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The Tale of the President and the Rake

He who laughs last...........


A Tale of mirth and merriment from
our roving reporter
Paul Aldus

Good Day People
You may recall during our esteemed president's speech on opening day. He recounted an episode when I stepped on a rake and clobbered myself during a pre season working party.
He made light of my injuries, both physical and to my pride,
laughing at my clumsiness and encouraging
our members to follow suit.
 Yes it was very funny.

Yesterday I visited Barry who was nursing a very sore elbow.
What’s the matter I said?

 ‘EY up’ he said,
 ‘ I propped t’ rake up against t’ greenhouse, walked past,
stood on it and clobbered myself on t' elbow.
Bloody hurt so much I had t' sit down to recover’

Touché Mr President

Banwell off to great start in Over 60's Competition

Banwell off to a
great Start in the
Over 60's Competition


Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Won 21 shots to 11
Won 37 shots to 4
Won 17 shots to 16
Won 24 shots to 10
Won 14 shots to 13
Won 21 shots to 13

Result: Banwell 134 shots ( 20 Points ) - Mark Moor 67 ( Nil Points )

A Perfect Day and a Perfect Win

Well we could not have wished for a better start in our opening match
in the Weston Over 60's league. Stars of the show were Phil Villis,
Mike Bass and Dave Mabbutt who stormed to a powerful 37 - 4 win.
The other 5 rinks backed them up to complete a maximum points win.

This was just a little too much for our President Barry Taylor,
who, after 18 ends asked why people were shaking hands and walking
off the green. "Eh Ooop we've got another 4 ends to play" he protested.

He was gently escorted from the green to the bar where a
pint of beer was placed in his hands. He has since made a full recovery.

But the Captain was made of sterner stuff.
He promptly fined him £2, for conduct unbecoming....

Great win lads, long may it continue

News - Odds and Sods

Banwell lose their first friendly game

In a close game Banwell lost their first friendly match
You can see the details and every other friendly
match by clicking on 'Friendly Matches' above


Over 60's reporting

We start our first 'Over 60's' match this coming Thursday.
I am toying with the idea of creating a new webpage to report
all the details, but I am told that results and tables turn up on an irregular basis.

So for the time being I will report the Over 60's results and the league tables
(when they are issued) on the ' Latest News' page and I will see how it goes

Cheers JA

The Tony HYde Memorial Shield - Saturday 4th May - Details and teams

The Tony Hyde Memorial Shield
Saturday 4th May 2019

Registration plus Tea/Coffee & Biscuits at 1000hrs


Team 'A'

Team 'B'

Team 'C'

Team 'D'

Team 'E'

Team 'F'

Terry Brice
Gordon Hollier
John Wright
Shaun White
Pauline Mabbutt
Gerry Bean
Trevor Burnett
Dave Mabbutt
Mo Millard
Mike House
Trevor Garfield
John Rickerty
John Davies
Chris Wilson
Mike Amos
Harry Woodards
KIm Burgess
Mal Laycock

Team 'G'

Team 'H'

Team 'I'

Team 'J '

Team 'K'

Team 'L'

Martina Garfield
Leigh Bean
Pam Kirby
Mike Bass
Mac Kirby
Jan Davies
John Amos
Chick Coffin
Paul Wilfan
Peter Botting
Vic Ardell
Paul Aldus
Hilary Guckian
Alan Vickery
Barry Taylor
Graham MIllard
Phil Villis
Lee Pheasant

Details of matches, times and rinks

Games and Times
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Game 1 10.30am - 11.30am
A v B
E v F
C v D
G v H
K v L
I v J
Game 2 11.30am - 12.30pm
D v F
A v C
B v E
J v L
G v I
H v K

Break 12.30pm - 1.30pm Buffet Lunch

Game 3 1.30pm - 2.30pm
G v J
H v L
! v K
A v D
B v F
C v E
Game 4 2.30pm - 3.30pm
L v I
G v K
H v J
F v C
A v E
B v D

The Top Team from each group will play each other in the final over 9 ends


  • 9 Ends per game
  • 2 Points for a win, 1 Point for a draw
  • No Visiting the head
  • Each player in a team plays 3 ends in each position (Lead, 2 and Skip) during the game
  • Players rotate their playing position after 3 consecutive ends
  • In the event of a tie, shot difference will be used to calculate the top two rinks
  • In the event of shot difference being the same then the number of ends won will determine the winning rinks

Presidents Day - April 2019
  Barry Taylor Banwell President

Presidents Day
April 13th 2019

  Group PHoto 2019  

Well we could not have asked for better weather.
Ok it was a bit nippy when the sun went behind
the clouds, but it was a good day and enjoyed by all

  Barry Kissing Carole Rob Taylor Bowls President and the Captain Spwctators  

The green bowled surprisingly well for this time of the year
and at the end of the game, the President's team emerged
as winners by 6 shots.
After the match we sat down to a tasty 3 course tea
and then sat back to listen to President Barry's speech.
It goes without saying that once again he was in sparkling form.

Is this going to be Banwell's year?

Below are a few photos taken on the day

  Mike and Angela Bass Spider Winner Sue Taylor Rob Taylor plus beer  
New members Angela and Mike Bass
got off to a good start by winning
the whisky in the raffle

Sue Taylor wins the
whisky in the
Spider Competition

Rob Taylor was observed tottering around
the clubhouse with a pint of beer in his hand. Phil VIllis just missed
having a beer shampoo
  Charlie Williams

101 year old
Charlie Williams
in training to be a
Boy Racer

It was good to see Charle Williams
down at the club for Presidents Day.

He may not be able to walk far
these days but he has aquired a
new form of transport, and can be
seen zipping around the streets
of Banwell.

Charlie Williams  

And finally....

  President Barry Taylor  

"Eh ooop... Where's everyone gone"?
Was it something I said?"
By Eck who cares - now point me in the direction of the bar "

Internal Competitions 2019

Internal Competitions 2019

The details of the internal competitions (With the exception of the rinks and triples) are now posted on the notice board in the clubhouse and on this website. (Click on internal Comp).

Just a quick reminder of the rules:

1) Please make sure you play your games by the dates stated on the competition sheets

2) The Challenger is responsible for booking the session, and, in the case of singles matches is resposible for arranging a marker for the match.

3) In accordance with BE and SCA competition rules, enough rinks should be made available from which rinks are drawn out in order to determine who plays where

Best of luck in all your competitions

Banwell players feature in the Weston Mercury competing in the St.Andrews Indoor Championshiops

Banwell players feature in St.Andrews indoor Championships.

Congratulations to Banwell players Mo and Graham
MIllard who along with St.Andrews competition Secretary, Brian Reeves repeated their 2018 mixed triples success.

Well done!
Mo and Graham...all you have to do is repeat
your form on the Banwell green
during the 2019 season

No Problems.