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Dew Brushing Rota - Report from Paul Aldus

Dew Brushing Rota


I hope your are all keeping well.
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for the dew brushing of the green.

Please find below the rota for this close season.
Unfortunately a couple of volunteers from last season have had to step down
and I have been unable to find replacements.
Consequently we have no ‘spare’ cover as we had last year. 

As previously, we only need to attend when the green is wet with dew
or if it has rained during the night but the day is set fair.

If it is raining/showering then there is no point.
When there is frost or snow then walking on the
green will damage the grass. 

The Autumn work has now been completed and the green overseeded.
Therefore could you please 

Commence the brushing from the week commencing Monday 19 October.

If you have any problems Please contact either
Paul Aldus or Barry Taylor





Harry Woodards
Paul Aldus
Gerry Bean/Dave Mabbutt
Graham Millard
Barry Taylor
Shaun White
Barry Taylor
Final Phases Green Renovation
  Autumn Renovations  
  Autumn Renovations

Final Phases of the
Autumn renovations

Final phases of Autumn renovation
occurred on the last week of September

Some levelling on rink 1 was needed and
then fertiliser and calcium were applied

Finally bare or sparse areas
were overseeded. 

Paul Aldus