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Captains Day - 2019

Captains Day 2019

  Group Photo  

A perfect Day.
The weather was hot, a gentle breeze rippled across the green.
The price of drinks was guaranteed even to make the non drinkers imbibe.

Had we died and gone to heaven? - not quite.

Vicky Guckian produced an excellent meal, and
Captain Hilary was in top form as he recounted experiences
throughout the season.

So well done Hilary, a successful year as Captain

Jan Davies

Above photos of Hilary thanking a few of the many people who helped out during the year
I did take a lot more photos but it would have taken me all day to put them on the website
So apologies if your smiling face has not appeared.

  Mac Kirby Vice Captain

A very theatrical Vice Captain
in full throw as he thanked
Hilary for all his hard work
over the season.

Club members were totally impressed
at Mac's ability to fall asleep but still
continue to talk.
Can't wait for next season

Mac Kirby Vice Captain  
  Hilary Kisses Chris

Meanwhile Hilary is warming to the
situation, a few statesman like words
to motivate the club members.


A quick kiss behind the flowers
(No one will notice Chris)
And that is the formalities over and done
with for this year

Hilary's speech  
  The Clubhouse
The Clubhouse
The Clubhouse  
  Ann Wyatt

"Hey President Barry
I am having such a
lovely time I think I
will burst into song

"Eeeh Ooop Lass
steady on old girl,
you do not want
to curdle the beer
now do you, by Gum"

President Barry Taylor  

It was good to see Charlie Williams,
once again, the clubs one and only
Centenarian, looking so fit and well
Charlie Williams
  Mike Amos The Wrights Chris Laycock  

I say old chap this is frightfully nice beer, what!

Serious Business this Captains Day
is'nt it my love
Who's a happy bar maid then?
And finally the club would not be complete without this gentleman.....

"No you see, ees too oi too oi
and ees too eavy too eavy.
ee got to learn to settle down, settle down

"Oi mean ee only ad to get within
this distance of the jack
just a draw and

ee could ave got shot"

"Oi dont know Oi really dont"

Phil Villis

Well done Hilary, All the best for next season Mac
Winter Well everyone - See you at the airport or at the dinner and Presentation Evening

Pound in the Pig - Final Results

Pound in the Pig - All is revealed


Have you ever wondered what happened to your £1?

Yes that's right you had "Bowled a Wrong Bias Wood"
causing total panic on the adjoining rink.

After the game you were then coerced into putting your cash
into the pig as a fine for your moment of total
lack of concentration and your insipid and
uninspiring sense of direction.

Well sit up straight and pay attention and I will tell you
where your pound is going

This year all money placed into the pig will be donated to:

The Local Banwell Under 7's Football Team

And the sum of money?.....£171.00 Pounds
Yes that's right £171.00 Pounds

Below is Fixtures Secretary Mal Laycock with the cheque

So some good has come out of members aimlessly
chucking their woods all over the green.

  Mal Laycock  
Banwell Over 60's team finish on a high

Banwell Over 60's team take
38 points from
their last two games to power
their way into 2nd place
and promotion


Final Table for Division 2 Weston Over 60's League
As at 13th September 2019

Barry and Carole Taylor celebrate 54 years of marriage
  Carole and Barry Taylor

Congratulations to President Barry
and Carole Taylor on 54 years of
married life

It was back in 1965 on the 11th September
that Barry and Carole tied the knot.
A day to celebrate - Congrats

President Barry treats his vegetables to a day out

While on the subject of President Barry, did you notice that on Finals day,
when he was on 'Presentation of Trophies duty'
he brought his vegetables along for a day out.

"Eh you know my vegetables like a day out, change of scenery and all that,
and of course it stops them getting lonely when I am not there, they miss me you know"

So there you go folks, for more exciting news watch this space

  Barry Taylor Barry and his veg Barry and his cabbage  
Finals Day 2019 - Results

The weather was perfect and there was some excellent bowling throughout the day.
Below are the Winners and Runners Up for the finals played over two days.
Note: The Triples and Rinks competitions were played at an earlier date



Runners Up
Men's Championship
Chris Wilson Club Champion   Mens Champuonship Runner Up Phil Villis  
Men's Club Champion
Chris Wilson
Phil Villis
Ladies Championship
Ladies Champion Martina Garfield   Jan Davies Ladies Champion Runner Up  
Ladies Club Champion
Martina Garfield
Jan Davies
Men's Handicap
Mens Handicap Winner Phil Villis   Graham MIllard  
Men's Handicap Winner
Phil Villis
Graham Millard
Men's Veterans
Men's Veterans Winner Graham Millard   John Davies Runner Up Man's Veterans  
Mens Veterans Winner
Graham Millard
John Davies
Men's 2 Wood Singles
Mike Amos 2 wood singles winner   Phil Villis 2 wood singles runner up  
2 Wood Singles Winner
Mike Amos
  Phil Villis  
Novices Winner Leigh Bean   Novices Runner Up Shawn White  
Novices Winner
Leigh Bean
  Shawn White  
Beginners winner Leigh Bean   Beginners Runner Up John Wright  
Beginners Winner
Leigh Bean
  John Wright  
2 Wood Pairs
Mike and John Amos  2 wood pairs winners   2 Wood Pairs Runners Up  
2 Wood Pairs Winners
Mike and John Amos
  John Wright and
Lee Phesant
Ladies Pairs
Ladies Pairs Winners, Jan Davies and Angela Bass   Ladies Pairs Winers Up  
Ladies Pairs Winners
Jan Davies and Angela Bass
  Martina Garfield
and Joy Lane
Men,s Pairs
  Man's Pairs Runners up  
Men's Pairs Winners
Chris Wilson and Dave Mabbutt
  Trevor Garfield and
Trevor Burnett
Open Pairs
Open Pairs Winners, Chris Wilson and John Davies   OPen Pairs runners up  
Open Pairs Winners
John Davies and Chris Wilson
  Dave Mabbutt and
Phil Villis
Jazz Night Cancelled

Banwell Jazz Night Cancelled

Friday 15th November
at the Coach House Inn

Unfortunately owing to a lack of interest
We do not have enough people interested to make this evening a going concern.

