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Misc Notes and Reminders

Bingo Night
Friday 26th May 2017
Commencing at 7.30pm

Dont forget the Bingo Session this coming Friday
If you have not put your name up on the board do it now!
And dont forget:
Please bring a raffle prize

Club Supper/Social Evening

THis year the annual BBQ is being replaced by a
Medium Curry or Fish and Chip Supper
for members and their families.

The food will be delivered to the clubhouse after the triples competition finishes around 6.30pm
If you would like a meal please complete the form in the clubhouse
and indicate your choice by Monday 29th May at the latest

Costs will be:
Medium Heat Chicken Curry £6.25
Medium Heat Veggie Curry £5.80
Fish Chips and mushy peas £6.00

Note: Match Rearranged

Note: Game Rearranged

PLease note that NSBA Cup match
versus Winscombe will now be played
at Winscombe on the Friday 9th June , 6.15pm start


Funeral Arrangements
Marie House

I have just been informed that the funeral
of Marie House, will take place at
Weston Crematorium on
2nd June, at 2.15pm

4D's result not available yet

4D's Result details
not yet available

Sorry but I do not have the details
of the 4D's match played at Victoria
earlier on this week.
However I have been informed
that we lost on all 4 rinks
Well we can now concentrate
on the league, as they say.

Note: The Away Match at Canford on Weds 17th May has been Cancelled

Please Note:
The match scheduled
away at Canford
on Weds 17th May
has been Cancelled
owing to a lack of
interest from the
Banwell Players

Canford match is cancelled
Misc News and Info

Reminder from the Competitions Secretary

Many of the internal competition games are required
to be played by the 9th June.
Bear this in mind and start making steps to complete
these games by this date.
Also look at the 'Fun Day' notice as this has been amended.

The Umbrella Competition gets underway

A good turnout on the first Umbrella Evening gave
this competition a good start. - for up to date
information click on the "Umbrella Comp" webpage


Up and coming social event for your diary - BINGO NIGHT is back
Next Bingo Session

Bingo Night
Friday 26th May 2017
Commencing at 7.30pm

Once again our social Secretary
Trevor Garfield has arranged a
fun packed and nail biting evening

Yes Bingo is Back

A game where numbers are called out
which always appear to have
been missed off your card!

So put this date in your diary
as a "Must Attend" item

Not to be missed

Equus Banwellious Asinus - Health and Welfare Report
Donkeys for Dummies

Concern for the Banwell Donkey
(Equus Banwellious Asinus)
Promps Investigation by the
Banwell B.C. Veterinary
sub commitee

Concern for the welfare of the
Banwell Donkey has been growing.
Club Members have noticed that there are
certain skips who show a negative attitude
to our four legged friend

At a recent meeting the committee under
the chaimanship of Harry Woodards
(Well he owns a dog, so is most qualified
for this position) decided to invest in a
book for club members (Left) and to
carry out spot checks to make sure
all is well with our donkey.

Below are the results of the latest spot check

A spot check was carried out on skip Darrell Johnston and the committee were pleased to note that he passed with flying colours

  Darrell and the donkey

The Committee were pleased
to note the following:

Left. Darrell transports the
Donkey to the Bathroom


Right. It enjoys a hot shower

The Donkey has a shower
  Blow Dry

Left A quick blow dry
after the hair wash


Right Ready for bed
(My but that nightie certainly
gets around)

Ready for bed
  In Bed

Left All tucked up in bed
(The donkey is the one in the middle)

Right The committee were impressed to note
that the Donkey is now potty trained

Well Done Darrell and Jill

Potty Trained
Tiverton Borough Bowls Club

Tiverton Borough B.C. have asked me to mention their club.
A little information for other clubs who visit our website

Banwell dropped in to play them on the way home and we found their green ideally located,
not only for a game of bowls but as a tourist site in a lovely setting for bowlers and non bowlers alike
Just above their ground is the Tiverton Basin of the Grand Western Canal where you will find
the Canal Shop, Tea Gardens, Canal Visitor Centre, Floating Café Bar and much more
Tiverton Town Centre is just 5 minutes walk from the Green.

So put it on your list of clubs to visit next time you go on tour

Bowls Tour to Barnstable 2017
On the green at Bideford

Successful Club Bowls Tour to Barnstable

Captain John in full flow

Well once again we had a really good time on the 2017 Club Tour.
This year we descended on Barnstable and stayed in the "Rock Park Hotel"
which was an excellent choice. A comfortable Hotel serving up top class food.
A great choice by our Tour Operator Graham Millard. Well done

We played three matches on tour losing two and winning one.
OK the weather could have been a little better, but when it rained it did not last long.
The final game at Tiverton was played in glorious sunshine, which was our only win.

