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Indoor Bowls on YouTube

Indoor Bowls 2021 from Potters

  Indoor Bowls 2021

Forgotten what bowls looks like?
Well not to worry.

Our fixture Sec Mal Laycock has just sent me
an email pointing out that the indoor bowls 2021
competition from Potters is being streamed on YouTube

So pour yourself a large drink
settle down in your favourite armchair
and enjoy yourself while you
wallow in nostagia


Happy New Year 2021
  Happy New Year 2021  
Rebel Alan Shattock and the tale of Covid Bubbles and Booze

I received this message from Alan Shattock.
A Drunken tale of Bubbles, Booze and of Brazen and Barefaced Rebellion

This Christmas was different to last year, whatever has been said,
we had the family & friends over for Christmas lunch.

There was Auntie Stella & Uncle Jameson with cousins Bailey, Malibu, Smirnoff with the twins Gin & Tonic
Along with my Scottish cousins Johnny Walker and Glen Moray.
From across the pond bringing some old fashioned Southern Comfort were my old cousins Jack Daniels and Jim Bean.

From France was my mate Remy Martin and his friend Pernod.
From Spain Jose Cuevro and his Italian cousin Martini with her daughter Bianco.
Not to mention the Mexican side of the family, the ever popular Tiquila,
From Greece came Ouzo & Sambaca
And home from the sea was Captain Morgan
The numbers were made up with neighbours.
The Grants, Bells, Cointreau's and Hennesey's
My friends Brandy, Snowball & Micky Flinn came later on after the Queens speech.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas
Wishing everyone at Banwell Bowling Club
a Happy New Year for 2021

Allan Shattock

PS The administrator of this website takes no resposibility for
incorrect information, spelling mistakes or beer stains on this article

December Green Report

End of 2020 Green Report


Merry Christmas everyone as we approach the end of the year, work continues on the green. 

You will remember we had to spray a fungicide last month to combat a bad attack of fusarium disease.
The fungicide has worked and has knocked back the disease.
There is a small amount of scarring left but this is showing signs of new grass growth and recovery is good.
The greenkeepers are confident this will eventually all fill in.

This recovery is due, in no small part, to the efforts of the green sweeping team. So thanks to you all.

A weak solution of iron sulphate (to retard moss growth) has been applied
and the green was aerated again but with solid tines this time. 

The Green keepers continue to need to cut the grass to a winter height of 8mm.
This week the weather has been colder which should slow down the
 unseasonal and unusual rate of growth of the grass that we have seen this year. 

Two 20 kg bags of winter fertiliser have also been applied this week.
The rain over the last few days has watered this in well.

The green will be cut again next week before the contractors take their Christmas break.

Generally the grass is looking lush, strong and healthy
with a thick covering over most of the playing surface.

Wishing you all a much better 2021


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Barry Taylor and Paul Aldus

  Barry Taylor Paul Aldus  
President Barry Collects leaves
  Barry Collecting Leaves

Activity on the Green

Banwell's roving reporter, Paul Aldus, captures an action photo
of President Barry, resplendent in Khaki shorts and
club fleece, picking up leaves from the surrounds around the green.

As he worked he commented...
"Eh Ooop Chaps:
Did you know?"........

Evil Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe had Yorkshire roots.
Well you try saying his surname backwards

OMG.... that is dreadful

Well what else did you expect during lockdown conditions?

Yes I know......Disbe-leaf.



Revised AGM date - Notification from the Hon Sec

By now the majority of club members should have received this meassage, by email,
from Chris Wilson, advising you of
the new date for the AGM.

Along with this message are details of the clubs accounts and a form to enter County Competitions for 2021

(I have not included these on the website)

  Hon Sec Chris Wilson

To Banwell Bowls Club Members 

On behalf of the general committee, I hope you have been keeping safe and well in these testing times. 

Obviously given the current situation we have been and will be unable to hold the club’s annual AGM in 2020.  In line with Somerset Bowls Association, we have pencilled it in for Friday 12th March in the hope that restrictions on gatherings would have eased. 

In the meantime, all the officers and committee members have agreed to stay in their roles until the proposed AGM in March 2021.  As you might already be aware the fixtures for 2021 are on the website.

Thanks to Mal for sorting this out for the club. 



Attached are the audited accounts for the 2020 season. 
 The club is in a healthy state thanks to the members submitting
their subs as donations but also because of the 2 grants received, from North Somerset and Sport England. 

One thing to note from the accounts is that since the audit,
we have received an electricity rebate of £402. 

Also attached are the county forms for 2021,
if anyone would like to enter a competition please let me have the details before the 15th January 2021. 

Take care 


Mal Laycock produces 2021 Fixture List
  Stop Press

Preliminary Fixture List
Now Available

Mal Laycock, our Fixture Sec has been
working his cotton socks off and the
result is...... The Fixture List for 2021
is now available.
This is the first edition and may change
before or during the season (Depending on
the Covid 19 virus).
But don't worry, if there are any changes
you will be the first to know

Click on "Fixtures" above to view

Mal Laycock - 2021 Dates for your diary

Dates for your Diary 2021



Message from Mal Lacock the fixture Secretary

Here are a few dates for your your diary for 2021
Hopefully the Covid19 virus will be on its way out
and we can get down to some
serious bowls once

The full fixture list will follow later

Mal Laycock  
Presidents Day - Sat 17th April
Tony Hyde Memorial Cup - Sun 2nd May
Tour to Bournemouth - Thurs 10th - Sun 13th June
Triples 1st & 2nd round - Sat 19th June
Triples Semi & Finals - Sun 20th June
Rinks Day - Sun 18th July
Fundraising Day - Sun 8th August
Finals Day - Sat 18th September
(Reserve Day Sun 19th Sept)
Captains Day - Sat 25th September 

It may look as if it’s a longer season but we are using the EBA Standardised weeks
which has pushed everything on by a week.

Mal Laycock


Dew Brushing Rota

I hope your are all keeping well.
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for the dew brushing of the green. 

Please find below the rota for this close season.
Unfortunately a couple of volunteers from last season have had to step down
and I have been unable to find replacements. 
Consequently we have no ‘spare’ cover as we had last year.  

As previously, we only need to attend when the green is wet with dew 
or if it has rained during the night but the day is set fair.

If it is raining/showering then there is no point.
When there is frost or snow then walking on the
green will damage the grass.  

The Autumn work has now been completed and the green overseeded. 
Therefore could you please 

Commence the brushing from the week commencing Monday 19 October.

If you have any problems Please contact either
Paul Aldus or Barry Taylor


Harry Woodards
Paul Aldus
Gerry Bean/Dave Mabbutt
Graham Millard
Barry Taylor
Shaun White
Barry Taylor