As a result this function has
been cancelled

Jimmy Laurent memorial service

Jimmy Laurent
Memorial Service

The memorial service for Jimmy Laurent
will be held on Saturday 5th October at
Banwell Parish Church @ 2.00 pm and
afterwards at the bowling club.

Members who wish to attend are asked
to wear club blazers, a white shirt
and club tie at the service
where possible


Jimmy Laurent  
Angela Bass and her success at Walking Netball

Well Done Angela Bass

Taking part in the Bath University National Vintage Games last Sunday (1st September) the Hutton Moor Ladies Walking Netball team -"TheTrailblazers ", was presented with a special award for
"The team which best represented

"The True Spirit and Ethos of the Games".

It was a unanimous decision by the judges
chosen from the 45 teams competing
overall in different disciplines.

"Hutton Trailblazers" was started by Angela Bass three years ago. She was a founder member of Ladies Walking Netball before The England Netball Association recognised the sport.

Starting with 4 players the membership has now grown to 44 and Angela is now an England Netball Walking Netball Host.

She was honoured to accept the trophy on behalf of the team


  Angela Bass
Terry and Jenny Brice celebrate 52 years of marriage

Terry and Jenny Brice

52 years of marriage
celebrated on the 2nd
September 2019

Terry told me that they got
married in 1967 and went to
Torquay for their Honeymoon.

While in Torquay they splashed
out and bought seats in the
Princess Theatre, where top of
the bill was Max Bygraves.

Terry and Jenny Brice  
One up - One down Final league news for 2019

'A' Team relegated to North 1
'B' Team promoted to North 1

Well what a climax to the league season, despite a win over North Petherton 'A'
the 'A' team find themselves in the relegation zone and will be
playing in the North One league next season

Converseley dispite a disastrous game at Clarence
the 'B' team found that they had finished in 2nd place.
Clevedon 'B' and Ashcombe 'B' also failed to win which
ensured promotion for the 'B" team - WELL DONE LADS

Full details can be found on the 'League News' page

Interesting times for the selection committee for 2020


Umbrella Competition - Last game of the 2019 season

Umbrella Fancy Dress Evening

The usual fancy dress evening took place on Monday and celbrated another successful Season

The outcome of the competition was still in the balance with up to 4 players still in with a chance of winning
But it was Jan Davies who came storming through at the end to win the trophy.
Congratulations on your win Jan
( Final Table can be seen on the Umbrella Page)

A big thank you to Trevor Garfield for his organisational skills throughout the season

Below are just a few photos to give you a flavour of the last game

  Jan Davies is presented with the trophy  
President Barry Taylor Presenting the winners Cup to Jan Davies, after the game

  The group picture on the night  

A Motley Crew indeed !!

  The green people Jan Davies Andy Pandy - Mac Kirby Terry Coleman Wendy Coleman  
The green Men
Nice Dress Chaps,
But did not improve your bowls
Jan Davies,
the eventual winner
Andy Pandy goes to sleep while making a speech - nothing new there
Air Marshall Sir Terry Coleman (order of the wrong bias) and his good lady Wendy.( Wendy turned up as a strict head mistress complete with cane, but appears to have migrated into a penguin)
  Terry Brice Maurice Finch Andy Pandy at the selection committee  
Wow, what panache. Not bad Terry.
He only knocked one of the opposition's wood in for shot this time
For Goodness sake
somebody buy Maurice a razor
Andy Pandy wandered into the selection committee. But which of the others is
Looby Loo? Answers on a postcard please
  Barry Taylor watches the dancing

And Finally:

President Barry watches the
spectacle of two of the ladies
spontaneously breaking into
the Banwell Bowls Club
formation performing a
2 step Dance

"Eh oop, by eck
its more fun watching these two lasses gyrating around the green, than observing Alan Cockayne trying to get his woods somewhere near the jack time after time
Eh by Gum".

Also a big thankyou to
Vic McArdell who took
command of the camera
while I was playing.
So if there are any photos
you don't like... He took them !!

The two Pams decide to dance  

Pauline Mabbutt Hits the Headlines

Banwell's Pin Up Girl

Page 3 of the Sun?
No not quite, but
even better....
Page 51 of the Weston Mercury

  Pauline Mabbutt featured in the Weston Mercury

Pauline Mabbutt featured
in the Weston Mercury

And there she was, featured in the sports section
of the Weston Mercury. In full flowing action her graceful
lines in full and perfect symmetry set against the harsh
lines of the green.

I have heard people say that these graceful and elegant
lines give an emotionally aesthete and pleasing aspect
to this well taken photograph.

Bulls**t and hogwash? Without a doubt.
A load of nonsence? Absolutely

But well done Pauline,
the Mercury sports editor likes you.

£800 donated to Prostate Cance Fund

A Message from the Captain

Following a collection from the local business community the sum of £200 was raised through the donation boxes for Prostate Cancer

In addition Banwell Bowling Club raised a further £600 as a result of Charity Day

So the total raised for
Prostate Cancer was £800

My sincere thanks go to all those
who gave generously on the day.

A good day for all concerned

Hilary Guckian