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Barbaric decision made regarding the 'Diddler'

Is this the end of the 'Diddler'?*

Barbaric decision made by the Vice Captain
Winning rink in tears over uncaring statement.
Read all the sordid details below !!

  The winning rink

PIcture the scene, it is the mixed game against Eastover.
The weather was bright and sunny and a happy
atmosphere permeated around the green.
Ok, 4 rinks were getting beaten, but on Rink 4, Mal Laycock and his team of Dave Mabbutt and Kim Wright were bucking the trend.

The end of the game came and so it came to pass that Mal and his team were the only winning team and stood to win the winning rink money and get a mention on the website

Mal Laycock  

Both teams trooped into the clubhouse for tea and Mal Laycock's happiness level was brimming over.
I mean let's be honest, Mal has skipped a few times, but for him to win the winning rink money is as rare as 'Hens Teeth'
But during his speech the Vice Captain dropped his bombshell.
With an unsmiling face he announced that there was to be "No winning rink money at this match."

A gasp of astonishment spread around the clubhouse, Mal choked on his ginger beer and made a spluttering protest.
But to no avail the Vice Captain was adamant - "No winning rink money today". Shock, Horror, Outrage.

  Vice Captain Mac Kirby

An official investigation was called for,
with the highest officials in the club being asked to give judgement on this affair
However as the President was at home tending his cabbages
and the Captain, Secretary, Treasurer,
Bar Manager, Uncle Tom Cobley and all ,were nowhere to be seen,
the tea ladies, Chris Laycock and Jenny Brice were next in the pecking order

But as Chris Laycock had a vested interest.
the judgement came down to Jenny Brice.
But she said she was far too busy clearing up the kitchen,
so we would have to sort it out ourselves.

So people... How will this absorbing problem be solved?
Will Mal Laycock, now a broken man, get his money?

Watch this space for more news

* For the uninitiated ,the term diddler
is the term used for the winning rink pot of money

The Latest Over 60's result v Nailsea 15th August
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Rink 6
Lost 12 shots to 23
Lost 13 shots to 16
Won 28 shots to 5
Lost 13 shots to 18
Lost 16 shots to 20
Won 20 shots to 15

Funny old game bowls.
One asks how does a team win on two thirds of the rinks but still lose the game.
Well Nailsea were unfortunate to come up against Phil Villis and his team
who were unrestrained in action and performance on the day
Rampant is the word I would use !!
Backed up by Harry Woodards and his team the other winning rink
Banwell carried the game.

Result: Banwell 102 shots ( 12 Points ) - Nailsea 97 shots ( 8 Points )

£800 donated to Prostate Cance Fund

A Message from the Captain

Following a collection from the local business community the sum of £200 was raised through the donation boxes for Prostate Cancer

In addition Banwell Bowling Club raised a further £550 as a result of Charity Day

So the total raised for
Prostate Cancer was £800

My sincere thanks go to all those
who gave generously on the day.

A good day for all concerned

Hilary Guckian

Sprinkler wreaks havoc
  Alan Cockayne and the sprinkler

Alan Cockayne ambushed
by the club's sprinkler system

It had not been a good evening for Alan Cockayne.
On the green his team had been on the receiving
end of a good drubbing and had to be content with second place

He was perhaps a little subjued as he sipped his
full strength orange juice and after a long sigh
announced he was going home.

Seconds later the silence was broken by a loud shriek.
It came to pass that as he walked alongside the green,
the automatic sprinkler system sprang into life
sending a jet of cold water up the left leg of his shorts.

As he stood there he was acutely aware of a soggy wetness
around his nether region, the water dripping
freely down from his shorts.

Sympathy? None; People rushing to help? None;
Mirth and hilarity? In abundance.

Never mind Alan, we hope your dangly parts have
now dried out and are in perfect working order
and look forward to the next episode, whatever it may be

Quiz Night - Aug 2019

Quiz Night
Aug 2019

  John Wright

What is the........
How many.........
Why does.........

