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Kevin Gibbons takes over as Fixture Secretary

Kevin Gibbons takes over as Fixture Secretary


Mal Laycock has finally stepped down as Fixture Secretary.
It was a couple of years ago that he advised the club that
he would be stepping down, but has stayed in place until
a successor was found.

Kevin Gibbons has now stepped up to fill
the vacant position and takes command immediately

Right: Kevin is observed moving essential
office equipment to assist with his new job !

So Kevin all the very best in your new position.


Mal, thanks very much from everyone at the
club for a job well done, enjoy your retirement .

  Kevin Gibbons  

Kevin Gibbons

Presidents Day - Saturday 17th April 2021

It's Bowls people..... But not as we know it !
President's Day Saturday 17th April 2021

At long last the 2021 bowls season is set to get underway.
There are a lot of necessary do's and don'ts (As laid down by Bowls England) which are too numerous
to reproduce on this website. However the majority of club members
should have received email correspondence from Chris Wilson the Club Secretary
which lays out the procedures for playing on the Banwell Green.

Presidents Day 2021

In order to comply with Bowls Englands Covid legislation, Presidents Day has been organised into 2 sessions
Details are listed below
  • Greys to be worn - Changing rooms will not be used
  • Scoreboards are to be used by one skip only
  • Scorecards to be used by one skip only
  • Spray Chalk only
  • 2 Jacks per rink - Jacks to be set by skips
  • 4 mats per rink - one for each lead
  • Please adhere to the guidelines
  • Drinks orders will be taken and served outside - Please be patient
  • Barman for the 1st session - Chris Wilson. 2nd Session Harry Woodards/Mal Laycock

Session One,

Arrive for 12pm, Games will start at 12.30pm, Games will finish by 2.30pm
Players to leave the club by 3.30pm. Please Clean equipment before leaving the club

Vic McArdell
Barry Taylor
4 Woods Each
Trevor Burnett
Chris Wilson
Leigh Bean
Gerry Bean
4 Woods Each
Pauline Mabbutt
Dave Mabbutt
Gordon Hollier
John Evans
Paul Aldus
3 Woods Each
Bill Dredge
Mo MIllard
Graham Millard
Martina Garfield
Trevor Garfield
Alan Vickery
3 Woods Each
Jan Davies
Allan Shattock
John Davies

Session Two,

Arrive for 4pm, Games will start at 4.30pm, Games will finish by 6.30pm
Please Clean equipment before leaving the club

Wendy Coleman
Terry Coleman
4 Woods each
Kim Wright
John Wright
Jim Purvis
Harry Woodards
Hilary Guckian
3 Woods Each
Sarah Hayes
Terry Brice
Kim Burgess
Pam Gibbons
Kevin Gibbons
Mal Laycock
3 Woods Each
Maurice Finch
Keith Wheeler
John Rickerty
Pam Kirby
John Amos
Mike Amos
3 Woods Each
Angela Bass
Mike Bass
Phil Villis
Alan Cockayne and his virtual world - Is this an April Fools Joke or not? - Decide for yourself

Alan Cockayne goes
into Virtual Mode

News is coming through that Alan Cockayne is in
the middle of a virtual walk from Lands End to John O'Groats.

How? I hear you ask

He tells me that he is on a virtual walk from Lands End to John O’Groats, and the concept is that, whatever mileage he walks or runs, the information is entered into an app and it moves him along
a map between the two locations.

It is not a race, and there is no sponsorship / charity involvement, it is simply an individual challenge,
and he is given a year to complete the 874 miles.

It is reported that he started on 1 March and today (1st April) he has now completed 180miles and has been walking (virtually) up the M5 and is passing Banwell.

With Less than 700 miles to go,
he plans to be in John O’Groats sometime mid August.

He tells you this so that you
can have a drink waiting for him on completion.

  Alan Cockayne  

Well Readers:

Is this an elborate April Fools Joke?
Or is Alan walking in a virtual manner the length of the British Isles
(As only Alan can)
What are the chances of him being run over by a virtual car on the M5.

Answers on a postcard please

There is no truth at all in the proposal
that Alan is seeking to introduce an app
which will place his woods alongside the jack,
every time, in future games at Banwell.

  Virtual Map  

For those not sure what the word virtual means, here are three definitions for you to ponder on:

1 Almost or nearly as describedbut not completely or according to strict definition
2 Not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so:
3 Denoting particles or interactions with extremely short lifetimes and
(owing to the uncertainty principle) indefinitely great energies, postulated as intermediates in some processes.

Every Day Alan Cockayne, don't you think?