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Umbrella Competition - Final evening

Umbrella Competition - Final Evening Details


This last night is fancy dress (not compulsory if you don't fancy it)
followed by a FISH AND CHIP SUPPER.

The fish and chips are £5.50 per head ( normal price £6.80!)
and will be delivered by Winscombe fish and chip
shop free of charge for an 8.30pm.start


If you wish to partake
please let us have your money by next Monday 9th August
cash only please, with a note giving your name(s)

This can be handed in next Monday at the umbrella


Left in an envelope behind the bar before next Monday evening.

As always members (and wives, husbands etc)
can partake even if not a player in the umbrella.

A special invite will be issued to the selection committee who
we see working so hard on our behalf every Monday.
See you there!!!!

Thanks Trevor Garfield

Banwell Ladies at Yatton

Banwell Ladies at Yatton

Report from our Ace Reporters Pam and Kevin Gibbons who were at the scene and bring you this report
  The Banwell Ladies  
This day at Yatton premiered the debut showing of the Banwell Babes and Belles.

The cast included Banwell Babes - Kim Wright, Wendy Coleman, Jennifer of Yatton.
Banwell Belles - Pam Gibbons, Angie Bass, Pauline Mabbutt.
Executive Producer - Mo Millard.

Other cast included: a bunch of old blokes who were very pleased
to get tea and homemade cakes at the end.

Torrential downpour including hailstones, meant a delay part way through the morning.
But after lunch play began with bowls aquaplaning across the green.

However, the sun came out for the lovely afternoon screening of the show.
Everyone had a great day with our ladies playing fantastically well and being very welcomed by all.

The afternoon was cut short by one game owing to the delay, with the ladies ending on a high.

Both the Banwell teams won their final game.

The Babes won 2 of their 3 matches, including a win against favourites Clevedon Prom.

The Belles won 1 of their 3 matches winning their final game winning 10-1.

Fans said they cannot wait for the sequel at West Backwell in August.

Thanks go to Mo Millard who initiated and encouraged throughout.
Also to our club who gave us fantastic encouragement.


Umbrella Hotshot - President Presents the medals

Umbrella Hotshot

  Hotshot Presentation  

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Umbrella Teams achieved a 'Hotshot'
and last Monday President Barry was on hand to present the medals to:

Joy Lane, Martina Garfield and Mike Bass.

Umbrella games have eight woods per side, no matter the number of players.
In this case it was a triples match with the numbers one and two having 3 woods each
and skip MIke Bass 2 woods

Congratulations you three, it is the first Hotshot of the season


Phil Villis hits the headlines once again
  Rinks Winners

Phil Villis adds the Rinks Competition to his list of

It was ony a few weeks ago that Phil Villis
skipped the winning rink
to take the Triples Competition.

Now he has added one more
trophy to his collection by skipping
the Rinks Competition winners

The winning Rinks team 2021
From left to right John Evans, Phil Villis,
John Rickerty and John Amos

As they receive the trophy from President Barry Taylor



You could not have wished for better
weather to play a game of bowls.

Some could argue that it was far too hot !!

The game was 'Hotely' contested
( If you will excuse the Pun) and the result
could have gone either way.

But Phil Villis and his rink pulled away
to win the game by 18 shots to 12

Congratulations to the winners and
commiserations to the runners up


The Runners Up, from left to right
Terry Brice, Hilary Guckian,
Wendy Coleman and Mike Amos

Banwell Club member, Mike Amos in a dramatic bus fire on the Long Ashton Bypass

So you think you had a tough day at the office?

  Bus Fire

The Day: Wednesday 7th July. The Time 13.46 pm

Mike Amos was driving the X1 service from Bristol to Weston - s - Mare
when a fault developed in the engine and the bus ground to a halt.

MIke noticed smoke coming from the engine and when he looked
found that the engine was on fire.
Moving quickly he evacuated all the passengers from the bus
and phoned the fire brigade.

  Bus Fire

The fire brigade reported that:

"We were called to the reports of
a bus fire on the Long Ashton Bypass.

On arrival we found one double decker bus well alight.
Crews from Bath, Bedminster and Kingswood attended the scene.
Breathing apparatus, high presuure hose reels and extinguishers
were used to tackle the blaze".

Well done Mike on your quick reactions.

However I can confirm that, after discussion,
The club will not be presenting Mike with a copy of
the 1968 song:

"Wheels on fire, rolling down the road.......
By Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity


"A Hot Shot medal?"

Yes it's a tough old world


Banwell retain the Parrott Shield

Banwell Retain the Parrott Shield

  Parrott Shield Presentation  

Well they don't get very much closer than this game.
At ten ends there was only one shot in the game and Banwell were looking comfortable
sitting on a 15 shot lead from the first game.

And then to use that well known bowls saying "The Wheels fell off the wagon"

Winscombe came back with a vengence and the game developed into Nail biting proportions.
Winscome gobbled up the 15 shot lead and with one rink still playing there was
one shot in the game.

That rink was skipped by Phil Villis, who was told in no uncertain terms that he and his rink had to win the end.
And win the end they did, by one shot to ensure the shield hangs in the Banwell Clubhouse for another year

  Barry Taylor and the Parrott Shield

A great evening of bowls.
Congrats to the Winscombe Green Keeping team
on a green that played very well, and for their hospitality.

Gentlemen.We shall resume battle next year

Left: An exhausted Barry Taylor with the trophy
(Congrats on being the only winning rink,
and of course we won't mention the 5 you dropped
on the last end Barry!!!)

Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Won 19 shots to 17
Lost 14 shots to 18
Lost 14 shots to 20
Lost 20 shots to 21
Lost 18 shots to 22

Result: Banwell 85 shots - Winscombe 98 shots

Banwell had a 15 shot lead from the first game.
The difference in shots for the 2nd game was 13 in Winscombe's favour
Therefore Banwell win the 2021 series and the trophy by 2 shots

Internal Triples Finals - Sunday 20th June 2021

Phil Villis and his team take the Triples Trophy 2021

  The TRipples Winners   Triples runners up  

The Winners Mac Kirby, Skip Phil Vilis
and Terry Coleman

The Runners Up. John Wright, Skip Hilary Guckian
and Terry Byrne
The Banwell internal triples competition was held over the weekend
with the preliminary knockout matches being played on the Saturday and the Final on the Sunday.

In the final, Skip, Hilary Guckian and his team stormed off to a powerful start picking up 9 shots on the first two ends,
but a dogged fight back from the other Skip, Phil Villis and his team saw the scores levelled at 10 all at the 7th end.

It was nip and tuck to the final end where Phil Villis and his team won by just the one shot
to become Banwell’s Triples Champions for 2021.
Congrats to the winners and commiserations to the Runners Up. It was a good game to watch

T.Coleman, M.Kirby and P.Villis 18 shots - J.Wright, T.Byrne and H.Guckian 17 shots

  Spectators   Phil Villis Bowls  
Spectators on the edge of their
seats in a frenzy of excitement
Phil Villis in action