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Charity Fund Raising Day 2018



Fund Raising
Charity Day


The last words from the Captain before I went home the night before Charity Day was.......
"Right Chaps lets get here at 8am tomorrow to erect all the gazebos and make sure everything is in place in the clubhouse."

Next morning I awoke, leapt out of bed, pulled the curtains and was confronted with howling winds and torrential rain.
"Have you seen this weather?" I said to my wife, "I think I will phone in sick"
"You will do nothing of the kind" she said, her nose just appearing over the duvet.

Arriving at the club I was confronted with a scene just short of a national emergency
the gazebos flapped uncrontrollably in the wind and threatened to ascend balloon like into the sky.
Smaller lighter players, such as Tony Hyde were banned from clutching the gazebos
lest they be flipped into the sky never to be seen again.
But eventually they were brought under control and anchored down with a variety of iron ware


And then there was the tale of Clarence President Mike Peters and his headgear.......

Mike Peters Hat MIke Peters Hat

Daring Rescue
of Mike Peters Hat

As MIke Peters was walking alongside
the green, the same wind that was causing havoc with the gazebos, struck
with devastating force to whip his hat off his head and take it over the club house onto the roof on the otherside.

But Mike was lucky, he was at Banwell, where we have trained staff using state of the art technological equipment for just this occasion and in no time at all his hat
was safely returned to him

And then there were the visiting teams

Paultons Yatton
Winscombe Ladies  
Winscombe Ladies
Winscombe Men

Now as regards the teams I have a couple of apologies to make.
First to the Banwell teams because I just did not have the time
available to create my usual masterpieces of you
And second to Don Towie. Do you know Don I just could not remember what your team
was called. Was it the technofreaks or the Technonerds or was it the Telegraphpoles
I will find out and make corrections.

Well we were lucky, the wind abated, the rain stopped and we were fortunate in
having a dry day in which to play the games for the Charity Trophy.
As regards photos, there are no action pictures of bowlers as I was out in the
the thick of it on the green.
But there are some character studies of people at the event.
So here are just a few of them.

  Graham Millard Tony HYde  
  Brendon Duffey MIke Bass  
  Ryan and Charlotte Sue Vickery Tombola Store  
  Karen Smith Alan Vickery anf Grandson  

But at the end of the day we did have a winning team plus a Runners Up team

  The Winners

Winners of the Tony Johnston Memorial Shield were Clarence

The Runners Up were the team from Paultons

Well done to both teams

Runners Up  

All that remains for me to do now is to thank everyone.

So where do I start? There were numerous people who had a
hand in making this a perfect day.

So a BIG THANKYOU to every one involved. Also thanks to all
the visiting teams that helped make the day.

If I were to single out one person for special thanks it
would be the CEO/CO/Big Cheese, Hilary Guckian for
the smooth running of the day

Thanks everybody. See you all next year