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Triples semi finals and finals results

Triples, Semi Finals and Finals
Saturday 10th June

Dean Robinson Bowls Jill Bishop bowls John Rickerty bowls Barry Taylor Bowls

The two semi finals started promptly at 1pm and were played over 15 ends.
In both games it was nip and tuck and the result could have gone either way.
But after the 15 ends the two teams through to the final were:

Dave Mabbutt, Trevor Garfield and Hilary Guckian
Gerry Bean, Trevor Burnett and Harry Woodards.

In the final, (Over 18 ends) Hilary and his team stormed off and by
the 5th end were by 8 shots to nil up
But Harry and his team dug in and by the 16th end were leading 16-15.

But in the 17th end came the killer blow when Hilary and his team picked up a 5

The game ended Hilary and his team winning by 2 shots
So congrats to the winners and commiserations to the runners up

Along the way we were treated to a very theatrical and animated
display by the winning skip Hilary Guckian (Nice Knees Hilary)

  Hilary Guckian Hilary and Harry Hilary Guckian Hilary Guckian  

And then there were the spectators

  Spectators Spectators Spectators  

But in the end there could only be one winning team and one runners up team.
Result: Hilary Guckian and his team 20 shots - Harry Woodards and his team 18 shots
President Barry Taylor presented the trophy to the winners.
A good day all round

  The Runners Up The Trophy Presentation The winners  

The Runners Up

Gerry Bean, Trevor Burnett
and Harry Woodards

President Barry Taylor
Presents the trophy
to the winners
The winners
Trevor Garfield, Hilary Guckian
and Dave Mabbutt
Banwell eased out of the North Somerset Knockout Cup

Well, what a crcking game! It was an evening when the weather was kind,
the green played well and the banter was second to none.
The game was contested keenly, and it was nip and tuck all the way.
So much so, that the outcome rested on the last end of the last rink still playing.
Banwell had won the extra end and only needed to draw.
But the wily Tommy Ellis was not to be denied his moment of glory
and popped his last wood on the jack to pick up 2 shots
Game over!
Congrats to the Winscombe team and all the best in the next round.

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Lost 12 shots to 28
Won 17 shots to 12
Won 22 shots to 11
Won by 18 shots to 15
Lost by 18 shots to 24

Result: Banwell 87 shots - WInscombe 90 shots

But the drama had started earlier In the changing room
when the peace was shattered by a cry of anguish:

"I,ve only brought one wood"

"What do you mean you,ve only brought one wood'

We turned and looked and there was Phil Villis standing
there with a solitary and lonely wood in his hand

"One wood"

He peered long faced into the corner of his bag

But didn,t you think your bowls bag was, to to put it mildly - a little light"?

We said

"One wood"

He muttered again as he examined with desperation
the other corner of his bag

"Oh for goodness sake Phil, even a brain dead cuttlefish
would not arrive at a bowls match with just one wood"

And off he went to borrow a couple of woods from someone else
Turns out he left his 3 other woods at St.Andrews after a triples match
Do I need to say any more???

Phil Villis

And finally below - An artistic photo, showing emotional and techinical skills, featuring the Banwell Groupies !!

  The Banwell Groupies  
Forthcoming Social Event for your Diary - Games Night 14th July

Forthcoming Attraction for your Diary
Social Evening Friday 14th July

We shall beholding a fun night on the 14th July
commencing at 7pm

This will be a team event for 4 players
Don't worry if you do not have 4 members as
teams will be made up on the night.
We will be playing:


  1. Baggo
  2. Target Bowls
  3. Hooplah
  4. Play your cards right
  5. Boules
  6. Target Golf
  7. Limericks



This is fun for all. Family and Friends welcome.
Entry is £4 per person, with a LARGE cash prize to the winning team.
No skill required - the winning team will be
"Just the Luckiest" on the night
Umbrella re-arrangements owing to the bad weather

Umbrella re-arrangements

Owing to the bad weather on Mon 5th June
which once again resulted in a total washout,
alterations to the schedule for the
2017 Umbrella Competition have now been put in place

As we have already increased the length of
the competition by one week , the following new rules
will now apply:

  • Games will now be reduced from 15 to 14 for the remainder
    of the season
  • The number of games you need to play to qualify to win the Umbrella Competition has now been reduced from 10 to 9
Congratulations to Ryan and Charlotte on their engagement
  Ryan and Charlotte


Congratulations to
Ryan and Charlotte
on the announcement
of their engagement

Ryan and Charlotte  

Congratulations to Ryan and Charlotte on the announcement of their engagement
I am told that Ryan got down on one knee and popped the question
when they were on holiday at the Universal Studios in the States.
To be precise, Charlotte said "He proposed on the 8th May 2017 at 10am"
Stirring stuff Ryan - romance at it's very best
All the very best for the future from eveyone at the club

It could only happen at Banwell Bowls Club!

Now People! I feel it my duty to bring you up to date with all the
spontaneous happenings that occured over the weekend.

The First Incident



Trevor and Martina
in Breakdown Drama

Word came through to us at Severn Vale
that Trevor and Martina had broken down
outside Bristol Airport and were unlikely
to reach the match.
Some of the more pessimistic among
the club members reckoned that as it
was lashing down with rain that it was
a made up story and they
were home and dry all the time.
This story was quickly dismissed.

Glad you got home safely
Suggestion: Change your garage
or buy a new car!!


And the second incident


Spot the error
Graham Millard and his rink won their game by 20 shots to 12
Have a look at the card - ooops!!
When interviewed by the Correct Completion of the Card Commitee,
Gerry Bean stated that:
a) His pen refused to work and he had to borrow a replacement
b) That he not even started to fill in the card by the 4th end and panicked

Never mind Gerry this has happened to us all.

But more was to follow:

In his after match speech, acting Captain of the day John Davies
stated that he could not uphold the presentation of the winning
rink money because of incorrect documentation.
And that it should go to the next highest scoring rink
(Which of course was his rink)
He was booed off stage and Graham Millard received the cash

  Gerry Bean  

Gerry Bean gets his knickers in a twist

John Davies
Villain of the peace John Davies

And last but not least - the final incident at Severn Vale

  Shaun White

A Hat - Trick of 'Wrong
Bias Woods' for
Shaun White

Not one for keeping out of the lime light.Shaun White completed a hat-trick of wrong bias bowls.
Photo to the right showls him with his certificates (White x2
and yellow, single)
Severn Vale knew Shaun was
coming and stocked up on
these pieces of paper

Shaun White  
Final Update on the Bingo Night

I have just received an email from Trevor Garfield
giving the final figures for the bingo night.
They worked out that the evening profit to go into club
funds was £230 (This does not include the bar takings)
So well done every one and,
Trevor wishes me to convey his thanks for all the support
of members who came along plus families, friends etc.

Keep looking at the notice board for future social events

Trevor Garfield
Fun and Games at the Bingo Evening

Winners Galore in successful
Bingo Evening

Once again the Garfield Roadshow trundled into town
to preside over yet another successful Bingo Evening.
There were some really good prizes to be won throughout
the evening and with a team of hard working barmen
on hand to quench our thirst on this warm evening
and the rolls made by Ann Wyatt and Terri Lewis
it was an enjoyable evening.
Below are a few photos taken by your webmaster
on the evening. Some you will like, some you will not.!!

Trevor Garfield

A Couple of pictures of some of the fortunate winners

  Toni and Viv Thompson Phil Villis receives his winnings
Toni and Viv Thompson both won prizes
Phil Villis receives his winnings

Then there was the food and drink

The Bar Staff Gerry Bean Dave Mabbutt eats his roll
The Hard working Bar Staff

Cringeworthy photo time!! Gerry and Dave enjoying the food

Contentment Having a good natter Chich gives his opinion Martina Garfield
I really feel so Content
And furthmore after that she........
Did I tell you about the time I......
So Happy

And Finally

Darrell and Jill Paul Wilfan County triples match
I have no idea what is going on here

I am really enjoying myself. Ok, so I only won an umbrella, but I really am Happy Happy Happy
Meanwhile outside, Darrell, John and Graham won their match in the County triples competition. Well done lads

A big thank you to Trevor Garfield for running the show and thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening.
It was most enjoyable and more to the point it raised £195 for club funds
Well done everyone