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President Barry and Carole safely home

President Barry and his wife arrive home, albeit by the scenic route


Message from the President

Well everyone we are now at home,
but because we have been to Spain
we must stay at home for two weeks

We managed to get on a plane to Cardiff,
then a bus to Bristol and then a taxi
home arriving home at 4pm

Needless to say I am fully occupied
with my gardening
and as a result my onions
should be bigger than ever this year.

Yours ever.
The encyclopediolical President.

PS.We arrived home on Monday ,and on reflection I
should have mentioned this earlier.
But you all know what a busy person I am
so I had to get on with my paperwork.

So there you are people, the Lord and Master
is home, but unable to receive visitors.

Barry and Carole Taylor  
Coronavirus reduces website to reporting nonsense

In the absence of proper news, you will have to put up with this !!

Do you remember?

Old Shoes

It was the last day of the tour in Portugal and we were getting read
to go to the airport to fly home.
John Amos's bowling shoes had seen
better days and if you remember his wife refused to pack them for
the home trip. So they were buried with honours in Portugal

Well when he got home he bought himself a brand new pair.
They are really posh .
He then looked forward to the coming season.

Fat chance as the Corona virus reared its ugly head and everything
was cancelled. "But what about my new shoes" John lamented.

New Shoes
"Oh give them here and I will put them in the cupboard, and you can
have them for a Christmas Present"
said his wife in a vehement manner.
And then they were gone
Enough to drive a chap to drink. .

You have got to feel sorry for this fellow


Well how would you feel? It took Mac years to achieve the
mighty and powerful position of 'Captain of the club'
And what happens?

Along comes a microscopic bug and strips Mac
of all the fun of being a Captain.

No ship to command, no crew to instruct.
no witty speeches, no admiring ladies
on each arm. Ah such is life Mac

Never mind it will give you a year to buy a new shirt
and practice your speeches in front of the mirror

Mac Kirby  

Here is a usless piece of knowledge to chew over Mac

Did you know the most mispelled word in English is 'Separate'


And finally if there is nothing on daytime telly then have a go at this....

Answers on a post card please. Stay safe until we meet up again

Corona Virus Update - Banwell Cancel all games in the 2020 season

Banwell B.C.
Cancel all
Games for the
2020 season


Club Secretary Chris Wilson has sent the following email to
other clubs that we play in the Somerset Bowling Association area

"I have sent this email to all our friends at all the clubs we are
scheduled to play during the 2020 season".

In view of Government advice Banwell Bowling Club has decided to cancel all fixtures for the 2020 season
We obviously regret this action, but are sure you understand that we have taken this decision to
protect our members and visitors.

We will, therefore not be hosting any games on our green or playing any away games.

If the situation should change later in the season, I will, of course, get back to you

Stay well and safe

I understand that Chris will issue a communique
to all club members giving more details of the
course of action to be taken over the coming months

Glowing Report in the Weston Mercury
  Phil Villis on top form Phil Villis

Really Nice things
reported in the
Weston Mercury
concerning a certain
Phil VIllis



Did you read the Weston Mercury this week people?

A glowing report featuring the one and only
Phil Villis on top form at St.Andrews Indoor rink.

Well done that man

But can this be true? Had the reporter consumed
one too many club doubles and got the
wrong person?
Or more to the point did Phil ply him/her
with drinks to get a good report?

Perish the thought !!!

So Phil,the outdoor season starts next month
and the question is, can you keep up the good work?
I'm sure you can, and what's more I'm open
to bribary when writing the highly favourable,praising,
ecstatic, rapturous transcripts on your progress, in both
the web site and the Weston Mercury !!

