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Parrott Shield 2nd Leg - Home

Parrott Shield

Presentation of the shield  

We knew right from the start that this was not going to be an easy game.

We started the game with a slender lead of 4 shots from the first Leg played at Winscombe.
And true to form that lead disappeared in the first 2 to 3 ends.

From then on it was close game, we won on three rinks and lost on the other two.

But fine performances from John Davies and his rink for Banwell and Malcolm Dorrington and
his rink for Winscombe, kept the state of the game at nail biting pitch.

But like all good Western Films, Captain Hilary Guckian rode off into the sunset
with the Parrott Shield tucked under his arm

So well done to the Banwell
and commiserations to WInscombe

Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Lost 9 shots to 25
Won 36 shots to 12
Won 17 shots to 15
Won 21 shots to 20
Lost 15 shots to 19

Result: Banwell 98 shots - Winscombe 91 shots ( A win by 7 shots plus the 4 in the first leg gives an overall win by 11 shots)

And finally a few pictures taken on the night

  Will Ainsworth Top Table Discussions MIke Nash  

A fine square jawed
profile of Wilf Ainsworth

Animated discussions
on the top table
Mike Nash gets confused when asked to smile
Message regarding the Charity Day Sunday 28th July

Anyone playing on Charity Day who has not paid £10, please let me have cash asap.

Also anyone can contibute a donation if you can not make it on the day
--remember both club AND prostrate cancer benefit

please let me have cash OR a cheque payable to "Banwel Bowling Club" Thanks.

Also John Amos wishes me to remind you to keep the
Raffle and Tombola prizes coming in. The more the merrier

Trevor Garfield


The Latest Over 60's League Table
Odds and Sods

MInehead Team? What Minehead Team

  Banwell Bowls Club

We should have been playing
Minehead in the Wedmore Plate
Competition. But They didn't turn up.

We guessed this might happen, but
the evening was not ruined. We formed
two teams," The good guys and the bad guys",
and had an enjoyable game
Then later we had some tea, and a raffle
and a few drinks

And to record the occasion we took
a photo - not bad eh!


New Banwell Caps go on sale

  New Banwell Caps

You know the old saying:

"If you want to get ahead
get a Hat".

Well here is your chance.
Pete Botting has negotiated a very
reasonable price for these caps and he
is taking orders now.

He informs me that they will cost around the £10 mark.
So chaps get rid of your old cowboy hats and smarten
yourself up.

Have a chat with Pete Botting for all the details


Warning! have you seen this character?


I have received a warning note from
a small but well known walking football club.

He has warned us, that the fellow on the right
will attempt to infiltrate a Bowls Club to
cause chaos and goes under the name of:

Herr Von Smallencocken

He goes on to say that:

"You have been warned that some people that have upset him,
have disappeared, never to been seen again!!

I thanked the manager of the football club for this
information and reassured him that from day one
he was easily identified as someone who had
not quite got the hang of the game of bowls
on account of the number of 'Wrong Bias Woods'
he bowls. Our main concern is what to do with
the buttons and foreign coins he puts in the pig
as payment.

We will keep a firm eye on him


Alan Cockayne  
Rinks Day July 2019

Rinks Day July 2019

  Rinks Day Winners 2019  

It was a glorious day, the sun shone, the beer was cool, and the day organised to perfection by Hilary Guckian.
Starting at 10am the battles took place, but by mid afternoon, two teams were left to fight it out in the final:

Lee Pheasant, Harry Woodards, Gerry Bean and Trevor Burnett
Mike Amos, Mike Bass, Mike House and Dave Mabbutt

The game started pretty well nip and tuck, but on the 8th end
Lee Pheasant and his team picked up a 4 followed by three 2's
which sealed the game

Final Result:
Lee Pheasant and his rink16 shots
Mike Amos and his rink 11 shots.

So congrats to the winners and commiserations to the runners up

  Rinks Winners


Left:The winners

Right: The Runners Up

Rinks Runners Up  

Finally some action shots of some of the players in the final

  Dave Mabbutt Harry Woodards MIke Amos  

Dave Mabbutt

Harry Woodards

MIke Amos

It all happened at Bloomfield
  Kevin Jones    

Yes it all took place at Bloomfield - I received two photos- The one on the right is Banwell's highest scoring rink
who were presented with Curleywurley's - yes thats right, CurlyWurly's.
For the uninitiated,Curly Wurly is a brand of chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury UK .
It was launched in the UK in 1970 and Its shape resembles three flattened, intertwined serpentine strings.
The bar is made of chocolate-coated caramel. You got That? Good. Then I will carry on

And the chap on the left? Well I am reliably informed that his name is Kevin Jones, he is a middleton cup skip, enjoys a cider or 8 and the occasional diet coke. Isn't too shabby at golf and is an all round good egg. So why is his photo featured on this high quality website. Well believe it or not, even in the wastelands of Bloomfield we have a website fan. Yes that's right. Kevin likes our website and he expressed a desire to be featured on one of our pages. Job Done Kevin

Cheers Kevin, sounds like we should make you an honourable member of something ot other
Quite what escapes me

Parrott Shield - First Leg
  The Winscombe Green

The Parrott Shield
Nothing in it after
the first leg.
All to play for.