So below are the the results, and a few photos of the long weekend.
A big thank you to Kevin Smith and Graham Millard who took control of
the camera when I was doing my Captain Bit.
Thanks lads, very much appreciated

  Jimmy on the green   IN the dining room   Hotel Dining Room   John Amos in competition with Mrs Brown

Rock Park B.C.- Saturday 29th April
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Jan Davies
Spud (Guest)
Lost 12 shots to 23
Won 23 shots to 14
Lost 10 shots to 23
Lost 14 shots to 23
Lost 14 shots to 25
Lost by 15 shots to 23
Result: Banwell 88 shots - Rock Park 131 shots
Bideford B.C. Sunday 30th April
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Jan Davies
M MIllard
Lost 18 shots to 24
Lost 13 shots to 20
Lost 12 shots to 18
Lost 15 shots to 23
Won 20 shots to 18
Drew16 shots each
Result: Banwell 94 shots - Bideford 119 shots
Tiverton Borough B.C. Monday 1st May
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Jan Davies
Won 20 shots to 13
Lost 13 shots to 19
Lost 19 shots to 27
Lost 15 shots to 17
Won 22 shots to 15*
Won 20 shots to14
Result: Banwell 109 shots - Tiverton Borough 105 shots
Winning Rink
Winning rink on countback
Donkey Rink

And now back to the photos

And behold there did cometh a donkey!!

Now it is a well know fact that the donkey drives normally sane skips into paranoid misfits.
Normal kind, motivational and caring skips change into snarling brutes,when the donkey is hovering on the horizon.
They then,commence to give their leads and two's a hard time if they are not within 2 inches of the jack.

Isn't that right Hilary?

Aubrey, it would appear that you got away lightly as I do not have a picture of your presentation
I remember seeing one but I appear to have lost it - but we will get you next time!


Finally a few misc photos of people doing their own thing
And if you want to know why some of you have a purple rinse
it is because of the mauve lighting in the dining room

Ann Wyatt Terry Brice Cath Heal Jenny Brice Terri Lewis
Chick Coffin JOhn and Jan Davies Jimmy Laurent Darrell and Harry Barry Taylor
Hailstones cut short the match at West Backwell

The 6 rink match at West Backwell started off in bright sunshine with very little wind.
and then on the 15th end we had one hell of a hailstone storm which drove everyone off the green.
Game abandoned - everyone in the bar.
Below, a few fuzzy photos, hastily taken as the hailstones bounced off my unprotected cranium

The weekend of the 22nd/23rd April - Winscombe friendly - and the riddle of Darrell and the nightie!!

The weather was perfect on the 22nd/23rd April where we had two friendly matches against Winscombe and Yatton
Both results were positive with good wins by Banwell - the skip of the moment has to be John Davies
who stormed to two fine wins with his rinks, scoring 31 and 30 shots in the games
Below are a few photos taken at the WInscombe match.

  Tony Hyde   Winscombe in shorts MIke Davies in action  
Tony Hyde bowls
Winscombe knees on display
Mike Davies in action

The riddle of Darrell and the little black nightie

  Darrell and the nightie

Now while the match was in progress, Darrell was chatting to Jill Bishop
and he just happened to mention to her that he had her nightie in his bowls bag.
Well there is nothing better for taking your mind off the game
than a little juicy gossip

"You what"? said Jill
"Yes thats right, in my bag" replied Darrell in his cheerful brummy accent
"I'll show you" and like a rabbit out of a bolt hole he was in
the changing room rummaging through his bag.
A horrified look came over Jill's face
"No, wait, Darrell, don't you dare , oh my god" she uttered

But she was too date, Darrell emerged from the changing
room displaying the little black number.
Now this leaves some questions to be answered

  • Is Darrell a secret cross dresser?
  • Did Darrell want a more exotic bowls cloth?
  • Did he apply grippo onto the nightie to get a "firmer grip"?
  • Or were they just getting friendly behind the pump house?
  • Nice nightie Jill !!

Answers on a post card please

Presidents Day - April 2017

Presidents Day - April 2017

  Group Photo 2017  

The 2017 season got underway with a successful 'Presidents Day'
President Barry, as usual, was in a sparkiling mood with a witty and entertaining speech
But before all the formalities we had the annual President's v Captain's game.
The weather was kind and the green started to take swing as the game progressed
So it looks like a good season all round.

Below are just a few photos of the day.
No bowling action shots I,m afraid as your
Ace Photographer was out on the green
popping his woods on the jack !

  The Presidents Speech   The President plus flowers   A Big Kiss  
Cath Heal wins the spider competition Captain Jimmy responds Terri Lewis with flowers Charlie Williams Graham MIllard
Winner of the Spider Competition, Cath Heal
Captain Jimmy Laurent
t responds to the Presidents Speech
Terri Lewis with
her flowers
Good to see Charlie Williams looking
fit and well
Graham MIllard in smiley mode
The president talks to the troops Problem Solving!! The Clubhouse The selction committee
The President talks
to the troops
Paul and JD solve
the world's problems
The selection
committee in full swing
And finally......The Cringeworthy Photo of the Day

  Barry's Donald Trump impersonation  

"Eh Ooop, Ow do ee like my Donald Trump Impersonation?"

Professional looking documents for the start of the new season
  New fixture books and cards  

New Fixture Books
and Score Cards
for the 2017 Season

Congratulations to Vice Captain Dean Robinson and Competitions Secretary Hilary Guckian on the design and production of the 2017 Club Hand books and
Score Cards.

Well done you two
a first class effort

Banwell's latest resident

Is 'George' guarding the Green?

A new resident has moved into Banwell in the shape of 'George'
a stunning graffiti artwork depicting a crouching soldier
in full kit holding a rifle.
The painting has been spray mounted onto a house in West Street
only yards from the village war memorial and overlooking our green
I understand permission was granted to the artist by the owners
of the house and the artwork was created
as a mark of respect to the armed forces.

It all happens in Banwell