Banwell Bowling Club

The Pond,Banwell,
Somerset. UK

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Banwell's Unique 'L' Shaped Green

If there was a competition to find the most eccentric bowling club in England, I would confidently submit my nomination.

Banwell in Somerset would take some beating. Formed in 1933 Banwell's green is something of a local legend. It is built on a reservoir,formerly the village Duck Pond, and sitting on the corner of the green stands a pumping station, which belongs to Bristol Water.

The Banwell Green is the only L Shaped green I have ever seen. You can play 5 rinks in one direction (6 at a pinch) and 3 rinks the other (4 if you all squeeze up)
The Green taken from the church tower
The Pond before 1933
The green from the air

Above: A photo of Banwells unusual 'L' Shaped green, taken from the top of the church tower

In no time at all the pond was drained and the forerunner of todays green was laid.

Rural ,eccentric, dynamic, irresistible:

This is the one and only Banwell Bowling Club. A memorable stop on any touring clubs tour of the South West

Banwell, circa 1955
Banwell circa 1960

Remember when the Streets looked like this and how easy it was to get into the bowls club car park?

Far Left picture circa 1955,
Left picture circa 1960