  Harry Woodards bowls Terry Coleman Bowls Trevor Burnett Bowls  

A pleasant warm and sunny evening, the green not only looked good but played well
and the game was fiercely competitive throughout.
The lead changed throughout the match with both teams
edging ahead at different points of the game.
But at the end it was Banwell who took the very slender victory
The second leg looks like being a very interesting match
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Rink 5
Won 26 shots to 16
Lost 11 shots to 30
Won by 26 shots to 16
Won by 25 shots to 17
Lost by 17 shots to 22

Result: Banwell 105 shots - Winscombe 101 shots ( Banwell carry a lead of 4 shots into the second leg )

Now while all the excitement was going on in the match
I did wander around with my camera snapping some of the few odd characters
around the perimeter of the green.......

  Barry Taylor Gerald the Barman Ken Whatling  
A Well Oiled
Banwell President
Gerald the Barman who kept
the Banwell President well oiled

Nice profile ken
And finally, the most important people at the Winscombe ground
Yes you've got it... The Tea Ladies

  The WInscome Tea Ladies  

See you all at the second Leg

Banwell Exit from Turnbull Cup

Banwell exit from the Turnbull Cup

Again it was not to be our year for winning the Tunbull Cup.
It was a warm and pleasant evening and the green is starting to speed up.
But on the night we were beaten by a stronger St.Andrews side
So say 'hallo' once again to the Wedmore plate competition

  MIke AMos  and John Wright in action Terry Brice and Pete Botting Phil Villis indicates  

MIke Amos and John Wright in action

2 old boys enjoying the sunshine

Phil and Barry Forse indicating
Rink 1
Rink 2
Rink 3
Rink 4
Won by 23 shots to 13
Lost by 10 shots to 30
Lost by 14 shots to 25
Won by 20 shots to 13

Result: Banwell 67 shots - St.Andrews 81 shots

Quiz Evening - Friday 2nd August commencing at 7.30pm

Right you lot:
Listen up and Pay Attention

Below is a message from our
Social Secretary, Trevor Garfield
informing us of a fun quiz night

So put the date in your diary

Quiz Evening - Friday 2nd August - commencing 7.30pm

A Fun Quiz - Yes indeed
- it will not be difficult - But it will be a lot of fun

We are not looking for materminds - just members, family and friends
to have a great evening with much jollity and good company.
All for the cost of just £2.50 each.

All proceeds will go to club funds - and I issue a promise
that no one will know if your team comes in last
(I will only announce the top three)

As always raffle prizes are welcome - Please leave them in the
clubhouse marked 'Quiz Evening or hand them to me
or any committee member.
Dont worry if you can't attend you can still make a donation

This will be a bring and share evening - Sandwiches, rolls, quiches etc., etc.,
you know the score, lots of tasty goodies.

Teams will be ideally up to 4 players, but variations will be acceptable

So append you name to the quiz sheet in the clubhouse

and I will see you all on the night
Thanks - Trevor

  Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor smartens up
for his performance in
the "Banwell Am Drams"


The normal scruffy Rob Taylor



A much improved Rob Taylor

See below for details

Rob Taylor  
Hot Shot scored at the away match at KNowle

Hot Shot Scored At Knowle - WOW!

  Hot Shot Card Hot Shot Boys  

The first this season - a Banwell Hotshot
This magnificent Top score was achieved by

Kim Burgess, Pete Botting, Mac Kirby and Trevor Burnett
at the friendly match at knowle on Saturday 22nd June

Well done lads top drawer stuff

Graham Spittles and his wing walk

Those Magnificant Men in their flying machines
Graham Spittles carries
out a "Wing Walk" for charity

Graham Spittles

Graham Spittles has had his head in the clouds lately.
He took part in a "Wing Walk," a special event
organised by the Weston Hospice Care
to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

He raised £700 to go to this very worthy cause

Well done Graham a superb effort, and I understand he is planning another Wing Walk next year

  Graham Spittles and the plane GRaham on the wing Graham on the wing  

This is the aircraft used by Graham

Action on the wing of the aircraft
Bingo NIght
  Trevor Garfield

Bingo Night
June 2019

Once again the Bingo Night took place - another Trevor Garfield
production involving 'Ducks with Crutches, Fat Ladies', desirable money prizes, bottles of wine and tasty rolls.

The turn out of members was
impressive and a good time was had by all.

