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It's the Mal Laycock Quiz Show

Ready for the answers - they appear below

  Mal Laycock

It's time for the
Mal Laycock
Quiz Show

I have just received a quiz from
Mal Laycock our fixture Sec.

Although he did not produce this quiz
he thought you might like to have a go at it

So if you are climbing
the wall during lockdown,
then have a go at these questions


Subject: Name the Tube Stations


1. Heavenly Messenger
2. Weapon Store
3. A TV School
4. In the Hop County
5. Irate Monarch
6. Red Rose entrance
7. It’s Falling Down
8. Limit of 1760 yards
9. A Bear
10. This is not where the Bard came from
11. Alpine Dwelling
12. Bad News for Napoleon
13. Stop here for Singles and Doubles.


Thanks Mal
Right you lot I will give you the answers next weekend
All the best


Answers to the above quiz

  1. Angel of Islington 
2. Arsenal
3. Grange Hill
4. Kentish Town
5. Kings Cross
6. Lancaster Gate
7. London Bridge
8. Mile End
9. Paddington
10. Stratford
11. Swiss Cottage
12. Waterloo
13. Wimbledon

Somerset Bowlers featured in the Weston Mercury (No not bowls but other news matters)

Tommy Ellis and the waterlogged Zebra Crossing


  Tommy Ellis and his wife

The Weston Mercury featured Tommy Ellis and
his "Terrifying Zebra Crossing Waves"

Tom plays for Winscombe B.C. but lives in
Banwell, just down the road from our club.

Apparently he has a problem with the
raised Zebra Crossing outside his house which causes flooding in the road
after it has been raining

This in turn causes water to be splashed over his premises every time traffic
passes by the front door

North Somerset Council highways Dept., are looking into the problem.

For the full story buy yourself
a copy of the Weston Mercury


For those newer members who may not recognise the name "Tommy Ellis"
Tom played for Banwell the 70's and was club Champion in 1975

Bubble thoughts - Trevor Garfield

Thoughts from the Garfield Bubble

A report from Trevor Garfield who was at
home sitting in his bubble:

This letter from today's Daily Telegraph
is a summary of a letter written to the editor.

Following on from Man Utd's recent 9-0 win over
Southampton the writer was also
at the last game United won 9-0, which was
against Ipswich in the 1980's.

After Uniteds ninth goal the crowd were chanting
"We want ten!" ,"We want ten!"

United were attacking and time was short.

Ipswich won the ball and moved forward so the crowd fell silent.
Then the Ipswich fans present chanted

"We want one!" -"We want one!"

The United fans laughed and then
--spontaneously-- clapped the Ipswich fans.

Now that what sport is all about. Great story.
Trevor Garfield  
Thanks Trevor, in this day and age when any bowls news is a rarity, your report is very welcome.
Now get back into your bubble and continue the good work.


  Green Update January 2021 - update from Barry and Paul  

Green Update - February 2021

A report from the club's green fingered dual, Barry and Paul, with a couple of photos attached.
Not the attire that the President is wearing (Top Picture) Still in shorts - Brave or Mad?

  Green Maintenance Jan 2021

Winter work
continues on the green.

Last Friday, it was ‘tipped’ (cut) maintaining a winter height of approx. 8 -10 mm.

It was also aeriated again with a mechanical spiker.
The green continues to look healthy, maintaining strong colour into January.
The very wet weather has been a test but the green has stood up well to these conditions.

  Green Maintenenace 2021
At this time of year, attention turns to planning the year ahead, considering nutritional programmes etc. for the coming months .

We will continue following the ‘integrated’ approach or plan as we have done over the previous 3 seasons.
Simply put, this means that it is not necessarily individual elements of a programme that will provide total success,
rather how all the elements interact with each other and how they will achieve the overall goal together that will be considered and then applied.


To gain an understanding of what’s going on within the soil and grass,
we take annual soil samples which provides data on which to base the decision making
and which can be monitored over time.
The soil sample is due early in February

Thanks Barry and Paul

Do you remember - August 2009

Do You Remember - August 2009
Match versus the Royal Household at Windsor?


Well folks, as there is diddly-squat happening on the bowls front
I decided to look back in time to a very successful and enjoyable
day out when we played the Royal Household team in August 2009

  Royal Household August 2009 Groupies  

We all piled onto the coach at Banwell Car Park and started our journey along the M4 to Windsor.
Arriving, we disgorged the ladies into the town and then proceded to the bowls green.

As we were having a drink before the match we discovered that the clubhouse bar served a very decent malt whisky*
at a very reasonable price. (It is surprising how the little details get remembered)

I also remember that my skip, Phil Owen promised me a double malt for every toucher that I acheived during the game
Well it was like a red rag to a bull, I ran out with two doubles under my belt at the end of the game.

The ladies joined us for tea half way through the game and afterwards they
drifted away to a large marquee on the cricket ground next door

Why! I hear you ask?

Well the Lord Mayor of London's cricket team were playing a charity match
against a team of 'Celebrities' No one to get us chaps excited but this was nectar to the ladies
Wild eyed and with excitement levels rising to dangerous proportions
they formed themselves into a groupie pack and without warning they attacked.

Well to cut a long story short, security didn't stand a chance against a well planned strategy
and in a twinkling of an eye they stormed the marquee and lined the celebrities up for a photocall.

Smart Planning Ladies!

Ainsley Harriott joined in the fun, and later sent us a copy of his latesrt book
for auction at our next Charity Day

*And the whisky? Well Phil Villis will correct me if I am wrong, it was a:

12 year old bottle of Lochnagar single malt whisky

Shortly after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert took up residence at Balmoral castle,
John Begg, owner of the new Lochnagar distillery, sent an invitation
for the regal couple to visit the distillery.

Both were fervent malt whisky drinkers and Prince Albert
also had an interest in technology
and industry, and the couple arrived the next day.

Lochnagar continued to suppy the Queen with whisky
and as such was awarded a Royal Warrant in 1848.

There you go, a history lesson thown in as well. Who says that Lockdown is boring?

Charlie Williams - Accident

Charlie Williams suffers
a bad accident

I have received a phone call from the President
Barry Taylor that the oldest member of the club,
Charlie Williams has suffered a bad accident a couple of days ago

Apparently he took a tumble on the stairs and ended up
at the bottom suffering a fractured/broken hip.
He spent all night on the floor at the bottom of the stairs,
but luckily he fell adjacent to a radiator which kept him warm.

His daughter started to get anxious when she was unable
to contact him and found him when she went around to check.

Charlie was taken to Weston General Hospital where he
was operated on immediately, and I understand he has
started a course pf physiotherapy, and he may allowed
home in a weeks time or so.

So, all the best Charlie from everyone at the club.
We all wish you a speedy recovery


Charlie Williams  
Revised AGM date - Notification from the Hon Sec

By now the majority of club members should have received this meassage, by email,
from Chris Wilson, advising you of
the new date for the AGM.

Along with this message are details of the clubs accounts and a form to enter County Competitions for 2021

(I have not included these on the website)

  Hon Sec Chris Wilson

To Banwell Bowls Club Members 

On behalf of the general committee, I hope you have been keeping safe and well in these testing times. 

Obviously given the current situation we have been and will be unable to hold the club’s annual AGM in 2020.  In line with Somerset Bowls Association, we have pencilled it in for Friday 12th March in the hope that restrictions on gatherings would have eased. 

In the meantime, all the officers and committee members have agreed to stay in their roles until the proposed AGM in March 2021.  As you might already be aware the fixtures for 2021 are on the website.

Thanks to Mal for sorting this out for the club.