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Keith Paige - Obituary

Obituary Keith Paige

The sad news has just reached me that Keith Paige has passed away.
Older members may remember that Keith and his wife Barbara
(who predeceased him) played for the club between 2008 and 2015.

He played a full part in all club activities,
one of which springs to mind was running the 'Bingo Evenings'
during his time at the club.

I do not have any more details


Barbara and Keith Paige  

2021 Tour to Bournemouth Cancelled - Message from Hon Sec Chris Wilson

2021 Tour to Bournemouth - Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the number of withdrawals from the tour this year because of the uncertainty
with the pandemic and the restrictions still in place (it is before the final roadmap date of 21st June)
the tour this year is no longer viable;

Therefore, I approached the tour
booking organisation and asked them to see if the hotel would be willing to move the tour to 2022.

They have very kindly agreed to do so.

Hopefully this means we will have a full tour next year. You have all paid non-refundable deposits.

The date of arrival will now be Friday 10th June 2022 for 3 nights.

Please confirm over the next few months if you are able to tour to Bournemouth next year.
I will also be emailing everyone later to see if there are any additional people who would like to go.

Best regards Chris

Umbrella - 2021
  Umbrella Competition

Umbrella Competition 2021

Monday 10th May is the start of the 2021
Umbrella Competition as scheduled.

The Umbrella will be played as normal
but with a variation owing to Covid 19

  • We are limited to 24 players for the first couple of games, so first come first served

For all the rules and regulations on how the game is played
and what time to turn up on the day, click on 'Umbrella Comp' above

See you all next week

Latest goings on down at the Pond

New Faces at the Pond

Latest news update.
Just in case you are wondering who these
strange faces are down on the green,
(And they don't come any stranger than
these three)

Well let me introduce you to them.
On the left is Terry Byrnes who played for
the club around 2012/13 and has now
wandered back after living in the Salisbury area
for a time

New Members  

In the middle is Keith Wheeler and on the right is Mike Turnbull, both a couple of refugees from Weston clubs, Ashcombe
and Clarence. A warm welcome gents and have an enjoyable time at Banwell.

Other News

We have played our first friendly this season, a mixed Triples match
against Yatton. And the result? I have no idea.
Apparently the cards have disappeared. So if you find them,
let me have them so we can record the match on the website.
I am told we won two and lost two rinks, but went down overall

And last but not least, the Internal Competitions are pinned
on the notice board in the clubhouse or you can click on
'Internal Comp' above, to view them on the website

Jimmy Laurent's Memorial Headstone

Jimmy Laurent's memorial headstone now in place

  Jimmy Laurent Headstone

2 years after Jimmy Laurent passed away,
his memorial headstone has finally been
installed in the grounds of the village church.

Jimmy was not only a long-standing member
of the bowls club, but also played football
for the village football team and was
quite a useful skittles player
Alan Cockayne Update
  Alan Cockayne

Alan Cockayne on the mend
And now recuperating at home

Word has just come through that
Alan Cockayne is on the mend and
"Moving in the right direction" after suffering
a heart attack a couple of weeks ago

He is now home but in his own words
"I am feeling just a trifle rough"

The doctor has advised him to take it easy
over the next few weeks

Keep up the good work Alan

President's Day Results

Session One,
Saturday 17th April 2021


Vic McArdell
Barry Taylor
Trevor Burnett
Chris Wilson
Leigh Bean
Gerry Bean
Pauline Mabbutt
Dave Mabbutt
Gordon Hollier
John Evans
Paul Aldus
Bill Dredge
John Amos
Mike Amos
Martina Garfield
Trevor Garfield
Alan Vickery
Jan Davies
Allan Shattock
John Davies

Session Two,
Sunday 18th April 2021


Wendy Coleman
Terry Coleman
Kim Wright
John Wright
Jim Purvis
Harry Woodards
Hilary Guckian
Sarah Hayes
Terry Brice
Kim Burgess
Pam Gibbons
Kevin Gibbons
Mal Laycock
Maurice Finch
Keith Wheeler
John Rickerty
Pam Kirby
Mo MIllard
Graham Millard
Angela Bass
Mike Bass
Phil Villis
Presidents Day - A different kind of event

'Presidents Day' - April 2021

What a strange couple of days the 2021 'Presidents Day turned out to be.

Owing to the Covid virus and the 'Bowls England' ruling, that no more than
24 players should be on the green at any one time, Presidents Day had to be spread over two days.

No Presidents Day speech, no Captain's team v President's team match, No spider and no raffle
Just some friendly games.

However on the plus side the weather was glorious, two warm and sunny days.
The green was in a splendid condition, thanks to all the hard work carried out during lockdown.
The bar was open, albeit in a restricted manner, and the guest beer went down a treat.

So below are a few photos of club members in action.

  The Clubhouse Action on the green Barry and Chris  
  On the green Angie Bass Bowls  
  KIm BUrgess bowls Outside Drinking  
  Chris Wilson bowls Charlie Williams Wendy Coleman bowls  
  Mac Kirby

There were some wonderful
hair styles on view

The affects of lockdown could be plainly seen
Here are just two examples

  • Captain Mac Kirby who turned up giving a really good imitation
    of an ageing 1960's hippy. Groovy Man.

  • And Harry Woodards who thought he would turn up looking like
    Flash Gordon 50 years on

    Good stuff lads





  Harry Woodards
Kevin Gibbons takes over as Fixture Secretary

Kevin Gibbons takes over as Fixture Secretary


Mal Laycock has finally stepped down as Fixture Secretary.
It was a couple of years ago that he advised the club that
he would be stepping down, but has stayed in place until
a successor was found.

Kevin Gibbons has now stepped up to fill
the vacant position and takes command immediately

Right: Kevin is observed moving essential
office equipment to assist with his new job !

So Kevin all the very best in your new position.


Mal, thanks very much from everyone at the
club for a job well done, enjoy your retirement .

  Kevin Gibbons  

Kevin Gibbons