks I think

Must improve my kissing
technique.A quick practice while
no body is watching
Oh Come on Leigh,
it's not that bad,
You are a big boy now
Hark,Is that
Phil Villis
I hear...?
So melodious !!
The Ladies v Gents annual match

It all started off very well, the game was played very competitively and in the right spirit.
The Ladies team were the trophy holders having won the last encounter, and the men
were determined to win the trophy on this occasion.
And it came to pass that the game was over with the men having won the game,
when the photographer (Who will not be named in case of being sued) suggested a photo of both teams.

An innocuous statement I hear you say what could possibly go wrong?

  The Ladies Team

First, the picture was taken
of the ladies team. Good isn't it
Butter would not melt in their mouths
such sweet young things.

Then the question was asked....

"I wonder if one of you ladies would
take a picture of the men's team".

A simple question, but one that would
cause bedlam on the green with
world war three just around the corner


Now to most people taking a photo with a modern camera is child's play, what could possibly go wrong.
So a crash course in which button to press, the men arranged neatly, and we were off.....
or so we all thought !

Below are three of the many lopsided, out of focus photos taken in the first 15 minutes
(In some the men do not appear at all !! )

And then the Ladies got bored with taking pictures of the men's team
So decided to take photos of themselves instead.

The Men's team

A reasonable picture of the men's team was eventually taken
but at considerable cost...

The knee of the organiser is now locked after kneeling for half an hour
and he was last seen being carried off - crab like - towards the clubhouse.
I am told it will be touch and go if he will ever walk in a straight line again.And it looks likely he spend the rest of his life walking around in circles.

As for the photographer, he has, after much effort, successfully removed
the lipstick from the lens, the false finger nail from the action button
and the mascara from the viewfinder.

He was last seen, in the clubhouse, being
resuscitated with multiple club doubles, and
is expected to make a complete recovery

Great Day Girls !!

Kevin Gibbons and Pam Fisher announce their engagement
  Laugharne Castle  

Think Laugharne Castle
Think Dylan Thomas
Think of a love affair between
2 Banwell Bowlers

So what's this all about?

Well after the last Umbrella game of the season, we were all
sitting in the bar when Pam Fisher, looking resplendent in
her squaw outfit, leaned forward and showed us her new and
gleaming engagement ring and announced that Kevin
and herself had become engaged.

After the "Ooohs and Aaahs" had died down she told us that, it was
in the turret of Laugharne Castle that Kevin had gone down on one knee,
offered her the ring and proposed to her. She accepted.
Following that they went down to ground level to
a secluded park bench where Kevin produced a bottle of Champagne

There was not a dry eye in the Auditoriun.


Congratulations to you both
from everyone at the club

  Kevin and Pam  
Annual Presentation and Dinner 2018
Alan Cockayne

Banwell Bowls Club
Annual Dinner and
Presentation Evening

Worlebury Golf Club
Saturday 27th October 2018
7.00pm for 7.30pm

The 2018 Dinner and Presentation Evening will take place
at the Worelbury Golf club on Saturday 27th October 2018
Please arrive around 7.00pm for seating at 7.30pm

A copy of the menu is shown below and there is also a copy on the
notice board in the clubhouse

The price is £20 per person,the same as last year

If you will be attending, please put your names on the list
complete with your choice of starter, main course and dessert.

Please pay the treasurer John Davies ASAP
but no later than the 13th October

First Course

Tomato and Roasted Pepper Soup
Prawn Cocktail
Melon and Parma Ham, passion fruit coulis

Main Course

Lamb Shank, minted jus
Chicken in Garlic, tarragon & White Wine Sauce
Fresh Fillet of Hake, capers and shallot butter sauce
Vegetable nut roast

All served with Seasonal Vegetables & Roasted New Potatoes


Chocolate and Baileys Cheesecake
Apple and berry Crumble
Fruit salad brandy snap basket with gin sorbet
Cheese & Biscuits