And so the questions flowed, all devised
by that fiendish master of ceremonies
Trevor Garfield

Furrowed brows, serious thinking
and in some cases, major falling out
between members of the same team
who insisted that their answer was correct


But at the end of a successful night, £200 had been made
to go to club funds. So a big thank you to Trevor and Martina Garfield
and to all the other volunteers who helped to make it a really good evening

Below, the brains behind the whole evening - Trevor and Martina Garfield

  Martina and trevor Martina and Trevor Martina and Trevor  

And finally below the winning team
They were called "Insider Information"
which as they are members of the Garfield
Clan may have involved a little skulduggery

But no, all was above board.
So well done to the winning team.

  The winning team  
Silly News
Bottle of Perry

The Case of the returning
bottle of Perry

Have you seen this bottle before?
More than likely.

Over the past weeks I have been trying to
get rid of this bottle.
I have put it in numerous raffles,
but it keeps coming back.

So I have taken a nice photo of this bottle against a background
of flowers in the hope that the next person that wins it
will fall in love with it and keep the B****Y stuff

For the connoisseurs, it is a Chaumet Brut 5.5% by alcohol
Brewed by Magners with a destinct pear flavour.
Oh! and I should add it is full of Sulphites and sugars.

So when it crops up in the next raffle - as it will,
buy a ticket - who knows you may well win it


Mike House


PIcture the scene...We are preparing to play
Congresbury in the 'B' team league match
When out of the 'Blue' (Sorry for that play on words)
emerged a certain Mike House, correctly attired except
for a pair of blue socks

The Captain of the day took him to one side and
mentioned that he had forgotten to change his socks

"Oh no" he replied
"I am playing in these socks"

The Captain of the day admitted defeat
when MIke House then told him:

"Well they were white, but I washed them in
Blue Daz washing powder"

There is no answer to that

Mike Houes's legs
Parrott Shield 2nd Leg - Home

Parrott Shield

Presentation of the shield  

We knew right from the start that this was not going to be an easy game.

We started the game with a slender lead of 4 shots from the first Leg played at Winscombe.
And true to form that lead disappeared in the first 2 to 3 ends.

From then on it was close game, we won on three rinks and lost on the other two.

But fine performances from John Davies and his rink for Banwell and Malcolm Dorrington and
his rink for Winscombe, kept the state of the game at nail biting pitch.

But like all good Western Films, Captain Hilary Guckian rode off into the sunset
with the Parrott Shield tucked under his arm

So well done to the Banwell
and commiserations to WInscombe

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Lost 9 shots to 25
Won 36 shots to 12
Won 17 shots to 15
Won 21 shots to 20
Lost 15 shots to 19

Result: Banwell 98 shots - Winscombe 91 shots ( A win by 7 shots plus the 4 in the first leg gives an overall win by 11 shots)

And finally a few pictures taken on the night

  Will Ainsworth Top Table Discussions MIke Nash  

A fine square jawed
profile of Wilf Ainsworth

Animated discussions
on the top table
Mike Nash gets confused when asked to smile
Banwell Bowls Club Caps
Rinks Day July 2019

Rinks Day July 2019

  Rinks Day Winners 2019  

It was a glorious day, the sun shone, the beer was cool, and the day organised to perfection by Hilary Guckian.
Starting at 10am the battles took place, but by mid afternoon, two teams were left to fight it out in the final:

Lee Pheasant, Harry Woodards, Gerry Bean and Trevor Burnett
Mike Amos, Mike Bass, Mike House and Dave Mabbutt

The game started pretty well nip and tuck, but on the 8th end
Lee Pheasant and his team picked up a 4 followed by three 2's
which sealed the game

Final Result:
Lee Pheasant and his rink16 shots
Mike Amos and his rink 11 shots.

So congrats to the winners and commiserations to the runners up

  Rinks Winners


Left:The winners

Right: The Runners Up

Rinks Runners Up  

Finally some action shots of some of the players in the final

  Dave Mabbutt Harry Woodards MIke Amos  

Dave Mabbutt

Harry Woodards

MIke Amos