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A Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our readers
  Christmas Greetings  
Breaking News - sorry Jenny Brice, just a play on words
  Jenny Brice

Jenny Brice breaks her Ankle

Sorry to hear the news Jenny.

What news I hear you cry.

Well poor old Jenny Brice has taken
a tumble and the net result is
4 broken bones in her ankle.

The hospital have plastered her leg
up to the knee and they are hoping
that the broken bones will reset themselves
in the correct order. If not, then an operation
will have to be undertaken

Not the best time of the year for this to happen Jenny
but we all wish you a swift recovery.

Just put your your foot up, relax and get
Terry to wait on you hand and foot !!

2020 Fixture List now on the website

Our Fixture Sec, Mal Laycock has been working hard and has now given me the fixture list for 2020.
To view, click on 'Fixtures' above


Don't Forget
Club members get together
Saturday 7th December
The Coach House Locking.
Just be there at 2pm

FORTHCOMING ATTRACTION - Christmas Drinks - Club members get together
  Christmas Drinks

Club Members
Get together for Xmas Drinks

The Coach House Locking
Saturday 7th December
Starting at 2.00pm

Coach House, Locking
Saturday 7th December, 2pm start

All that is needed is for you to turn up,
stay as short or as long as you wish.

So see you all on the day.

Trevor Garfield
Social Secretary



Dinner and Presentation Evening Saturday 26th October 2019

Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening


Worlebury Golf Club - 29th October 2019

It was that time of the year again, the 'Dinner and Presentation Evening'
Club members flooded into the Worlebury Golf Club for the occasion.

As usual I was wandering around with my camera and below are just a few of the
photos of the night. Sorry if you do not appear, you were just unlucky.
And those who received more than one trophy - well you may only appear once.

The dining room Table 6 The top table Table 3

And then there were various people, sitting around at various tables, talking about various subjects

Leigh Bean John and Jan Davies Mo and Sue Pam and Vicky
Dave and Martina Jan and Phil Villis Rob and Kevin Terry and KIm

And then there were other people doing other things, or just enjoying themselves

Trevor and Joy Phil and Pete Phil and Pete Ann and Chris

And then came the speeches from Barry Taylor, President of Banwell
and David Bishop, President Somerset County Bowls Association

Barry Taylor and his speech Davis Bishop David Bishop Mrs Bishop with flowers

There followed numerous presentations. Not all are shown for various reasons, sorry if you were not included

Dave Mabbutt Trevor Burnett and Gerry Bean Graham Millard Joy Lane and Martina Garfield
Leigh Bean Martina Garfield Jan Davies and Angela Bass Mike Bass
Jan Davies Phil Villis John Wright Shawn White

It was a good end to a mixed season, we had good wins,
horrible losses and were promoted and relegated.
You cannot say that it was not an interesting season.
So good luck to Mac Kirby as he takes up his captaincy for 2020,
and good luck to you all. And to quote that corny phrase... Winter Well

And finally.......


We have still not cured our Social Secretary
Trevor Garfield of his liking for taking photos of
people's kneecaps. Must work harder on this
problem next season. Cheers Everyone

Trevor Garfield  
Three More Tour Photos from Snap Happy Mike Bass

The Mike Bass Portfolio

I received an email from Mike Bass with some photos attached which were taken during the 2nd week of the tour.
Three of the photos I thought captured the scene rather nicely. So here they are MIke, and thanks for sending them to me.

  The Captain plays pool Mac in slumber Tunnel Vision  
More decisions for the Captain
"What the hell do I do now?
Next years Captain
Mac in his
usual active mode
Tunnel Vision
Very artistic Mike.
Phil Villis plays in successful Somerset Side

Indoor Bowls News

  Phil Villis

Phil Villis in successful
Somerset County
Over 60's Team

Congratulations to Phil Villis, who
formed part of the successful Somerset
Over 60's team who beat Devon
over 6 rinks
( Three rinks home and three rinks away)

Phil was playing away at the Exonia Green.

In a tight match, the rink in which
he was playing were one up going
into the last end.
They came out winners by 3 shots.