Below are just a few photos to give
a flavour of the evening


  Bingo in the Clubhouse  

Then there were the winners - First a young lady called Rachael who appeared to win more than most


Yes! Yes! I have won
Happy Days

I've won again - Yippee -
what a great Bingo Session
Ooops looks like
I've won again

Then there were more winners....

  Ann Woodards Debbie Baker Rob Taylor  

And finally the lucky winner of the last game who won the big prize - No other tham Pam Kirby

  Pam Kirby Pam Kirby  

So, a big big thankyou to every one who helped make the evening a success - Trevor Garfield and his team
the awful jokes and innuendos and the bar staff who worked their socks off - Well Done
See you all at the next do


Note for your diary

Note for your Diary

Two additional games have been added
to the fixture List on this website

Sunday 21st July commencing at 2.30pm
NSBA Cup match away to Winscombe

(This clashes with the existing away match at Wrington,
It remains to be seen if we have enough
players to fulfil both fixtures)

Monday 22nd July commencing at 2pm
Over 60's cup match home to Wedmore

( Umbrella Competition will start after this match)

Triples Finals Day
  Triples Winners

2019 Triples Competition

Triples runnersup  

Winners: From left to right:
Phil Villis, Mac Kirby and Leigh Bean

Runners Up from left to right
Trevor Garfield, Martin Garfield and Alan Vickery

Well we were fortunate with the weather. OK so we did have some brief showers but nothing to worry about

The semi finals were played in the morning and by lunch time the finalist were known. Phil Villis and his rink
versus Alan Vickery and his rink. The game started with neither side gaining ground, but Phil Villis and
his rink slowly started to pull away to establish a comfortable win.
So congrats to Phil, Mac & Leigh, and commiserations to Alan, Trevor and Martina

After the game players and spectators enjoyed a fish and chip supper organised by the Captain Hilary Guckian

  Barry presents the trophy


President Barry Taylor has gone to
a lot of trouble to don his best shorts
and 'T' shirt for the presentation ceremony


Below a few photos of the finalists on the green

Leigh Bean Bowls Martina Garfield in action Phil Villis bowling Alan and PHil observe Lan Vickery Bowling

Leigh Bean

Martina Garfield

Phil Villis

Phil and Alan

Alan Vickery

And finally.....

  Sue and Rob Taylor


Sue and Rob Taylor
at Peace with the world


Bedlam behind the Banwell Bar

New sprinkler system for the green now installed

New Sprinkler System is
Installed for the green

Report from Paul Aldus

The current sprinklers for the irrigation system had become old.
One was not working completely and another required parts that could no longer be obtained.

The current remaining sprinklers although working are old and, we were advised,
 could potentially cause problems at any time, with parts no longer available in this country.

The committee ratified a major expenditure of replacing,
renewing and upgrading all five of the sprinklers which make up our irrigation system.

The work was undertaken and completed and we now have a complete,
state of the art, set of sprinklers which utilise the latest technological
and scientific developments to go with the new irrigation control panel,
irrigation pump and storage tank we purchased and fitted previously last season.




Barry Taylor and his input into the project

It was all going so well

The work to replace the sprinklers had been booked in for some considerable time,
with our President and Chief Greens manager, Barry Taylor being fully involved.
Graham Millard and  I had spoken with him earlier
and he confirmed he would be attending to assist with the irrigation fitters etc.

"Eh ooops Chaps you can rely on me to be there to supervise"

On the day at 1.00pm, 5 hours into the job,
Barry had not yet made an appearance,
so we began testing the newly fitted sprinklers.

Just then the President strolled around the corner.
He had brought forward his open pairs game from
later in the afternoon because of impending rain

“Eh up what are they doing ?
By eck there’s no need to be watering the

green after all the rain we’ve had."

He then proceded to have a small rant.

He was taken gently to one side and reminded of the long standing arrangements for the
installation of the sprinklers, and more to the point he was 5 hours late

To which came to classic reply:

" Flipping eck and Eeh by gum I completely forgot
- It's all Carol's fault you know"


Wedding Bells - Pam Fisher and Kevin Gibbons

Pam Fisher and Kevin Gibbons tie the knot

Congratulations to Banwell club members Pam Fisher and Kevin Gibbons
who were married at St.Mary's Church Christon on Friday 7th June

  Pam and Kevin Pam and Kevin Pam and Kevin  

The reception was held at the Webbington Country club
where a few of the better looking members of the club were invited to
celebrate and party the night away

  Captain Hilary Guckian
Captain Hilary Guckian
and Vicky Guckian were
at the do - NIce Hat Hilary
Vicky Guckian  
  John and Trevor
A very rare photo of John Amos
on this website - well I had to be
there to report on the evening.
And of course Trevor Garfield
behaving quite normally
Trevor Garfield  

Cheers Mr and Mrs K.Gibbons
All the very best for the future
from every one at the club