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Banwell take a slim lead in the first Parrott Shield Match

Banwell Take a slim 15 shot lead
in the first Parrott Shield match

Well it was a match of ups and downs
on all rinks with the Davies brothers and their rinks at
the opposite ends of the scoring spectrum.

Good wins by
Barry Taylor and John Davies
and their rinks
eased the situation.

For full rink scores click on 'Friendly Matches' above

The Parrott Shield  

Welcome to New Member - Chris Lucas
  Chris Lucas

New Member - Chris Lucas

A very warm welcome to
our latest new member

Chris Lucas

Chris lives in Weston - s - Mare
and is a Warehouse Storage Manager
(I think I got that right)

Enjoy Yourself Chris
And all the very best on the green


Hot Shot at the Umbrella Competition

Hot Shot during the Umbrella Match - Monday 14th June 2021

  Hot Shot  

Congratulations to Marina Garfield (Three Woods), Joy Lane (Three Woods) and Mike Bass (Two Woods)
on achieving a Hot Shot during the Umbrella Competition.

Mike Bass has been in the news lately performing his Praying Mantis style of delivery.
Did he influence Martina and Joy dring the game? Who knows

So well done to the three of you, it is a long time since we had a Hot Shot down at the Pond

The Banwell Delivery

The Mike Bass or 'Praying Mantis' Technique in delivering a wood


Forget the famous 'Banwell Glide' and let us concentrate on the ' Mike Bass Delivery Technique

I was watching a few of the Banwell members bowling, when I observed a delivery that
incorporated the Science of Statics and Dynamics in Lawn Bowling Techiniques.

along with

The Dynamic Forces and the Derivation of the Performance Mode.

So what is all this nonsense about?

  Mike Bass Bowls

I was watching Mike Bass delivering his
woods and trying to think where I had
seen this Techinique before.

And then it came to me.. Yes of course
it is the actions of the 'Praying Mantis'

Who knows this type of delivery may
catch on, and Mike, you could be famous.

I can see the headlines now...

Banwell 'Praying Mantis' delivery technique to be accepted
by Bowls England

On the other hand Mike
Don't hold your breath.


Praying Mantis  
The Tale of the missing wood

Barry Taylor and the missing wood

Barry Taylor and the missing wood

"Ehh Ooops lads what are we playing today"
"Triples 4 rinks Over 60's League match Barry"

"4 Rinks triples?"
"Spot on Barry you've got it in one"

"Eh but we never play a triples match on a Saturday"
"We are today Barry"

"But I have only brought 2 woods with me"
"You what Barry?"

"2 woods only in my bowls bag"
"But you are Captain today "
"EH ooops lads you know what they say - The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray."
"DOH Barry"

Umbrella - Change of Management

Trevor Garfield Steps down from running the Umbrella Competition

Umbrella Management Change   Umbrella Management Change

Trevor Garfield is retiring from running the Umbrella Competition.

He has been running the umbrella competition on a Monday
night for as long as I can remember.

John Wright will take over running the competition from next week
ably assisted by Terry Coleman

So what is Trevor going to do now? Well......

  Trevor Garfield

Rumours are flying around that Trevor will be joining a Pop Group
Now this of course cannot be comfirmed, but we do have a
paparazzi picture of him secretly practicing

Well done on a good job running the Umbrella Trevor.
Efficient, Well Organised, proffesional, skilled and workmanlike.
are just a few of the words that spring to mind.

And a big welcome to John Wright and Terry Coleman
who, I know, will carry on the good work.

Finally a messge from Trevor, John and Terry

Listen Up Umbrella Participants.

The start times on a Monday are:

1. Register by 6pm at the latest.
2 The games will start promptly at 6.15pm.

Time keeping has become rather sloppy of late.
So if you turn up late, you may not get a game.

New Member at the POnd - Chris Hynes

Welcome New Member to the Pond
Chris Hynes

A warm welcome to Chris Hynes who has joined the club.

Chris has been living in Banwell for the last 5 years
having retired from Clarkes Shoes Ltd.,

Glad to have you aboard Chris

Have a good time at Banwell


New Member Chris Hynes  
Banwell win 4 dimensions match by a whisker

Match Reports



Banwell win the first 4 dimensions match against Portishead by one shot - a close run thing indeed.
For the details click on 'friendly matches' above.

Note: All reports for league matches, (County League and
Over 60's league) along with tables, when they are published, will be posted in 'League News'
All other matches will appear in the 'Friendly Matches' page.

2021 Tour to Bournemouth Cancelled - Message from Hon Sec Chris Wilson

2021 Tour to Bournemouth - Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the number of withdrawals from the tour this year because of the uncertainty
with the pandemic and the restrictions still in place (it is before the final roadmap date of 21st June)
the tour this year is no longer viable;

Therefore, I approached the tour
booking organisation and asked them to see if the hotel would be willing to move the tour to 2022.

They have very kindly agreed to do so.

Hopefully this means we will have a full tour next year. You have all paid non-refundable deposits.

The date of arrival will now be Friday 10th June 2022 for 3 nights.

Please confirm over the next few months if you are able to tour to Bournemouth next year.
I will also be emailing everyone later to see if there are any additional people who would like to go.

Best regards Chris