Somerset will meet either Berks or Hampshire
in the next round

Well done Phil, keep up the good work


Club Tour - Hotel Vila Gale Marina - Portugal - October 2019

Club Tour
Hotel Vila Gale Marina,
Vilamoura, Portugal
October 2019

The hotel gardens
For our tour this year, Captain Hilary Guckian made the decision to go abroad.
This was a first for Banwell, who previously, had only toured in the UK.
Enough people showed an interest to go on the tour and so planning went ahead.
Firm bookings were made by Personal Touch Holidays for our stay at the Hotel Vila Gale Marina.
And on the 10th October we were on our way from Bristol Airport to Faro Airport in Portugal

Bristol Airport Barry enjoys a drink Arriving at Faro Airport Barry with his green cases

And so we gathered at Bristol Airport, where Barry drank Coffee
on account of the drinks being prohibitively expensive.
Only the rich or foolish could afford to purchase alcohol

A couple of hours lated we arrived
at Faro Airport ready to board our
coach for the hotel - Nice green cases Barry!
On the tour I just wandered around as I normally do taking pictures, some are good, some are bad.
However I was assisted by other members of the tour who also wandered around taking pictures on their iphones
which they then emailed to me. Again some were good and some were bad.
But thanks to everyone who supplied me with additional photos, they were very much appreciated

At the Hotel

IN the Hotel In the Hotel In the Hotel Ann AMos on the Balcony
The Bowls Green

And then there were the bowls matches, 3 played on grass greens and one played on an artificial green
We went down on all 4 games and the match at Floresta played on the artifcial green, was a total disaster.
But at the end of the day we enjoyed ourselves in the warm sunshine.
Joao Nunes drew up a spread sheet with the combined scores for each person.
The only person who came out smelling of roses was Lee Pheasant
who after skipping 3 winning rinks ended with a positive score over the 4 matches

Lee Pheasant 15
Terry Brice -1
Cath Heal -5
Angela Bass -14
Mike Bass -14
John Wright -14
Kim Wright -14
Terry Coleman -17
Chick Coffin -20
Mac Kirby -27

Match Results

Banwell 87 - Pedras 95

Banwell 65 - Alvor 83

Pam Kirby -27
Paul Wilfan -27
Wendy Coleman -28
Harry Woodards -32
John Amos -39
Shawn White -42
Hilary Guckian -45
Barry Taylor -47
Sue Taylor -59
Rob Taylor -59

Shawn White

Banwell 45 - Floresta 112

Banwell 63 - Valverde 99

After the match The watering Hole
Rob Taylor bowling Pam Kirby

And then there were presentations of every shape and size

Captain Hilary and Tour Manager Joao Nunes were doing a splendid job

Hilary and chick Hilary and Paul Wilfan Joao and Hilary John AMos and Hilary

Not be outdone, President Barry was bumbling along enjoying himself

Barry and the wine Barry and the new pair of bathers Barry asleep

Eh OOOP this is really nice wine, I think I will have a couple before my swim. Later Barry emerged looking resplendent in his new green
bathing costume recently purchased from Marks and Spencer. But eagle eyed team members noticed that he had forgotten to take the label
off the new bathers. It all got a little too much for the President who fell asleep on the following trip

But at the other end of the pool..

John Wright John Wright John Wright in the pool

At the other end of the pool, Cool Super Dude John Wright, complete with his Gamboa hand made Panama hat,
and strategically placed Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, draped himself gracefully over the sun lounger and surveilled the scene.

Some of Ladies

Angela Bass Wendy Coleman

Some of the ladies - unusual hat, Angie Bass !!

Just a few more pictures, in no particular order- I was inundated with photos from everyone. So thanks very much

Cath Heal Chick Coffin The Colemans
Jenny Brice Joao Nunes Tour Manager Harry Woodards John and Hilary The Ladies
KIm Wright Terry Brice in the pool On the backseat
Mike Bass The Taylors Shawn White The CRazy Golf Winners

Well I don't know about you lot, but I thoughouly enjoyed my stay in Vilamoura.
Ok so we did not win any games, but the sun shone every day, the drinks were remarkably
cheap.There were plenty of pubs in which to have a drink while watching the world cup rugby.
And beautiful beaches and marina to have a gentle stroll

Huge thanks must go to Hilary Guckian for organising our first ever tour abroad, and also
to Joao Nunes the Personal Touch Tour Manager, who ensured everything went smoothly

We must do it again some time

And finally
In memorandum....


A Soulful Goodbye

It was time to go, I was packing my bowls gear in the case when
a voice penetrated the silence...

"You are not thinking of taking those bowling shoes home?"
It was the soft dulcet tones of my wife.

"Well yes, as a matter of fact I was, I can get a few more games out of them"

"You must be joking, look at the state of them, they are disgusting"

And with that she raised herself to her full 5 feet 2 inches in size
brushed me aside, grabbed my shoes and stuffed them in the bin alongside the empty whisky bottle.