Pre- season skittles get together at the Coach House Locking - Feb 2020
  Martina Garfield bowls

Pre - Season get together
Skittles Evening

The Coach House Locking
February 2020

Jenny Brice and her boot  

Another successful social evening once again organised by our Social Secretary, Trevor Garfield

52 people turned up for this pre - season event of which 35 were bowlers
This was a really good turnout for a small club like ours
and just illustrates what a friendly club we are

Below are a few photos taken during the evening

  Food was served   Stickers ups   Spectators  
  Paul Wilfan

Paul Wilfan

Skittles...What Skittles
Just give me the beer

Paul WIlfan  
  Alan Cockayne

And then there was this fellow
Alan Cockayne, who was hollering
and shouting throughout the evening
as he brought all the skittlers into line when it was their turn to bowl

And then he has the temerity to go
and win the competition.

An internal enquiry is underway!!!

Alan Cockayne  

And then there were the crowd who were busy solving the world's problems

  Dee and Carole   Discussions   Harry and John  

And finally.....

  Jan Davies John Wright MIke House      

Jan Davies polishing off her food, while John Wright displays his latest look - "The Spikey look"!!
And Mike House is busy analysing the workings of the fire extinguisher.

Once again it was a great evening so thanks to all who turned up to take part
and also Trevor for all his organising skills

See you all on the green

'Thank You' Correspondence from Banwell Under '8' Football team

Wrong Bias money goes to a good home

  Mal with cheque  

Do you remember the end of the 2019 season? Malcolm Laycock delved into the 'Pig",
calculated the amount of money in the pig
and a decision was made to donate the sum of money
to the Banwell 'Under 8's Football team'


We have received a letter of thanks from Mark Dalton and Will Cawte the Banwell Under '8' coaches

They thanks us for our donation and went on to say that Banwell
has become the fastest growing football club in the Weston - super - Mare area.

Our donation enabled the club to invest in some 'Portable Goal Nets which they can use wherever they want

So well done you lot... It is nice to know that your 'Cock Ups'
and your 'Pound in the Pig' have been put to good use

Angela Bass interviewed on film
  Angela Bass in the studio

Angela Bass interviewed on
film by Tracey Neville*


I have just received information from MIke Bass of his recent trip to London, where his wife Angela
took part in a filmed interview with Tracey Neville, who is a
retired English netball player and ex head coach of the England national netball team.
Tracey Neville was the England team coach for the 2018 Commonwealth Games,
and led England to Gold against the hosts Australia, winning by 52-51 at the Gold Coast.
Angela was contacted by Vitality UK to go to London on an all expenses paid trip (Mike included)
to be interviewed along with other filming events which took 2 hours

Mike and Angela were fed and watered in the hospitality suite before watching matches
at the Nations Cup Netball final at the Copper Box at Stratford, E.London.

They were booked in at the same hotel as the 4 competing teams who came from
NZ, SA, Jamaica and England and were able to chat to some of them.


Angela was selected from 114 places offered by Vitality to take her UKCC England Netball Coaching Certificate,

She was considered as an ideal example to show that at her ( ripe old ) age,(Mike's words not mine) people can still get involved in the sport.

As you know Angela is the organiser of the
Trailblazers Ladies Walking Netball
Team who play at Hutton Moor

Well done Angela, Mike tells me that
you both had a splendid weekend

Angela and Tracey  
*Tracey Anne Neville MBE was born into an athletic family.

Her mother, Jill, at one time was General Manager and Club Secretary for English Football League club Bury.

Her father was a former professional cricketer.

 Her twin brother is Phil Neville, head coach of the England women's national football team, and her older brother is Gary Neville; both were professional footballers and represented the England National Team

Mike Davies once again features on our TV screens

Potters Worls Indoor Championship 2020

The World Indoor
Bowls Championship
at Potters Resort
Mike Davies appearing
on our TV Screens
once again

Potters Indoor Worls Championships 2020

The World Indoor Bowls Championships are once again underway,
taking place at the Potters Resort in Norfolk

And once again Banwell's Mike Davies is a prominent feature as one of the markers
appearing on our TV screens, moving around the green ( or should I say Blue)
controlling the match in his usual competent and authoritative manner.

Well done MIke - Good to watch