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Somerset. UK

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Banwell Bowls Club Sponsors for 2019 are Martina Garfield and John Rickerty.

  Martina Garfield

Website Sponsors for 2019
Martina Garfield and
John Rickerty

Martina and John have
Generously agreed to sponsor
the website for the next two years.

Many thanks to the
both of you


John Rickerty  
Martina Garfield
John Rickerty

Just a little information about the club website

It was started back in the year 2002 and replaced a newsheet
called "The Banwellian" which, at that time was issued every 3 months.
"The Banwellian" worked well but by the time the newsheet was printed
most of the information was out of date, and, old hat so to say.

So it was decided to start a website. But how?

Well a certain John Amos who was Captain at that time, and knew a little
bit about the HTML code, which is used to write websites said he would give it a try.
And the rest is history. The modern website gives up to date information on just
about everything that happens at the Pond.

The website is hosted by a company called "Luminate
which is part of the "Yahoo" corporation who are situated in California USA
We pay a monthly subscription, in dollars, each month for the URL address
and the use of their servers.
The amount varies each month depending on the exchange rate between
the dollar and the pound, but averages out at about £120 per annum.

So if you fancy sponsoring our website you will be most welcome.
if you have a business, you could use this website to advertise your product.
Think about it, the possibilities are endless