"You can buy yourself a new pair when we get back to the UK"

So when I think back on the tour I shall think, with perhaps a little sadness
of my old comfortable bowling shoes. I am reminded of the words of Rupert Brooke

There’s some corner of a foreign field.......

See you all at the club dinner

Jimmy Laurent - Memorial Service Saturday 5th October

A fitting farewell to Jimmy

  JImmy Laurent  

Jimmy Laurent. 17th May 1942 - 30th May 2019

  Mac and Pam Kirby  

175 people attended the 'Memorial Service for the life of Jimmy Laurent" and as the vicar said

"Jimmy was a well loved character of this village"

There were people from all walks of life at the service, the football club, several members
of several bowls clubs, the Banwell British Legion, and villagers who had known
Jimmy throughout his life, to mention but a few.

The British Legion flag was lowered as Mac and Pam Kirby played the last post
and President Barry Taylor gave an excellent potted history of Jimmy's life.

JImmy would have been impressed by this send off.

Food and refreshments were laid on at the Bowls Club after the service
and with 175 people attending, it was busy to say the least.

Finally, President Barry and wife Carole would like to thank
every who supplied the food, also the hard work of the bar staff, and
anyone else who had a hand in this memorable day.

We drank a toast to Jimmy and said goodbye to him


Out Buildings Maintenance - another report from Paul Aldus

Not 3 men in a boat
3 Men on a roof

  Re felting the roof  

The Banwell Pump House Roof Repairs

The roof of the shed conta ining the pump
and control panel for the sprinkler
system was rotten and on it’s last legs.

It contains the electrics for the system
and would not mix well with rainwater,

So Graham, Dave and Paul replaced the rotten roof
using the spare marine ply left over from
when the clubhouse floor was replaced.

 It’s now been felted and  hopefully it will see us out!


Green Maintenance gets underway - A report from Paul Aldus
  Grenn Maintenance 2019

Green Maintenance
Programme 2019
Autumn Work
gets underway

This is the one time of the year when weather conditions and green availability give a relatively small window of opportunity to undertake major repair, renovation and development work on the green.

Green Maintenance  

In brief, following previous preparatory work in the weeks prior to closing day, preparation
for the Autumn work was undertaken with a deep scarification of the green.

This uses a specialist machine to remove the build up of dead and dying organic matter (grass, moss, weed) etc.
which, if not removed, adversely affects both the health and speed of the green.

A top dressing of a specialist sand was applied and levelled along rink 1
to begin to address some of the worst levels there.

Areas of the green were prepared and then over seeded with fine fescue
and bent grasses to address bare and thin areas,
covering this with top dressing to assist in germination.

Finally granular fertilizer and then calcium were applied to assist in regrowth,
germination and as part of the ongoing plan for our green development.


Further work will occur throughout the close season which will include hollow tynning,
which removes 1000’s of  small cores from the green surface/top layer
and also a specialist tractor will be used to carry out a deeper aeration
of the green whereby solid  tines penetrate the green to 10” over its whole surface.


To assist with green health and mitigate against green disease,
it is very necessary to ensure worm casts and particularly dew are swept off the green surface.

Once again this year we have a band of volunteers who cover every day of the week
and who will start as soon as the new seed has germinated and established.

They are:

Gerry BEAN
and Shawn WHITE.

A big thank you to the above mentioned volunteers

Paul Aldus - September 2019


Captains Day - 2019

Captains Day 2019

  Group Photo  

A perfect Day.
The weather was hot, a gentle breeze rippled across the green.
The price of drinks was guaranteed even to make the non drinkers imbibe.

Had we died and gone to heaven? - not quite.

Vicky Guckian produced an excellent meal, and
Captain Hilary was in top form as he recounted experiences
throughout the season.

So well done Hilary, a successful year as Captain

Jan Davies

Above photos of Hilary thanking a few of the many people who helped out during the year
I did take a lot more photos but it would have taken me all day to put them on the website
So apologies if your smiling face has not appeared.

  Mac Kirby Vice Captain

A very theatrical Vice Captain
in full throw as he thanked
Hilary for all his hard work
over the season.

Club members were totally impressed
at Mac's ability to fall asleep but still
continue to talk.
Can't wait for next season

Mac Kirby Vice Captain  
  Hilary Kisses Chris

Meanwhile Hilary is warming to the
situation, a few statesman like words
to motivate the club members.


A quick kiss behind the flowers
(No one will notice Chris)
And that is the formalities over and done
with for this year

Hilary's speech  
  The Clubhouse
The Clubhouse
The Clubhouse  
  Ann Wyatt

"Hey President Barry
I am having such a
lovely time I think I
will burst into song

"Eeeh Ooop Lass
steady on old girl,
you do not want
to curdle the beer
now do you, by Gum"

President Barry Taylor  

It was good to see Charlie Williams,
once again, the clubs one and only
Centenarian, looking so fit and well
Charlie Williams
  Mike Amos The Wrights Chris Laycock  

I say old chap this is frightfully nice beer, what!

Serious Business this Captain's Day
don't you think my love
Who's a happy bar maid then?
And finally the club would not be complete without this gentleman.....

"No you see, ees too oi too oi
and ees too eavy too eavy.
ee got to learn to settle down, settle down

"Oi mean ee only ad to get within
this distance of the jack
just a draw and

ee could ave got shot"

"Oi dont know Oi really dont"

Phil Villis

Well done Hilary, All the best for next season Mac
Winter Well everyone - See you at the airport or at the dinner and Presentation Evening

Pound in the Pig - Final Results

Pound in the Pig - All is revealed


Have you ever wondered what happened to your £1?

Yes that's right you had "Bowled a Wrong Bias Wood"
causing total panic on the adjoining rink.

After the game you were then coerced into putting your cash
into the pig as a fine for your moment of total
lack of concentration and your insipid and
uninspiring sense of direction.

Well sit up straight and pay attention and I will tell you
where your pound is going

This year all money placed into the pig will be donated to:

The Local Banwell Under 7's Football Team

And the sum of money?.....£171.00 Pounds
Yes that's right £171.00 Pounds

Below is Fixtures Secretary Mal Laycock with the cheque

So some good has come out of members aimlessly
chucking their woods all over the green.

  Mal Laycock  
Banwell Over 60's team finish on a high

Banwell Over 60's team take
38 points from
their last two games to power
their way into 2nd place
and promotion


Final Table for Division 2 Weston Over 60's League
As at 13th September 2019

Barry and Carole Taylor celebrate 54 years of marriage
  Carole and Barry Taylor

Congratulations to President Barry
and Carole Taylor on 54 years of
married life

It was back in 1965 on the 11th September
that Barry and Carole tied the knot.
A day to celebrate - Congrats

President Barry treats his vegetables to a day out

While on the subject of President Barry, did you notice that on Finals day,
when he was on 'Presentation of Trophies duty'
he brought his vegetables along for a day out.

"Eh you know my vegetables like a day out, change of scenery and all that,
and of course it stops them getting lonely when I am not there, they miss me you know"

So there you go folks, for more exciting news watch this space

  Barry Taylor Barry and his veg Barry and his cabbage  
Finals Day 2019 - Results

The weather was perfect and there was some excellent bowling throughout the day.
Below are the Winners and Runners Up for the finals played over two days.
Note: The Triples and Rinks competitions were played at an earlier date



Runners Up
Men's Championship
Chris Wilson Club Champion   Mens Champuonship Runner Up Phil Villis  
Men's Club Champion
Chris Wilson
Phil Villis
Ladies Championship
Ladies Champion Martina Garfield   Jan Davies Ladies Champion Runner Up  
Ladies Club Champion
Martina Garfield
Jan Davies
Men's Handicap
Mens Handicap Winner Phil Villis   Graham MIllard  
Men's Handicap Winner
Phil Villis
Graham Millard
Men's Veterans
Men's Veterans Winner Graham Millard   John Davies Runner Up Man's Veterans  
Mens Veterans Winner
Graham Millard
John Davies
Men's 2 Wood Singles
Mike Amos 2 wood singles winner   Phil Villis 2 wood singles runner up  
2 Wood Singles Winner
Mike Amos
  Phil Villis  
Novices Winner Leigh Bean   Novices Runner Up Shawn White  
Novices Winner
Leigh Bean
  Shawn White  
Beginners winner Leigh Bean   Beginners Runner Up John Wright  
Beginners Winner
Leigh Bean
  John Wright  
2 Wood Pairs
Mike and John Amos  2 wood pairs winners   2 Wood Pairs Runners Up  
2 Wood Pairs Winners
Mike and John Amos
  John Wright and
Lee Phesant
Ladies Pairs
Ladies Pairs Winners, Jan Davies and Angela Bass   Ladies Pairs Winers Up  
Ladies Pairs Winners
Jan Davies and Angela Bass
  Martina Garfield
and Joy Lane
Men,s Pairs
  Man's Pairs Runners up  
Men's Pairs Winners
Chris Wilson and Dave Mabbutt
  Trevor Garfield and
Trevor Burnett
Open Pairs
Open Pairs Winners, Chris Wilson and John Davies   OPen Pairs runners up  
Open Pairs Winners
John Davies and Chris Wilson
  Dave Mabbutt and
Phil Villis
Angela Bass and her success at Walking Netball

Well Done Angela Bass

Taking part in the Bath University National Vintage Games last Sunday (1st September) the Hutton Moor Ladies Walking Netball team -"TheTrailblazers ", was presented with a special award for
"The team which best represented

"The True Spirit and Ethos of the Games".

It was a unanimous decision by the judges
chosen from the 45 teams competing
overall in different disciplines.

"Hutton Trailblazers" was started by Angela Bass three years ago. She was a founder member of Ladies Walking Netball before The England Netball Association recognised the sport.

Starting with 4 players the membership has now grown to 44 and Angela is now an England Netball Walking Netball Host.

She was honoured to accept the trophy on behalf of the team


  Angela Bass
Terry and Jenny Brice celebrate 52 years of marriage

Terry and Jenny Brice

52 years of marriage
celebrated on the 2nd
September 2019

Terry told me that they got
married in 1967 and went to
Torquay for their Honeymoon.

While in Torquay they splashed
out and bought seats in the
Princess Theatre, where top of
the bill was Max Bygraves.

Terry and Jenny Brice  
Umbrella Competition - Last game of the 2019 season

Umbrella Fancy Dress Evening

The usual fancy dress evening took place on Monday and celbrated another successful Season

The outcome of the competition was still in the balance with up to 4 players still in with a chance of winning
But it was Jan Davies who came storming through at the end to win the trophy.
Congratulations on your win Jan
( Final Table can be seen on the Umbrella Page)

A big thank you to Trevor Garfield for his organisational skills throughout the season

Below are just a few photos to give you a flavour of the last game

  Jan Davies is presented with the trophy  
President Barry Taylor Presenting the winners Cup to Jan Davies, after the game

  The group picture on the night  

A Motley Crew indeed !!

  The green people Jan Davies Andy Pandy - Mac Kirby Terry Coleman Wendy Coleman  
The green Men
Nice Dress Chaps,
But did not improve your bowls
Jan Davies,
the eventual winner
Andy Pandy goes to sleep while making a speech - nothing new there
Air Marshall Sir Terry Coleman (order of the wrong bias) and his good lady Wendy.( Wendy turned up as a strict head mistress complete with cane, but appears to have migrated into a penguin)
  Terry Brice Maurice Finch Andy Pandy at the selection committee  
Wow, what panache. Not bad Terry.
He only knocked one of the opposition's wood in for shot this time
For Goodness sake
somebody buy Maurice a razor
Andy Pandy wandered into the selection committee. But which of the others is
Looby Loo? Answers on a postcard please
  Barry Taylor watches the dancing

And Finally:

President Barry watches the
spectacle of two of the ladies
spontaneously breaking into
the Banwell Bowls Club
formation performing a
2 step Dance

"Eh oop, by eck
its more fun watching these two lasses gyrating around the green, than observing Alan Cockayne trying to get his woods somewhere near the jack time after time
Eh by Gum".

Also a big thankyou to
Vic McArdell who took
command of the camera
while I was playing.
So if there are any photos
you don't like... He took them !!

The two Pams decide to dance  

Pauline Mabbutt Hits the Headlines

Banwell's Pin Up Girl

Page 3 of the Sun?
No not quite, but
even better....
Page 51 of the Weston Mercury

  Pauline Mabbutt featured in the Weston Mercury

Pauline Mabbutt featured
in the Weston Mercury

And there she was, featured in the sports section
of the Weston Mercury. In full flowing action her graceful
lines in full and perfect symmetry set against the harsh
lines of the green.

I have heard people say that these graceful and elegant
lines give an emotionally aesthete and pleasing aspect
to this well taken photograph.

Bulls**t and hogwash? Without a doubt.
A load of nonsence? Absolutely

But well done Pauline,
the Mercury sports editor likes you.

£800 donated to Prostate Cance Fund

A Message from the Captain

Following a collection from the local business community the sum of £200 was raised through the donation boxes for Prostate Cancer

In addition Banwell Bowling Club raised a further £600 as a result of Charity Day

So the total raised for
Prostate Cancer was £800

My sincere thanks go to all those
who gave generously on the day.

A good day for all concerned

Hilary Guckian